Feeling spirits arond you:

  • As I was at work today, when I walked into the restroom I could feel a spirit in the room, I stopped and tried to get the spirit to speak to me but she would not, but I new she was still there. My question is this, when you know that they are there how can you get them to speak to you?

  • They'll speak to you when the time's right. Making their presence felt is often the first step in communicating; a way of making sure you're receptive. In the day time, in the office loo, is probably not the preferred place for a "chat" though. YOu might find she'll leave it until you're at home.

    I'm wondering if this spirit is that of someone who had an incident in the restroom in past years and died as a result? It would be worth asking those who've worked there for a long time, if you feel comfortable doing that. I am getting the sense that the spirit is that of someone who worked there or maybe lived there prior to it becoming offices and, well, something amiss happened to cause her death.

    HOpe this helps you! Cheers :))

  • Thank-You, When I was at work today, I did feel her again and this time she did go with me. Her name is Mary. I did ask why she was there because this is a grocery store that is only 1 year old, I know, strange. I did ask what she was doing there but got no reply. I also thought the same thing about if something had happened to her on this peace of land. I well keep trying to get the answer. Again Thank-You.

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