Conducting Self Tarot Reading Questions??

  • cool. at least I made someone smile today. and crazy is not a bad thing. Sometimes, you are your own best company lol. Off to register my daughter for softball. It's the last motovational trick I can use so damn it, it better work. I wont go to jail for something I haven't done so for everybody's sake, somethings gotta work.

  • Thank you brick1,

    I like your feedback.

    A man makes circles with his big toe, minutes on end. Ask him to stop it. At first he will deny that he was ever doing so. Then he will reluctantly accept the fact. Ask him why he was doing it and he will be able to offer no explanation. But the fact is that a restless mind conveys its restlessness throughout the body. Mind is the monitor of all our actions. It is the mind which dictates our thoughts and thoughts which send impulses to our limbs! We sit and listen but hear not. We face a speaker but our thoughts race elsewhere. It is only when we empty ourselves of all thoughts that we are able to grasp the meaning of the words which until then were mere words. Man is so allergic to silence, and will do everything to break even another

    man's silence.

  • znl,

    Taoists enjoy eating, they enjoy beautiful clothes, they enjoy the beautiful things of life, they enjoy beautiful houses... they enjoy everything!

    And here they have the idea of religion as renunciation.

  • sylvannah,

    if you go into a deep well, then you can see the stars in the sky even in the day. A certain darkness is needed to see the stars. So go into a deep well and look from the bottom, and you will be able to see the stars in the day also. The stars are there. It is not that in the night they are there and in the day they are not, they are always there. In the night you can see them easily. In the day you cannot see them because the sunlight becomes a barrier.

    The same is true with dreaming. It is not that you dream only while you are asleep. In sleep you can feel dreams easily because the activity of the day is no more there; thus that inner activity can be seen and felt. When you get up in the morning, the dreaming continues inside while you start acting on the outside.

    This process of activity, of daily activity, simply suppresses the dreaming. The dreaming is there. Close your eyes, relax in an armchair, and suddenly you can feel: the stars are there; they have not gone anywhere. The dreams are there always. There is a continuous activity.

  • Taoists enjoy eating, they enjoy beautiful clothes, they enjoy the beautiful things of life, they enjoy beautiful houses... they enjoy everything!

    And here they have the idea of religion as renunciation.

    AHA moment then. I am proudly a "taoist". I figure in good company too!!!!

  • 🙂 sort of like the French "Gauche caviar"...

  • Wow! I just read this thread...Hans you are amazing, loved the "darkness & light" and the "enjoy" name "enjoyinglife" is to remind myself to "accept the moment" and enjoy. I'm writing some of your messages down..they go with my reminders about gratitude,abundance and patience!

  • znl,

    religion is the corpse of religiousness; it only looks like the real person.

  • Enjoyinglife,

    you are excited about a man, but when the honeymoon is over, then the excitement is also over. Almost always, by the end of the honeymoon, a marriage ends -- then there is just a hang-over, because you are looking for excitement, and excitement cannot be a continuous phenomenon. Unless your love is cool, not cold remember, but cool -- cold is dead, cool is alive, but without any excitement -- it is bound to turn into boredom.

  • znl,

    religion is the corpse of religiousness; it only looks like the real person.


    I know what you mean. I don't believe in any form of organized religion.

    ttyl and wishing you a great wkend.

  • Thank you znl,

    so don't be afraid to err. don't be afraid to move on the wrong path. Those who are too afraid of being in error and of moving on the wrong path become paralyzed. Then they remain where they are; they never move.

  • so, how did you know, reading this brings me to tears. I have struggled with that and have tried to change especially as it came/comes to making decisions.... and so being aware of that (learned behavior from mother and being perfect with not making any mistakes) oh well, that is another discussion...

    you were late to the forum hans.....:)

  • Thank you znl, you care for me;-),

    yes, an invitation, and they did not let me go, so I came soo late, and then soooo late to bed, 😞

    Only a state of mind that one has reached by knowledge, by realization, has any value. You can term it right-belief if you wish, but it is not belief, it is knowledge. Don't believe in some vague truism. Search for truth. Seek it out. But don't hold on to any belief or concept. This is a sign of weakness of the mind. It is lethargy; it is a lack of caring. It is an injurious way to save yourself from the work of seeing your self.

  • Guten Tag Hans! alles liebe zum valentinstag!

  • Many bright, beautiful, joyful, comforting wishes coming to you hans.

    When I look at things I can see actions or lack of it based on what one knew then and then even now. With knowledge & wisdom comes sorrow and pain but there is much to look forward to..

    Realizing being more, is a big step..using that mind but not letting "robot" take over.

    thank you so much. You give a lot which shows a BIG heart.

    Wonderful wishes to everyone as well.

  • Vielen Dank stclaire,

    but Valentinstag means activity, a sort of tense restlessness, and it is sheer folly to expect all this activity to yield the flowers and fruit of serenity. If you want peace, if you wish to be peaceful it is essential that you start out in peace this very moment.

  • Thank you znl

    Love respects so much that it gives freedom. And if love is not giving freedom it is not love, it is something else.

  • Vereinbart ,der frieden.........wundervoll!!

  • There was a great king who had conquered many lands and had accumulated immense wealth, but was very unhappy and miserable. There was not a single moment of joy, bliss.... He started asking people, "What is the purpose of all my wealth and all my kingdom? I cannot even sleep. My mind is so full of tensions, worries, there is no space for anything else. Is there someone in my kingdom who can help me?"

    People had heard about a Sufi mystic and they said, "In your kingdom there is a Sufi mystic, a very strange fellow. He has helped many people, although you have to be a little alert with him because he is not predictable, he may do anything. But one thing is certain: whatever he does, finally you find that it had a reason. In the beginning it will look absolutely irrational. If you have courage enough you can go."

    The king said, "Do you think me a coward? I have invaded great lands; my whole life has been the life of a warrior. Can a poor Sufi mystic make me afraid? I will go... and I will go alone, no bodyguards, no army, no advisers."

    But he took with him a big bag full of diamonds and rubies and emeralds, just to show to the Sufi mystic: "This is only a sample. I have so much money but it is not helping me at all. First I used to think that when I have money I will relax and enjoy. But now money is there and I'm living in hell."

    The Sufi mystic was sitting under a tree. The king went there, got down from his horse, touched the feet of the Sufi mystic and asked him, "Can you help me?"

    The Sufi mystic said, "What do you want? I will help you immediately."

    He had heard that this man was strange -- otherwise nobody would tell you, "I will help you immediately." He is going to do something.... The king was a little afraid: nobody wants to be helped immediately. He said, "There is no hurry, but..."

    The Sufi mystic said, "Just tell me what you want. Don't waste my time. You say it; I will give it to you and be finished."

    The king said, "You don't understand. I want peace of mind."

    And when he was saying "peace of mind," the Sufi mystic took his bag of emeralds and diamonds and rubies and ran away. The king said, "My God, what kind of man is he? Is he a mystic or a thief?"

    He ran -- in his whole life he had never run. The village was unknown to him, with small streets. The Sufi was perfectly well known; he lived in that village. The king was shouting, "Catch hold of that thief" -- and people were laughing, because people knew that every day something or other happens. And it was really a laughing matter: the king was huffing and puffing and shouting, "Catch him! Why are you just laughing?" -- and still running because that old fellow is taking away all his money and he is going so fast.

    The Sufi mystic gave him a good round of the whole village, made the whole village aware that the mystic is ahead and the king is following, perspiring. Finally he reached to the same tree, sat there, and waited for the king to come. The king came very tired, perspiring, and the mystic gave him the bag. He took the bag, put it on his chest and said, "My God!"

    The Sufi said, "Have you got some peace of mind? Had not I told you I would help you immediately?"

    The king said, "Strange is your way... but it is true, I am feeling very peaceful, as I have never felt in my life. And the trouble is that this money was always with me, and I never felt so happy as I am feeling now."

    The Sufi said, "I have solved your problem. Your problem is that you have got everything. You need some distance, you need to lose it; only then will you understand what you had. And this is not only true about your money. This is more true about your life itself: because you have it, you have started taking it for granted. It is too obvious it is yours. You are not at all concerned that tomorrow it may not be yours, or even the next second."

  • GREAT STORY HANS,something we all can be quilty of,you never appreciate what you have more then when you lose it, so in that respect losing something can be one of lifes great lessons, their is a reason for everything a lesson to be learned, a chance to grow by that lesson! danke hans

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