Could someone tell me what this layout means?

  • i did a celtic cross layout, i simply asked for a general overview of my life at the present, im not that good at "connecting the dots" so id be thrilled if some one could give me some insight at what its trying to tell me-thanks ^_^

    1.present/current situation-10 of cups

    2.influence-knight of swords

    3.past issues-the tower

    4.immediate past-the fool

    5.crowning thoughts(i initially skipped it without realizing it but the queen of cups is what i pulled afterwards)

    6.immediate future-the magician

    7.fears-nine of pentacles

    8.environment-2 of wands


    10.outcome-queen of swords

  • Where all of these right side up or were some upside down? This makes a big difference in the reading.

  • Alisa922. I did the Celtic cross spread here on Tarot. com, and all were the right side up. could you please interpret them for me as i haven't got a clue what they all mean

    1 Higher power - two of cups

    2 Long term potential - The Empress

    3 Recent pass - Three of coins

    4 Situation -Four of coins

    5 Self - ace of wands

    6 Challenges / opportunities - Nine of cups

    7 Near future - Ten of cups

    8 advice - Three of cups

    9 Allies - Seven of sword

    10 Foundation - Ten of wands

    11 Blocks & inhibitions - Three of swords

    Thank you so much .

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