• Hi Chris! I do not want to be rude or invasive; however, I do not understand how to start my own thread, so I was hoping that I could start my own thread through you. I have some questions to ask the Captain...so before I do this, I must send my greatest apologies to you for my rude interruption. Captain, what does life in general hold for me, more so in 2010? I have been seperated from my husband from last summer (as a result of his 5th 'friendship' (with 'perks') - he's been putting in some effort and says that he really wants to work things out (and move back in with us), but I am thinking and feeling that it's over. I mean he treats my daughter too harshly and we still argue about something that one of us has said or how it was said, etc. I know that because of his pattern, it will happen again. I have been a single mom to four adorable children since he left last summer. Because of them, the way everything has been going, is no way to live and I am tired of it. We have been happier since he left, there is no tension, no arguing, no upset children, etc., when he isn't around. So I have been looking to the future, my goals, my dreams to keep upbeat and positive. However, life seems to be drifting from one extreme to another. Just when I think I have focused on a path, I seem to get detoured, and not by my own will. I want to be successful and live in peace, happiness and harmony. I am hoping you can give me some insight of where I am going wrong...I have a number of goals that I would like to accomplish. Return to competitive dressage and show jumping; finish my education and be financially stable. I hope to accomplish this with or without a mate. Am I wrong to know what I want? Although it comes within my grasp, then seems to move away out of reach (all is a temporary wait is the feeling that I get). I am with a wonderful top level dressage rider for a coach and there are a few top riders that compete on the show jumping circuit...they are my inspiration and are patiently waiting for me to join them. I do desperately want to join in on the road to success in that part of life...but then comes present issues in life that seem to have a hold of me. A lot of it is negative vibes that I am hoping I be rid of sooner than later...any advice?

  • Hello Angels5 ,

    To create a new tread of your own , all you have to do is click on the category of your choice in the on the main Forum page ..(.say it is Psychic) and then in that page you will see directly across from the (Psychic )title to the right and small symbol that looks like a light bulb and the words ( create new topic ) . Click on that it takes you where you need to be to start your own tread . Good Luck !

    Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You


  • Please everyone start up your own threads and I will answer you all there. This is Cris' thread.

  • Hello Caption and Cris ,

    I just wanted to apologize for intruding on your conversation. Have a great day .

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Hi Cap'n

    Sorry I haven't got back to you, but I've been busy with work, etc. lately.

    I admit to having a tiny bit of a problem when a thread created by one person ends up being taken over by other people's questions. I didn't mind Doves here, but it gets annoying when yet more people jump on the bandwagon, so thanks for deflecting these other ones away to start their own threads. The thing I truly have a HUGE problem with is when I do a reading in response to someone's thread only to find others asking me questions in that person's thread. I actually don't respond to them anymore as it's so annoying. And offputting when you're trying to focus on the person who started the thread in the first place.

    Doves, don't feel bad here. You at least asked if it was okay, so don't worry about it 🙂

    So back to you Cap'n. I have to say I'm getting more and more disillusioned with soulmate contact as I've alreay let two go in my life, having eventually accepted what they represented and all of that. This one however, is a really hard one to let go. The dreams I've had of him tell me we'll be together, but nothing that's happening so far validates that. Two readings I've had say we'll be together, but again, nothing has happened to validate it. We haven't been together really, except as casual friends and that's about it.

    So I guess I should just forget about the whole sorry mess and get on with it. I have to say, I don't feel stronger for this connection at all. I feel like it's a whole lot of unfinished business and really am finding it hard to forget about it. But forget about it I will, if that's what I actually have to do.

    But the problem I have is that I dreamed of this man for seven years only to meet him and lose him and he lives in the same town! So close, but yet so far. Story of my life it seems 🙂

    Ah well. I won't be falling for anyone like this again in my life. I don't see the point when they only leave you.

    Actually, can someone really explain to me what is the point of meeting and falling for your soulmate, only to lose them in the blink of an eye?

    Are there are any stories in this world of any soulmate encounters that have ended up happily ever after or is that just some stupid fantasy? It must be.

    Ah, whatever. Thanks Captain. What you say makes sense, indeed it does. But I honestly can't grasp it right now. Too much has gone on in my life recently and I truly have lost hope. To repeat myself: I don't feel stronger for this encounter at all. Instead, I feel like a worn out dishrag in truth.

    Sorry to be so negative about this, but heart ache, and acceptance of that heart ache, is all I hear about soulmates. Where's the joy in it really? I've yet to see it :))

  • A HUGE THANK YOU to you Doves46! I will use it! Again Chris, my apologies and like I had mentioned...I had no idea how to start one until someone told me. Thank you again Doves46 and may God be with you.

  • Cris, you might not feel stronger but i can feel it in you that you are SO much stronger for what you have been through. You are just feeling the weary aftermath of all your recent events. Take time to see renewal of your spirit through doing nice things for yourself. Your male side is strong enough now to manage without anyone else. What you are feeling is loneliness, that's all. Can you get out more and join groups and things? I see you starting up some sort of club that you once dabbled in. Writing?

  • Hi again Cap'n

    I think you're right about that: the weariness in the aftermath. The extreme heat we're experiencing over here, long working hours and the resultant apathy I feel are sure contributing factors to this sense of not wanting to bother 🙂 I will be picking up my pen again and hopefully getting some sort of writing group up here. I tried a couple of years ago, but no-one was particularly interested and you can't force country people to do anything, so I discovered. I'd also tried to get a spiritual development group up and running here priort to that, and experienced the very same lack of response. Guess the timing wasn't right for it, so this year might bring some more results, though I need to get a handle on my new working hours and let myself actually settle in to my new single life.

    Stronger? Well, that could be also. It seems that when you feel your weakest is when you are far from it, so I think there will come a situation which might put that to the test and I'll see how far I've come 🙂

    Y'know, I really don't NEED a bloke in my life, but I know I don't want to be completely alone either. I'm not keen on sharing my living space with one and probably won't ever do that again either. What I'm after here is to know what this particular soulmate encounter was/is about and go from there. As I think I said above, it feels too strongly like unfinished business and I can't see me being able to let it go while it's so unresolved. I appreciate the emotion and senstivity it's made me feel and the fact that I know I am no longer someone who has to have a partner who compliments certain egotistical criteria; rather I have seen and grew to love what is IN this man rather than what he does, how he lives, etc.

    BUT STILL. It remains unresolved and that I can't cope with; at least not right at this minute! Time will tell I guess and even though 2-3 years doesn't sound all that long, it does to me as I'm not getting any younger and I don't have that sort of patience, having spent so much of my life alone and misunderstood/misjudged already; like a whole lot of us 🙂

    So that's my dilemma. I know I don't want to rely on a man again financially or in any way really except for that emotional support we all need which has been in short supply for me, truth be told. That is why I'm in this annoyingly impatient state.

    Thanks so much for your insights here Captain; I do appreciate them :))

  • Cirs, I feel like you want another person around to reassure you that the decisions you are making are the right ones. They are. Also someone to love and accept you. Like we all want. But no one can do it as well as we can for ourselves.

    You must know how much people love and appreciate you just on this forum alone. And that spiritual development class might do well over the internet if the people in your own area are not interested.

  • Hey Captain,

    It's good to hear this bit of validation. Even in the short month I've lived alone, I've doubted whether I've done the right thing or not, but that's when things go wrong. Even in the middle of things going awry, I say to myself "i'm not going back" and remind myself WHY I left in the first place. So thanks for that.

    And of course I want someone to love me. As for being accepted, well, I'm starting to think that's a tall order in this world really. I'll accept the me I become first, then see what happens methinks 🙂 If anyone comes along in between now and then who says one word or slightly hints that I should be doing or being something different/better, they'll be told to take a hike!

    AGain, thanks so much 🙂

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