• There is still that something else - something very big that is coming to you. I feel its 'weight' but caanot make sense of it yet. But it is life-changing not only for you but for those around you. Maybe it is the big red lotto ball that I am sensing?

  • Could be ... I had my birth chart done a few years ago, and she said that I was due a "very large sum of money" - either a win or inheritance, so that could be what you're seeing. I won't hassle about timelines because if you're like me, I have difficulty getting timelines for people. I'll get a number, but won't know if it means, days, weeks, etc. It'll come when it comes, if it's comin at all 🙂 The block you might be getting about my other issue simply could be that I'm not meant to know at the moment. Or I need to get off my butt - as my dear friend LibrasLair gently implies - and DO something about it, but I'm too shy and unsure of the reaction I'll get ... sigh ...

    But I like the sound of "prosperous". Also, the younger me you see could be symbolising me when I had my daughter (I was nearly 32 then). What that could mean is not clear, but I'm racking my brains trying to think what this might relate to. Ah well, again it'l become clear when it's mean to I guess. I'm just impatient :))) Thanks once again xoxoxoxoxox

  • Wow captain. You are good.

  • Hi All,

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  • Oh Cris, about that friend of yours, I had a sudden flash and, not to be indelicate or anything, but I feel he is having an issue over his sexuality, as in 'am I straight or gay'?

  • You could be right there Cap'n. I hadn't thought of that. It could be that he's going thru a phase where he feels no interest in women lately (which'd be no surprise as he's been given the run around by so many and lost faith in the opposite sex as a result). He possibly might be feeling stronger connections to his male friends which might be worrying him a lot. I sure hope he doesn't get to swamped by this, but I get the sense that he is already being carried away by the tide, so to speak. I send him a text about once a week asking how he is or whatever. Sometimes I get a reply, other times, not. I wish he'd realise that, for now, I just want to talk to him and sort out the issue that cropped up in Oct last year, for my own sake mainly, but for his s well. 'Course, it's possible I'm a whole lot more bothered by it than him, truth be told 🙂 I truly hate unfinished business, which is what this feels like!

    Thanks again, and as said, keep it comin' ... whenever it comes :))

  • Why is gay considered to be a bad word here?

  • I don't know. It's amazing how many words are considered risque on this Site, but as an Aussie I can say "bloody" without it blanking it! See? BLOODY, BLOODY, BLOODY. Go figure .. 🙂

  • Cris, I feel I am being urged to tell you about my own soulmate experience - it was short but incredibly intense. We met in 2007 and were only together for three months. I have never met such an interesting man or anyone to whom I was so close - we could read each other's thoughts. We were parted by circumstance and have not been in contact since then. But I was told by a psychic, and now believe it to be true, that my soulmate came into my life to help me find love in myself. At that time I was very low in self-worth and he made me feel lovable. And when I no longer felt bad about myself, he was taken away. Our soulmates are definitely here to help us when we need it but it is really quality of experience that many provide and not quantity of time.

    This may be the case for you. You may be stronger from knowing your soulmate so bless the experience and him but be aware that you may not be destined to be together in the physical world forever. I still feel my soulmate always in my heart, giving me strength. I also feel there are other soulmates for me to meet and I look forward to that. I had an intense dream about my old soulmate last night, that we met again, so who knows?

  • Hello Caption ,

    If you have time , would you be able to give me a bit of insight on this question I have for you .If nothing comes to mind..no worries . As that may not be something you can pick up on about a person .

    This maybe a strange question , but this is something I have been wondering about myself for many years . I am a bit embarrassed to ask , but here it goes ,firstly Just a bit of info ...All my life I have struggled when it comes to learning and remembering things . Schooling was always nightmare for me . I so wanted to excel in everything but could not concentrate . To this day , for me to study anything is so frustrating . There is so much that i want to do that requires me to have Study and retain mega amounts of information , in all that I have read and so on . But I know , that challenge would be overwhelming to say the least . Can you sense if a person has some sort of learning disability such as ADD or ADHD . and if so do you sense anything such things where I am concerned . I know this can be present in Adults as well as Children . If you have any thoughts on this I would appreciate it . I feel really stupid asking this ..but it drives me crazy wondering about it ...

    Thank you

    Take Care and God Bless You .


  • Hello Cris1962

    I hope you don't mind me jumping in on your tread . to ask The Captain a question . After I posted it , I thought to myself , it was rude of me to do so . Sorry .

    Take Care and God Bless


  • Dove, I don't feel your information in life is meant to come from outside reference points. You learn from the inner vision within you where all the wisdom you need to survive is there if you want to access it. Thus I feel this life for you is about inner learning, rather than outer. I don't feel you have a physical disability as such - it's just that your vision is turned inward and to other worlds, and you are wired to gain instruction from your higher self and guides. You would be a very good intuitive or psychic. You just lack confidence in your own ability. I see this a lot in psychics - they can be very impractical and fuzzy with the details of real life but so attuned and astute with the unseen realms. Your mind and perception is tuned into another frequency, like a radio, that's all. It's neither good or bad, it's just the way you are.

  • Hello Captain ,

    Thank you for taking the time to do this reading for me in regards to my question . The second your posted it , I was right there to catch it ,literally .I just didn't have a spare moment to reply last night . After I read it , I had a great sense of relief come over me , and I said to myself that I was ok and going to be ok , that I wasn't absolutely brain death so to speak , when it comes to my learning abilities . Yes , my confidence level has pretty much be little to none most of my life . which at times could be very debilitating to me . I am feeling better now about things . Thank You ! As for your words in regards to my being intuitive and psychic , I have had this said to me on other occasions , without me even asking or thinking to ask . I guess that confirms it even more . What a blessing that would be !! Again, thank you for your time I greatly appreciate it . Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You .


  • Captain ,

    Just another note ..I have many times tried to contact my Spirits Guides , but each time I became very nauseated and always have to stop . I am not sure what that is all about . What are your thoughts on this ?

    Take Care and God Bless


  • It's just fear of what they might tell you. Relax - the guides won't give you more than you can handle. There's also a fear there of what other people might think of you being psychic - a fear you might be judged as crazy or sick.

  • Hello Caption .....

    I see now , I just need to open the port hole when I come a knocking lol, and not slam it in my Spirits Guides faces when they come answering ......duh to me . I guess I need to get my meditation down pat . Thank you for the info Captain . It is much appreciated .

    Have a great evening and day tomorrow .

    Take Care and God Bless ^A^


  • hello, newly widowed. What should I be focused on this year of 2010?

    thank you for any help you could give . . . . .

  • Luckymermaid, can you start your own thread? There are getting too many mixed vibes here for me to distinguish between them.

  • oops, sorry !

  • Captain ,

    May I ask you another question ?


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