Conducting Self Tarot Reading Questions??

  • sylvannah,

    Is it possible you got it confused with something else? No.

    (how will he react?) (greatful that someone is willing to fight for him.)

    But how to come to an interval where the mind stops

    the inner chattering? If you try, again you will miss.

    But there is no need to try. In fact the interval is

    continuously happening -- just a little alertness is

    needed. Between two thoughts there is an interval;

    between two words even, there is a gap. Otherwise the

    words will run into each other; otherwise thoughts will

    overlap each other. They don't overlap.

  • I just wrote a bvunch then it erased it and I'm not doing it again! That's probably very true! I haven't fallen off the face ofthe earth (well I kind of have ctually) I have been a little depressed. My daughter did her sleep study and I will know by next week if she qualifies. They say she has AD/HD, ODD, and a conduct disoerder. (when asked what that was, they said that means that she really misbehavesat home) NAH!! lol I could have told them that! Anyways, please pray for her. That she gets the help her brother never got! I haven't seen my ex in a week either although I plan on going over there tomorrow to feed the animals. The only time I could even show him that I'd fight for him is over the weekend, when he'sdrunk and has a girl over. I really don't want it to get physical but it will. He is about to lose everything! I don't know what to do except try putting spells on him but I don't want to make anyone do anything against their will. I would just be guessing that deep down he wants to change. That he wants to quit drinking. He is about to lose his house and if he goes home to Canada like he is, he will lose his family too. I won't let no b i t c h do that to him but, unless he is willing to change, there is no point! I care about him and I love him! But I am not enough! What can I do?

  • well, at least I didn't miss nothing here. lol I haven't had internet access in a month! Did I make you mad too? I apparently was misunderstood and some people aren't talking to me anymore. That's fine with me and I also have found that some people still have the same mentality as they did when they were a teen. Which is fine too. Almost every single one screwed me over back then. Some way more than others.I haven't dealt with any of them for 20+ years or so. I think I will be fine without them now too. I wish they never came back around. But this is a small issue compared to my other issues.It's just aggrivating.Will I at least meet a guy soon that is not petty?I think I am a good person. What am I doing bad? I don't see it so I am asking someone else.What do I need to change about myself? I am tryiong to work on my low self esteem and nobody is helping me. I want to know if I am sabotaging myself.

  • Hans!!! Where are you? I need you! I like you! I missed you! Come back and talk to me before I lose my internet again! Pleeeaaasssee.!;-(

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