• Hi all

    I have a question that I'm sure is on everyone's lips: what's coming for me in 2010 - particularly in the areas of love/relationships. I have a burning soulmate issue that I don't know how to deal with and wonder if any of you lovely psychic/intuitive souls have some idea of what I should be doing about it, if anything; it's really bothering me! Thanks in advance for your wise insights 🙂

  • BUMP. Gee, the news must be all bad from those of psychic/intuitive leanings ... 🙂

  • I am pretty rusty with my psychic ability, but I am seeing a house out in the bush for you, almost a farm with a lot of room but a bit in need of care. I feel this is in perhaps a region that was once struck by bushfire.

  • PS There is a body of water nearby, like a lake or small dam or weir.

  • TheCaptain, you are doing marvelously for some rusty! What else do you get?

  • Hey Captain,

    I am currently living in the place you described, right to a T (have been here three weeks). It's a very old house in need of lotsof tlc and is surrounded by trees and bush, plus there is a large dam over to the right of it and a creek which only fills after heavy rains. There were fires in the surrounding mountains in 2005, so right on the knocker there. Great stuff for someone "rusty"! As Wenchie has asked, are you getting anything else? Can't be shot for askin, now can I? :))) Thanks so much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

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  • I also see horses being fed by a woman and the land becoming much greener.

  • I also feel you will be lacking in male company but still happy in your surroundings and involved with animals (maybe helping save them in some way).

  • Also I am getting an ambulance - not in a bad way but maybe helping the service out somehow?

  • Hi again Cap'n

    Well, if you're getting me NOW, I am most certainly lacking in male company having just left my husband. As for horses, well, there's none here at the moment, but who knows in future.

    I do have that "burning soulmate" question still pending - not just for you to answer, but anyone else who can see something for me. There is someone else around, but not, if you know what I mean 🙂 There was an issue that cropped up a few months ago and I wanted to know if I'll ever resolve it and we'd be friends or have some sort of relationship out of it.

    On the topic the ambulance, I'm working at our local hospital, but on the kitchen staff, so in a very indirect way, I guess I am helping the service out!

    Again, thanks for all this.

    As said though, that other question still remains. If you can't get anything about it, that's fine. Again, it's for anyone to answer if anyone gets ANYTHING about it :))

  • Sometimes what I see is symbolic and not the actual thing itself. Whenever I focus on you Cris, I see the woman standing in the green lush field with a horse. There is a feeling of no one else about for a long way, there's a feeling of things having finally ended, and the woman is waiting for things to begin anew. But she looks and feels very peaceful and happy, not at all sad. It must be winter as she is wearing a jumper and long pants. She looks quite prosperous too, as the clothes she is wearing are very good quality. I get the feeling she is at any moment about to leap onto the horse and ride off. But she is waiting for something to happen first.

  • I am also getting dolphins around you for some reason. Like it's a place name...

  • Your last two insights are pretty interesting to say the least! I can't ride horses for squat, but love their majesty and will stroke a horse as soon as look at it. Also, I have some experience with alpacas so you could be seeing these animals as "horses", sort of. I definitely was feeding them and other things up until my separation, and am hoping to go back into them one day. As for dolphins, well, I have a set of Angel cards called "Mermaids and Dolphins" so maybe that's what you're getting there. Also, one day, I'd love to swim with the dolphins ...

    As for the prosperous aspects you mentioned, that's something I dream about and hope it'll come true one day. At least where I'm prosperous enough to share it around though, not keep it all to myself :)) Thanks again for this Cap'n; very impressive!

  • No, the dolphin thing is more like a placename - "Dolphin's Retreat" or "Dolphin Way" or "Dolphins' End"- something that sounds as if it is at the beach. Also I think the horse scene is a symbolic timeline. When the something that you are waiting for happens (maybe meeting a new man) you will ride off into the sunset/future. As I said, it looks like this happens in the cooler months of the year (but the grass is very green and lush.)

    There's something else but I feel a blockage that prevents me from sensing this yet. Sorry!

  • Oh yes and I see you holding a baby - not sure whose it is but you are smiling and looking happy.

  • Getting the word 'sister' with the baby...

  • Keep it comin' ... I'l in the meantime look up the meaning of my property name and see if that relates to dolphins in any way. The horse as a symbol makes more sense to me too; they were a totem animal for me when I was much younger, and maybe they're returning during this very dry, lonely period I'm in. As for the baby, well, let's see what happens there. I'm a bit old to be having anymore of my own, and I have no real relationship with my sister (who's past child bearing age anyway). But there are friends of mine who are "sisters", so that could be a happening thing down the track. I am waiting at the moment for a certain someONE, but I lose hope a lot considering the situation and it's very early days in my own transition too.

    Roll around winter ... :)) Thanks again my friend.

  • Sorry I'm only getting this in bits and pieces - sometimes it happens that way. I'm not very consistent.

  • Yes the woman with the horse looked younger than your present age but I'm sure she was you.

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