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  • hobbles76,

    if you plan for every possibility, if you manage for everything on your own, you never give a chance to God to penetrate you, to take control onto his shoulders. You never allow God to help you. You think you have to be independent, you think there is no other way than self-help. You remain unnecessarily poor.

  • Shmeco,

    but this is just a beginning, not the end.

    Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are in love - now you are love.

  • luckymermaid,

    this incomplete life cannot become a crescendo; this life lived always incomplete, fragmentary, cannot create a harmony. You will die a chaos -- that´s why you will die always afraid of death. And when death knocks at your door you will tremble -- because the life harmony has not yet been achieved, and death has come. You have not lived life, and death has come. You are as yet incomplete, in fact unborn, and death has come. You tremble.

    There is a rhythm: sometimes enjoy relationship, sometimes enjoy aloneness. Enjoying both again and again, one day you will come to the understanding that there is no need to be in a relationship and there is no need to be alone. You can be in relationship and alone and you can be alone and in relationship. Then you have become wise.

  • I'm confused what I'm wondering is if I work on my self do I get to fall in love and get married ? I'm almost 30 but I have lots of time in my life I think. Do I have that chace with work on my self or was my x b friend it becase that's when I lost my blue eyes. He has moved on I remain in on and of relastionship! We are beter at being friends and help eachother through hardships. In time we know it's a friendship. But we do need to move on in time. I need real direction and something to look forword to . I know it not ever it just not now because I need to grow first! but do u see good if I do my work or have direction

  • have thought about your advice to me, and would like a little bit of explaining.

    Dont think; dont project, just be. Is that what you mean?


  • Shmeco,

    if you work on your self you get not to fall in love, but you get married. You have neither that chance with work on your self nor was your x b friend it.

    Real direction and something to look forword to: Be more active and use your potential to the full.

    I see good if you do your work or have direction.

    You are going along leisurely thinking that it will take a little longer time to happen. But realize that it will never happen this way. So exert yourself fully and it will happen.

  • Thank you should I continue to studie tarot or try something new I use to have this knowing that I lost

  • & is someone I have meet or knew???? Thank you like I say I will do the work Ang will do it quicker now thank you

  • & should I stay in Folsom with my sis or move up the hill

  • Shmeco

    you should neither continue to study tarot nor try something new.

    Is someone you have met.

    You should neither stay in Folsom with your sis nor move up the hill.

    Life is a continuous process, a movement; it is a river. You have to adjust yourself according to the situations, otherwise you remain fixed and life goes on changing all around. The only result will be a gap arising between you and your life—and that gap creates misery, sorrow.

  • Is it someone I know? I move all the time. This all is so confusing ! Thanks for ur time bless u!!!

  • Is it someone you know? No.

    This all is so confusing : things just do not go that way as you had expected it. Your own feelings die, because you are walling them in alive.

    If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.

  • So work on today and it will bring me a new day with a new love for life and mabey a new man

  • Dear Hans,

    Thank you again...You are so kind in giving your insight and I believe I understand what you are saying...And I agree...It is so hard to let God lead and carry me...I take too much on my own choices and Don't let God show me the his way as often as I should... Thank you and I will try to work on that a little more. 🙂


  • Shmeco

    and once you reap it, you reap no blessing from it. The world is full of deluded people who don´t see this.

  • Dear hobbles76,

    Father took Sonny to see a show which featured fifty of the most naked performers in the country.

    "Phew! Phew! Phew!" Father kept muttering all during the performance. "What´s the matter, Pop, don´t you like the show?" Sonny asked.

    "Sure I do" he replied "I was thinking of your mother."

    If you are comparing, your comparison is going to create trouble.

  • Do u belive in a soul mates ( lover, faml. , friend)or u anti relationship

  • Dear Hans,

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Shmeco

    I believe neither in soul mates ( lover, faml. , friend) nor am I anti relationship.

    Now you have to study more in depth.

  • Dear hobbles76,

    note down whatsoever happens. When you have become efficient in noting, there is no need to say it loudly. Just inside, note that a desire has arisen. A beautiful man passes; the desire has come in. Just note it -- as if you are not concerned, you are just noting the fact that it is happening -- and then suddenly you will be out of it.

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