Dream interpretation

  • There are 2 dreams that I would like an interpretation for if at all possible. The first one I had a while ago it was of my grandma whom had passed on a few years ago. She had raised me and was the one that I had been very close to. In my dream I was with my boyfriend and we were going to sleep out at a friends house whom lived 2 lanes away from my grandmas. When we went to my friends house it started raining and my friend told us that we could come under the patio so we don’t get wet, from there we moved to the inside and awkwardly the inside of the house turned into my grandmas house. My friend was walking to my grandmothers room door when I noticed that she was coming out I was a bit afraid and thought that I was seeing things because I knew that she had passed on. She noticed me and called for me to come being scared I ran from her throughout the house and she just kept calling me I started crying and she then said I just miss you. I told her I miss her too but was scared. I really do miss her.

    My second dream I just had last night. I was working and as always I was on the tarot forum reading posts and what not. Yes I was still trying to conceive. I noticed that my manager was looking through my computer and I thought that I was going to get in trouble for we are not allowed to be on the internet. Well to my surprise I did not get in trouble and she actually wrote something on one of the forums and it said “I found out you were pregnant”. I was in shock. The surrounding then changed and I was with a friend who took my BBT (I never did that but they say that is one way to find out if you are pregnant) my temperature was at 99.10 if I remembered correctly. I was happy and just kept rubbing my tummy. I then awoke.

    Can someone interpret this for me? I chose this 2 dreams for I just had this one and the other keeps flashing back to me.

  • i feel that your grandmother is with you, and she may have a message for you apart from i miss you, if you have that dream again dont be afraid ask her do you have a message for me, and give her a big hug, the fact that you are trying to get pregnant, is interesting, i noticd the number two in your writting mentioned , 2 lanes away and two dreams, 99.10 9ADD 9 IS 18 if you add the 18 being 1+8 YOU GET 9 IF YOU ADD THE 1 from the 10 to the 9 you get 10, i know that may sound strange to you but the numbers of the temperature add to 9 , 9 months it takes around 9 months to carry a baby full term and some times a bit longer, i just wonder if your grandmother had information on your pregnancy that you are hoping to happen, and the second dream, she come to you in another way, also you mentioned fear,let go of fear as whatever fear you have could be stopping you from acheiving this.dont be scared

  • That caught me off guard. I know I should not be afraid I guess at that time I somewhat was but I am prepared for the next visit as I will indeed take your advice into asking her if she has a message for me. I am in disbelief with the numbers for 9 months. Perhaps there is a connection for this. Thank You.

  • I believe she was just saying hello, Loved ones often come to us in dreams, don't be afraid. As for the other one, there is only one way to know. Good Luck!

  • Last night I has a very weird dream but felt somewhat real. I was at my cousins house and a nurse came over with this long tube and in the tube was my boyfriends sperm. It was after they had doen teh sperm washing and what not. You could litterly see the sperm swimming. She told me to hold the top hole cause it was like a straw and to insert it into myself. I did exactly as asked and the next part of my dream was my nephew pointing at my stomach and saying baby inside. Oh how I only wish this would happen. What does this mean?

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