• HELLO I was wondering if you could give me a reading or some hlp in anyway i am having problems with my love life.....i do not have one I was or maybe still am in love with a man(6/21/78 D.S.Q.) BUT i feel it has been to long and no i have been dating this other guy (4/9/7? C.N.P.) we have been friends for 9 yrs but i need a connection...sometimes it seems everything is going crazy....i also need work like yesterday....can u pls help me....thanks

    (T.D.V 7/24/79)

  • I am seeing you using a broom to clean out your house - I feel you need to make a complete clean sweep of your life and start all over, especially with love. But you need a new attitude in order to succeed. Sweep away all the cobwebs of clinging routines. Shed all your old outworn beliefs and make tomorrow the first day of your new life. Put the past behind you and strike out on your own.

    With this release of old stuck energy will come new people and circumstances, and a special someone who will not be like anyone you have met before. Previously you have been very inflexible in your requirements for a mate. Throw away your 'list' and just ask the Universe to send you the person who is right for you. Don't have an agenda of love requirements because that hasn't worked for you. i feel you are so bogged down at the moment with old traditions and conventions and ways of believing/doing that you can't move. Throw off those shackles of the past and move onwards and upwards! Literally everything in your present life is holding you back - including youself.

  • me and my wife have been separated for 2.5 months is she gone for good brice 2/18/78 lisa 7/15/81

  • I am getting a feeling you were relieved at first about this breakup but now you are thinking of the good times and wanting her back. I don't feel you talked enough about the problems in the marriage and were into avoidance of conflict rather than really trying to sort things out. Your wife I feel will come back if you can open up more to her, Brice. You need to show her not only that you want to change but that you have.

  • Hello Captain

    I'm the girl who feels like the dam. I'm currently being pressured into marriage by my family.......there's no one I want to marry. Will there be the right someone soon? 28/01/75.


  • Your family is making decisions for you based on what they think is right for you. But they don't know the real you. Only by getting away from/ignoring their influence will you be able to find true love. I feel romance lies with someone in the clothing industry for you.

  • Sorry, that last answer is for Gamby.

  • Hi Captain. What do you see my my immediate and future love life? anything will help! thanks in advance - - 10/24/92

  • Soscorpio, 2010 is a time of new beginnings for you. Put the past behind you and start all over again - with people, situations, finances, maybe even career (Finding a new one or changing the old one into something that suits you better). You will have new energy this year so it's a good time for new projects. But mainly it's a time for self-love, for honouring yourself and treating yourself better and getting to know yourself and what you really want. When you love yourself enough, a romantic partner will be irresistably attracted to you.

  • hello captain

    can you please give me some help. i am a female born 8/5/51. i am in a relationship with a taurus man 5/15/53. his ex girlfriend is a virgo 8/29/52. she is living in another state, but i believe they are still in contact and wants him back. do you have any advice for me?

    thank you so much.

  • Don't worry, RubyredLips, you have the better combination for a long term relationship with your man than his ex has. What they had was best for friendship. He still feels a bond with her but it is only a tie of mutual outlook and they share a sense of humour. You need to lighten up a bit though and have more fun with your partner - avoid any power struggles, especially over sex. Make your man laugh and enjoy your company. Be silly with him - it's what he likes about his ex, that they could have fun. He is independent so don't hold him on too tight a leash, but equally make sure that your relationship has a definite structure with well-defined rules of conduct.

  • Thanks for your response Captain. This was the 2nd time I have looked to you for an answer. Both times you have amazed me.

    My New Years resolution was to never mention his ex's name again. I have kept my word to myself and have found power in that decision.

    You are right on about him needing his independence. I need mine also, so that seems to be working for us. His boundaries are much lower than mine, so we have a " don't ask , don't tell " kind of relationship. He has NEVER been married. I was married for 25 years. Totally 2 different people, but yet the differences seem to work.

    All the best to you and again thanks.

  • Hi captain~

    Wondering if you can help me out a little?

    I'm seeing shapes of hearts everywhere I go.. like heart-shaped puddles or leaves on the pavement and such... is this an Indication that I'm about to get Nathan back? And what can I do that'll help me get him back faster?

    I'm Aquarius and he's Gemini...

    Please and thank you..

  • ah.. forgot sorry...

    I'm 7th Feb and He's 10th June

  • Amethyst, no it just means that love is on your mind. Nathan wants his freedom and you don't allow him enough. (Quite rightly - he wants both to eat his cake and have other cakes as well)

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