When VIrgos say I love you

  • When a Virgo man says I love you, after knowing them for two years, been intimate with them for nearly a year. There's clear feelings between the two of us, yet I've never heard I love you before.... then Sat. and Sunday he's throwing "lovey" words all over the place... unusual.... then he said "I love you",.... I liked hearing this cause I've loved him for a very long time. He rarely says I miss you, but when he does say it, he proves it....

    However, theres' a distance between us now, I moved to another state in July, and I haven't seen VIrgo since then.... why say I Love you at such a distance if you don't mean it? HELP! Any insight?

  • ok wait a minute, im a male sag(sun sign) and my moon sign is virgo, i think i might be able to help with a little more information, you have never heard him say "i love you" to you? hmmm well i wanna ask does he have a pretty bad past? that maybe made him not so openly say his feelings? like maybe an abusive parent while growing up or anything worse? im asking these questions cause the way he seems to be expressing himself sounds alot like how i do, and i had a bad past and i grew up in a family where we very rarely said we loved eachother.

    why do you think he said "i love you" and he didnt mean it?? yes you havent seen him for a long time now but remember the infamous saying??? "you dont know what you got until its gone' ?? hoped i help a bit, and curious to know about him a little more, take care oh and by the way what sign are you?

  • Thanks so much for your insight!! It makes sense!

    I'm a cancer, sag moon, Virgo rising. : )

    More about Virgo man, he's a wonderful person, great listener, validates my feelings, he made me feel very special when we were together. Not a man of sentimental words, more action than words which leads me to think he means what he says the few times he says it. I've known him for 2 years.

    What you say makes sense, from what I understand his ex girlfriend cheated on him, and the woman he wanted to marry when he was in his 20s aborted his child. So I always thought maybe he was afraid of getting hurt.

    I guess I'm afraid he'll hurt me somehow, he has a habit of not calling for awhile at times And he means a lot to me, I always hoped he'd say he loved me and he did despite the distance and I'm Just worried he may not have meant it. Silly but that's my worry after all.

    Any more insight? Your reply makes a lot of sense!!

  • hmmm my rising sign is Gemini lol left that part out i guess but anyways hmmm where to start.

    OK so from his past im guessing he is afraid of getting hurt (much like i was or still am i guess) he was more action than words?? like holding hands and kissing and such? hmm and if he was like that and still never said "i love you" i think he had walls up to protect himself from getting hurt again and he could let them down around you i think, for me?? im dealing with a girl that is scared of getting hurt so much that even when i said i loved her i got shot down twice even! and she doesnt feel the same for me(or so she says) , probably because im all talk and no action, but the thing is i said alot of things but really meant them but im afraid of showing them cause she seems like that is not what she wants (but now i think she does want more cause she lowers her walls around me and i do everything for her that your guy does for you, i can just tell) we both afraid, just like you guys lol but with you being away in a different state makes things complicated, why did you move by the way?? how did he react when you told him you were moving?

    hearing about his past, honestly, he meant it, all people that have been hurt and have walls up when they say something like that,, i believe they mean it, finding someone you can lower your walls around after being hurt is very rare i think, with my Libra girl, i have never, ever lowered my walls to anyone except her so i mean everything i say,

    have you talked to him lately? asked why he said "i love you"? i bet! he will say something like he misses you etc... and also i understand this now , time apart actually makes love grow stronger, you realize everything that the other person did for you, phyiscally, Mentally and emotionally. the way he made you feel when you guys were around eachother, i bet he has all those same feelings, thats something to hold on too. and even though you moved away he wants to hold on to you, gosh, my advice im giving i need to listen too myself! haha well take care and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Wow, chevelleman, thanks for your insight! I think you've hit the nail on the head.

    He was always very physically affectionate, he put music on a few times and would pull me into a dance and sing the words to me, that blew my mind of course. He's a sweet guy, always swooping in to rescue his friends, and me a few times too. To me he's an angel really.

    I moved in July to live with family so I could go back to school full time. When i told him about it, the first thing he said was, "Wow, well, that'san uplifting conversation, you're gonna leave and fall in love with some redneck" (I moved from NH to TN). THen he said that if it was better for me and my kids, then I should go. But, after that, we didn't talk for awhile until a few weeks before I moved then I spent the best night with him where he didn't say he loved me but I could feel it.

    I think when you feel your walls come down, it's a feeling of relief tied with a pretty potent feeling of fear too. Fear of hurting again. I used to be the kind of person who had walls up for a long time, even close friends of mine would tell me that even though they were my friends, there was a boundary that I wouldn't let them get past. I have some trust issues with both men and women also.

    I have heard the "absence makest he heart grow fonder" and have hoped that that would actually happen for me and him. Seems to have anyway.

    He said "love you" last Sunday, so fairly recent and without motive to say it falsely casue I figured, "What's in it for him to say that when I'm far away?" Surely isn't a sexual thing since I can't physically do that right now! lol

    I told him I'd come see him if he wanted me to, he said "Hell yeah" (last night). I'd love to see him, since it's been awhile (july).

    Oddly, there've been a few times that I've wanted to let go of him, and maybe move on, but each time I think of taking a step away. There is something that stops me, and holds me with him. It's bizarre really, I often wonder why or what it is!

    Sometimes it takes a while for the walls to come down, it just seems to depend on how big those walls have become and what they seem to be "made of". I used to call my walls, "barbed wire" because they were there, but they were more invisible to others, you can feel them prick you, but it's harder to see. The only person I put my walls down around was Virgo, this man, they just melted away almost as soon as I saw him. I don't even know why or how, it just happened.

    I think if you remain patient with your Libra, her walls will come down slower. By showing your persistently there, and bit by bit let her see some of your wall come down, hers will start coming down too.

    I have told Virgo I love him a few times myself, without getting a response, which is a terrifying thing to do, It's a vulnerable thing to od. But I wanted him to know taht I love him, I wanted him to hear me say it. I thought that was important. He finally said it first actually Sunday, which floored me, and oddly, the night before I had a feeling that it wouldn't be long before he said it either...

    Let's keep talking, I think we could help each other out! I appreciate the opinion of a man so much you have no idea. I appreciate women's responses but a man's opinion was what I was looking for. Women think like women, so women advice on men as if they were women as they saying goes (and seems true) Men are from Mars, women are from Venus and I appreciate the man's point of view here! Thanks so much!


  • hmmm seems like all nice guys(myself included) have to work so much harder cause we met the right girl after she has been hurt before, but at least the girl could maybe be with mr.right this time and stop hurting,(i honestly do think she could be the one) after me chasing this libra Girl going on 6 months now, and with me still sticking around after being turned down and pushed away so much, i think that shows her that i care too much for her to just walk away and leave(which i think most guys would have done a long time ago),

    just like you guys, we were comfortable around eachother right off the bat, 2nd time hanging out watchin a move i already had my arm around her and her head on my chest, only 2nd time hanging out! lol but then i think reality set in soon after that and decided to be "friends" which we never have talked like friends this whole time lol, shes going to college for nursing and i think it her first year, so she needs to be focused on that rather than me, which i understand but at the beginning (sags are impatient haha) i wasnt ok with it, because i have ALWAYS been just the "friend" never the boyfriend, and i never felt like this toward anyone before her so yes i was very pushy at the beginning, she is so guarded and doesnt talk much except with her "girl friends", and i had a feeling that she also loved me too, i could just feel it, BUT when i asked her all these personal questions she got defensive and refused to say anything, and we have had arguements VIA myspace messages lol i actually drove way out of my way to go see her at school and sit down and talk,(that probably showed her something) and she missed her last class cause she wanted to talk more with me haha this was all months ago,

    recently on Dec 18th i was invited to her parents house for a Christmas party(talk about nervous when i seen this big house) i met her dad and step mom and one of her step brothers, her firends were there also one of her friends said this " so Jennifer what about that one guy you have been talking too on the internet for these past months that you have been FALLING for?" she turned to her friend and said (angerly but quietly) "why did you say that?" but since 2010 has begun i havent really made contact with her, i sent her a message last week and she read it but she didnt reply so right now its what ever, i have realized that i made her my number one Priority even before myself, and i wasnt getting anywhere with how much attention i showed her, and right now im just worrying about myself, i have always put others before myself, and me finding a job right now is my number one now that would fix alot of things in my life right now,, i think she maybe wanting something more with me also but she knows she needs to be focused on her school work, its taking me 6 months to finally reach a place where i think i understand why she couldnt let herself say things and/or do things, cause she was just being responsible and looking after what she had to do first, and now i am, sure i dunno right i havent talked to her since new years, wonder if i should send her something again even though she didnt respond 2 weeks ago, and maybe tell her why i havent been talking and that im doing what i need to do just like she is, well anyways enough about me lol

  • ok sorry had to step away for a bit, but ok about your virgo man hmmm you kinda sound like my Libra girl, walls up and trust issues, and i think even her friends would say that she is "guarded" i bet they know that. but yeah saying "i love you" to girls (for us nice guys lol) im sure he meant it and he wanted to let you know that, esspecially being far away so you know it wasnt anything sexual and trying to get that "one thing", i said it twice to my girl cause i felt it, i wanted her to say it back of course but i wasnt expecting s-e-x, ill be honest with you much like everyone else knows about me on this website, that im 22 years old and still a vir-gin, so im the definiton of "nice guys finish last" but i happen to think i will finish best cause all my guy friends have had alot of ex's and only one friend of mine has had a 4 year relationship and still going, so for me being around seeing and hearing what went wrong, ive learned alot, and plus they not like me. they the typical guy looking for s-e-x which believe me ive had my chances but i wasnt gonna do it with someone i knew for only 2 hours! come on! and it only would have been a one night stand and i want something meaningful.

    of course you virgo guy wants to see you! thats a long time to be apart and have such feelings for someone, you said you loved him a few times when you said you had walls up, i guess were in the same boat lol, yeah it leaves you out there, and it sucks being rejected i have over and over now, so i kinda dont bother any more, but i understand school first and everything, i have many times thought about walking away from this Libra girl, and i have told her this also, which kinda made the arguements worse, but her getting so mad at me saying that, i could tell that she really cared if i were to leave, and would be devastated, i didnt stay because she would be hurt, i stayed cause i really care for her and my feelings are real, i kept saying i would leave to myself, but i dunno i just cant, we have ALOT, ALOT in common its just crazy, i dont think i could ever find someone with this much in common with again haha,, we "get" eachother, we think alike, say alot of the same things, its just weird haha

    you also said that the girl he wanted to marry in his 20's aborted his child, do you know what he thinks about your kids? maybe that was something that he was kinda scared about and reluctant to say he loved you cause he wanted to start a family when you already got kids? i just asking or does he have any kids? well ok take care, talk to ya later

  • Wow, you're young but I totally get that feeling of "they're the one". I'm 27, and I feel positive that I'll never feel this way about anyone ever. My Virgo puts me at ease and we get along great together. I value the.nice Guy after being with guys who just want sex. I agree with you that meaningless sex brings more feelings of unfulfilledness than sex with someone you love; then it becomes making love Ans the difference is truly minsblowing.

    My Virgo is the. Same way, he doesn't have sex with just anyone.

    There have been many times when I want to walk away too because I love him so much it hurts in a indescribable way to feel like at times our hearts desires don't love us back. It makes me mad because I can feel the love between us, I wonder what the hell. I've said mean things to him before, straight out suggesting that he never cared about me and he just used me. He would get very upset with me, when I said that.

    At times, I feel like I'm waiting around for nothing because I would never wait around like this for anyone else. I think you know what I mean!! Cause I hate waiting too.

    I'm in school full time too, its a priority for me too. But I want Virgo in my life anyway.

    I. Think your Libra likes you just as much, her friend told you. 🙂

    I think, if you write her again. Just give her an update on what you're doing, encourage her educational pursuits, tell her you miss talking and let her know that you're there to support her and I bet it will touch her and she'll respond

    Good luck and thanks. Keep in touch!

  • any update with your virgo man? i understand what you said above also i wanted to leave alot of times cause i think she will never come around, and i think that maybe she doesnt seem like she feels the same for me, but i can just feel that she does we have that "spark", but she is afraid of getting hurt again, and doesnt trust me with her heart yet, and i think thats because, i have only been "talk" so far, and no action, we dont hold hands, we still havent kissed yet after like 6 months of knowing eachother, we both just afraid, and im afraid if i go in for a kiss that she will pull away,(sometimes i think she will but sometimes i dont think she will) cause she tells me that she cant/wont give more of herself to me right now. and since i try to respect her wishes i hold back and notice how she says "right now" that always makes me wonder, i have heard that some libras like to have everything planned out and have everything happen only when they want it too, she seems like this kind of libra so maybe this summer break might be different,

    and also i did send her a message the other day and she responded this time, and then (just like always) she puts up songs about how she feels, and i know this for sure now cause another libra on this website is alot like my libra and she does the same thing with songs, my libra girl seemed happy to hear from me after weeks of not talking, she put up the song called "i need you now" (self explanitory lol) and a song by the band staind called "right here" (it about being right here waiting) almost like she was waiting for me, when i am waiting for her lol when i talk to her i can tell she is very happy and sometimes even acts like a love struck little kid and it is cute as he-ll lol, but then 7 hours later after my message she puts up a song saying " forget our memories, forget our possiblitys and dont stay" she has wanted to run away and leave also in the past just like me,(we think alot alike and have similar interests so i understand her more than anyone else shes ever met before, and i feel the same also) right now i still wanna leave and feel its not worth it, and i think she is feeling the same way. maybe i should send another message telling her how i feel once again, and that i wanna see her again? all she does is school and work 24/7 and i think she likes me being around, and didnt like me not talking to her for those few weeks i stopped talking.

  • BUMP

  • Hey! So sorry its been awhile since ive been on here. I hope things are going better for you and your girl. Any changes. Virgo and I have been doing pretty well, we talk every day for about a month, I am hoping that we'll get to see each other soon but the distance is still a big factor.

    at times I get doubtful that he'll get tired of just talking and look for someone else, I try to be positive.

    Not all my friends support my waiting for him though, d they don't understand why I want to do long distrance, I can't let go of him. Hope you're okay!!

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