Can a female and male scorpio make it?

  • Hi can someone please tell me if this relationship is going to work. I have never dated a scorpio before I should have lol.. PLEASE HELP I'm scared if I should end it before it gets really deep.. I care about this person so much and the feelings that I feel for this person I have never felt before.. HELP PLEASE!!!! THANK YOU..

  • As an antique female scorpio with a multitude of relationships behind me, I can honestly say that scorpio men were the best. I had an extremely intense relationship with a scorp back when I was in my twenties. That relationship has become the measure of all other relationships since then. I let him slip away altho he still invades my dreams when he wants to. I married another scorpio but that one went away too - altho we got along well and had a good marriage for many years he has a drug problem that STILL has him hog tied 20 yrs later. He chose the drugs over me. It broke my heart but I survived and learned a lot!

    Now I am happily involved with another scorpio and have been for 7 years. He and I get along great and are very compatible. We never argue or have unhappy times and still have the passion to keep things interesting. We have the same spiritual interests which I have found is very important. (It's difficult to live with someone who thinks you're weird and poo-poos your beliefs.)

    The key word here is 'passion'. Between your personal scorpio passion and his churning around at the same time it can get out of hand. I'm not just speaking of sexual passion - it's the passion for everything and all in both your lives. It can be difficult to find a balanced space and that must be "worked on" consistantly.

    Also, remember unless you were both born at the same time in the same place there are other areas in both your natal charts that are different. I recommend having a comparison chart done then evaluate from there. Don't be afraid - every relationship is a challenge. Always remember that you cannot change your scorpio man, you can only change your perspective on him or change yourself.

    I found other signs boring or slow after my first Scorpio man, I believe he ruined me (or awakened something in me) for all other relationships that weren't filled with passion, intensity and focus on us. I feel very fortunate to have found that again 40 yrs later.

    Hope this helps, good luck to you.

  • Thank you very much for your help! I really do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! I was really scared to date a scorpio(Actually any men period) because I don't wan't to get my heart broken again. Sometimes he does make me so upset, but no matter what I do I just can't stay mad at him.. Does it help that his only a 1 year older than me and our birthday is only 4 days apart? or is that actually bad? lol.. Thank you for your help Ms andi1111..

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  • I'm glad I was able to help with your initial question. I consider myself a 'pro' at scorp/scorp relationships. lol

    It's really important that you do a comparison natal chart if you are are seriously considering staying in the relationship with your boyfriend. This is the only way to find out if you are compatible and complimentary to each other. It would show your compliments to each other and your challenges. Challenges being the key word here, and it would answer your questions about the year and 4 days difference in your birthdays. In my three notable scorp loves the differences were all over the place, 4 yrs 11 days, 8yrs (him younger) 5 days, and presently only 17 days separate our birthdays.

    As far as getting mad and being unable to maintain it.... all I can say is I don't do mad. My exhusband (the young one) used to get mad at me at the time and never really explain WHY he was mad. It drove me crazy for many years of our marriage and at some point I gave up getting mad and having someone mad at me - just didn't care anymore if he was mad. If he was mad I figured it was his problem not mine. I never did a comparison chart with him and had I, I might have been able to foresee the heartache that would follow.

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