Conducting Self Tarot Reading Questions??

  • I just have a question, will my ex ever try to do things for me that he didn't do before? Yes.

    If so, when? When he experiences love.

    Will he ever feel bad for how he treated me? No.

    If you constantly think about something, it starts materializing. You must have heard the name of Emile Coue, or if you have not heard the name you must have heard his slogan: Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better. He treated thousands of patients in great trouble – people in great trouble – and he helped them tremendously. And this was his only medicine. He would just say to them, “Repeat: every day, in every way, I am getting better and better. Just repeat it, just feel it, just surround yourself with this idea ‘I am getting better, healthier, happier.’” And thousands of people were helped; they came out of their illnesses, they came out of their mental diseases, they came out of their troubles and anxieties. They thrived again, they became alive again, and there was nothing in it – just a small mantra.

  • Actually I haven't heard of it but I tell myself that and it does help lol I spent the sunrise with my dog Bruce and then I went over there at 8a to apologize cause I don't want any ill wil. I could tell that it meant somjething to him. But I'm sure the feeling and thought went away with the 1st beer or so. I was just thinking about that while I was trying to mow my yard, LOL I asked God to seep into his heart and fill it with light and love when it opened up a little this morning.. I have a small window to catch him when he is sober and he is a good guy when he is sober and deserves alot more than what he is making for himself. Well I gotta go, TTFN

  • Three kids -- little Hymie, little Bruce and little

    Ernie -- are playing by a river in the Northern

    Territory of Australia. They are swinging backwards and

    forwards across the river on a rubber tire, which is

    hanging from a tree.

    Little Bruce is flying through the air, when suddenly

    a crocodile leaps out of the water and swallows him and

    the tire in one bite.

    Little Ernie and little Hymie stand looking at the

    ripples in the water.

    "You had better go and tell his mom," says little

    Ernie. "And I will go and get another tire."

  • They really need to put this esc. button elsewhere. I will try to remember what I wrote. I don't know why but, I've been thinking about my ex alot lately.I will still take care of me and my feelings for him are defitalely different. He is a really good guy and then he starts drinking and he is a totally different guy. I just get worried about him and innocent others. I'm afraid that if he doesn't do somethingnow, he will get really sick and he will just die. He will die all alone. I have been talking with an old friend lately. I haven't seen him for 20 yrs. He is my equal! I like talkin to him. What do you see happening between us? My thoughts and feelings are so much different now than they were 20 yrs ago. 20 years ago, I never would have even entertained the thought of him. lol So, whatcha got?

  • sylvannah,

    What do you see happening between us? You expect more than you have got.

    So, whatcha got? Know and defend your limitations and give up the chase. To advance brings regret.

    You behave like a blind woman. You are not

    blind -- you are cunning. Through your cunningness you

    have become blind. And the mind immediately makes

    judgments. That is how to avoid the journey. It is an

    escape. People can be divided basically into two types: those who

    are ready to open their eyes, and those who are not

    ready to open their eyes. For one who is ready to open

    her eyes, much is possible for her. For one who is not

    ready to open her eyes, nothing is possible. She is

    already in the grave, she is no more alive. She does not

    allow new winds to pass through her being, she does not

    allow new flowers to open into her being. She does not

    allow anything unknown. She is afraid, she moves on a

    settled path, and she moves in a circle, because nothing

    is more settled than a circle. She comes upon the same

    things again and again and again. She lives like a

    gramophone record: again and again and again the same.

    And then you say that you are bored! Nobody else is

    responsible. A bored person is a person who has

    remained with closed eyes. Boredom is a part of it. A

    man who lives with open eyes is never bored.

  • I got together with an old friend. I haven't seen him in 20 tears. I am not physically attracted to him but I like him alot in every other way. He is my equal. He is even a fan here. He is in a coven so he doesn't think me strange for any of my experiences. He is 4 years older and 5'7" which is 2" shorter of my height require ment of 5'9". But I like him alot. How do you see this for us?He lives kinda far away for right now but you never know what the future holds! He seems to care about me, which is all new to me but I have only been around him for 1 day. But I have known him for over 20 years! Maybe, if he really does care about me he will help me. I feel kinda close to him and I am attracted to him. Looks aren't important in the broad picture. It's not like he is deformed or missing appendages. lol What do you see for me? (and I am not blind. I am ready to open my eyes) I asked God to give me a miracle that day I went for my baptism. I wanted something big that everyone could see but that is not what I got. I spotted a whole (needle type) shell . I wasn't even looking and I was standing. The floor was filled with broken shells. The shell I spotted, is only about a 16th of an inch. I think that was my miracle!0I may have been rushed by my daughter and lost my phone. It was a $170 phone but that is a small sacrifice compared to the sacrifice that Jesus made for me. I have that shell placed on my computer desk so I can see it everyday. I am having issues with my daughter so I'm gonna go. TTFN

  • Sylvannah,

    How do you see this for us? Wait for the necessary wisdom to complement joy of action.

    What do you see for me? Defence against control.

    Just wait a few days more, maybe one week. Why be in such a hurry? Just a little more!

  • S H I T! I just erased everything I had wrote. and I am not writing it again.I just want to know what you see in general? I will be patient even though it is not my virtue. lolI just don't wanna be alone anymore. But it has been 38 years, I think I can wait. I am not sexually or physically attracted to him but I love his mind. I enjoy talking to him. And since he lives somewhat close, I have to take all of him. I have fallen for unattractive guys before after I got to know them which is what I expect to happen with him. He wants to take care of me. (I have never had that before) we actually had an argument last night. He did something my ex used to always do and I got a litle upset. The situation just brought back some unwanted and painful memories. He felt bad. Even though he did nothing wrong? I think he cares for me alot! It is all new for me and definately long overdo.Can you see how much he likes me? He wants to come over this weekend and cook for me. I am not going to expect anything. Normally I would act like he isn't even here. But I don't want him to feel left out and neglected. What should I do? Like I said, this is all new and I don't know what to do? Can you give me a little of your wisdom? I have never had ANYONE want to take care of me before. Much less a guy. Thanks Hans! TTFN

  • sylvannah,

    I just want to know what you see in general? More clarity, self-doubt vanishes and determination grows.

    Even though he did nothing wrong? No.

    Can you see how much he likes me? No.

    What should I do? Defence against disharmony. This will give you a feeling for balance.

    I don't know what to do? when you encounter a fault within, transform it. Progress in every endeavor. You may cross to the far shore. Get ready to ride a tide of accelerated growth toward self-actualization. A joyful awareness of the best within you, coupled with an acceptance of your shadow, will provide a greater repertoire, a much bolder vision, and new depth and clarity that will compel you to expand your horizons.

    Can you give me a little of your wisdom? Be ready for change. Curb your anger and shed your desires. To be frugal and content is to possess immeasurable wealth within. Nothing of value could then be refused to you. This is an occasion for downsizing to fighting trim. Simplicity and economy are strong defenses against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Whether this is a time of want or a time of plenty, it is an auspicious time to shed a dependency.

    It is your natural instinct to be blissful. Just a

    little effort is needed to drop all the nonsense that

    the society has imposed on you and you can start

    growing in bliss. And simultaneously, love starts

    coming towards you from all directions.

  • I have had such a terrible day today! The end of it, I can't find my keys. So I am just gong to go to bed and start over tomorrow! Tomorrow has got to be better but at least I learned that my ex has a heart for me He saw me crying and he wanted to help me. He was probably more sober. But he was there for me when I had no one! And it started this morning with a trip to recycle cans and then to the store. I will think about taking him back but he wold have to slow down on the drinking. He would have alot to prove. My friend, he just lives too far away. He's gonna have to let me go. He talked me into trying last night. And today, when I needed him, he took about 20-30 min. to leave his house and then it was still an hour and a half to get to me. He got a little less than halfway ere and his car started overheating so he went back home. Which was fine but I asked, How was I supposed to count on him? I have nobody. My daughter soaked my poor cat and then broke my shower. My tread came off my tire on the way to the recycling place. I had to leave my truck there, I got a ride to a store. I don't like that store cause they are so overpriced for everything. The lady that was working there basically kicked me out cause I was stuck. Nobody would give me a ride. I started walking home. At least a friends g-f gave me a ride cause zI always look like I am drunk. I was stumbling and weaving (I hadn't even had a drink in over 4 months!) she though I might stumble in front of a car and get killed so she turned around a gave me a ride. (may God bless her) So I got home. I didn't give my daughter her medicine today and you can tell. I went outside and mowed a little. I was trying to clm down. I was very upset because I am truly alone! I have always done everything for everybody and I am all alone. I didn't know what to do. So I went to my exes as a last resort. He wasn't home when I got there and I started crying. I have a problem and I'm all alone. I have nobody and I guess I was feeling sorry formyself. My cellphone doesn't work. I have a white screen but I still get and make calls. Anyway, he pulled up. He found a tire and a rim and grabbed a jack. He told me to stop crying.We ended up going to tire kingdom. Cost $15 (which I had to take out of my pain Dr. money and we went and heput the tire on my truck and then followed me home. He does care about me. That did make me feel good.Then he let me take his truck to look for my keys. He wanted me to be a little intamate with him but we ar a long way from that happening. So that was my day. I gave my daughter her meds earlier and what a difference. She has completed and glued, a couple of puzzles and she is sitting here quietly. She even got the phonebook for me. It is 11p so I am gonna go to bed soon, I will wake up in the morning and start over. I hope my keys are at the police sttion. Not only did I finf them but there are some good people still. around. That will give me a good start to the day. Today never happened. So TTFN

  • Growth is in the present and desiring is in the

    future -- they never meet. You grow here and now, never

    tomorrow. The trees are growing now and you are

    thinking to grow tomorrow. The growth is always

    here-now. At this very moment growth is happening if it

    is happening at all. If it is not happening at this

    moment, how can it happen the next moment? From where

    will it come? Out of the blue? This moment will become

    the foundation for the next. Today will become the

    foundation for tomorrow. This life will become the

    foundation for the next life. If growth has been

    happening this moment, the next moment will take over;

    and you will start the next moment from that point,

    from that stage, that state and plane where this moment

    leaves you. That is the only way to grow. This moment

    is the only moment to grow.

  • I have lately come out of my dream world. I was living in this dilusional stae and came back to the really real world.My neighbors won't really like it but they won't leave me alone so I'll play back. You get what you give! LOL But anyway, I have snapped out of the dreamworld I was in and need to deal with things here. Some things have gotten way out of hand and I have to gt back on track! Things will get worse before they get better. I just hope they don't get too bad. Any advice is much appreciated! TTFN

  • Any advice is much appreciated! Within you are totally dammed up. Relax and go with the flow.

    If you start getting secure, you become a stagnant

    pool. Then your energy is no more moving. Then you are

    afraid, because one never knows how to go into the

    unknown. And why take the risk? The known is more

    secure. Then you get obsessed with the familiar. You go

    on getting fed up with it, you are bored with it, you

    feel miserable in it, but still it seems familiar and

    comfortable. At least it is known. Unknown creates a

    trembling in you. The very idea of the unknown and you

    start feeling unsafe.

  • Well, I'm kinda doing that. (I guess) I like talking to that guy on the computer but not so much in person. lol I have an old friend. (haven't seen him in 22 years) He is planning on moving in in about a week. I am hoping next month to be a very good month for me. I am hoping that when he moves in, alot of my stress will move out. I will not have to be here alone anymore and I will have someone to help me physically and financially. My daughter starts the sleep study on the 8th. If that works, I want to quit smoking. How do you see next month for me? I hope it will be as good as I am feeling it to be. I have a very positive outlook on it. Right now, I feel pretty good. Even though it is 1:45a and I am watching Ren and Stimpy! LOL I am hoping that next month marks a whole new beginning for me. Just the thought of next month lightens my spirit. I hope you see good things for me but tell me what you do see. (even if it's bad) I want to celebrate a very Happy New Year! I want a more positive relationship with my daughter and I just want to be happy. I don't like to be alone but I don't want to cut off my nose to spite my face either.My ex has been calling me the last couple of days. Last week, I had an issue and I never felt so alone and I was crying and out of all people, my ex was there for me. He didn't want to see me cry. I don't know if that meant something to him but I hope it did. He will be 41 this year.He lost something very good for him. I don't know if I will be gone from him forever (unless he doesn't change and of course if he doesn't want me) Do you see a change in him? I feel like I am headed in the right direction but I want a second opinion.WQell, it is 2a so I'm gonna go. TTFN and have a good night Hans!

  • Sylvannah,

    How do you see next month for me? As activation of your potential for resistance against authorities.

    Do you see a change in him? Yes.

    I want a second opinion: be not be dominated by the money of a man.

    Once you have become aware of the reality of your

    visions, you are safe from your dreams, from your mind.

    And you are in a state where trust is possible. Not

    that you have to do anything, just your visions will

    make you trust.

    The real is found through visions.

  • I have always been resistant to authority. I have never been dominated by the money of a man but I never had a man spend money on me. The old friend, (that will be my room mate) he spends money on me but I have never asked him for money for stuff for me (except cigarettes) I can get accustomed to it very easy. (probably caue I've never had it before) Nowadays, I will say, I'll just wait for Eric to get off of work to get this. I don't wanna be like that. Guys come and go so I never want to get dependant on anybody else's money. You never know when it will not be there and I don't like making my daughter go without.I see him being a big help in the next few months but what if I nver get interested in him? He likes me in that way and I'm not interested in him that way right now. Don't know if I will ever feel that way but both of the 2 guys I haven't seen in over 20 years want to get together right now! Why is everyone in such a hurry? So I don't know how things will be in the long run. I am in no hurry. I still love my ex. If he changes, I might take him back but I'm in no hurry for that either. I just need some time.I don't wanna be rushed and I don't want him to feel like why has he given me money if I am not with him? I am not something that can be bought and I won't feel obligated cause of it. But, I want to get to know him cause maybe he'll grow on me. Anyway, I see next month being a good month. I will worry about August after July. That's my birthmonth. (August) I have to get myself together first before I even want to add someone else. So anyway, I am just going to go 1 day at a time. My life has been crap because I have always rushed. I realize now, that I am not getting any younger and getting older is happening so I have to deal with it. Anyway, so if you have anything you need to tell me, please do. TTFN

  • Sylvannah,

    what if I nver get interested in him? then you will not make any changes.

    Why is everyone in such a hurry? because everyone fears to be rejected again.

    Many times you can make contact with something, and again and again you forget about it, and the contact is lost.

  • Well, he has helped me (so far) more than anyone else has. He is completely differant than he was 22 years ao. I went to my exes tonight and he was in bed with some girl. They were both, obviously drunk and passed out. I will go back tomorrow when he is sober. If she is still there or not, I will tell him that she doesn't care about him. Cause if she did, she wouldn't be drinking and getting so drunk with him. I was thinking about doing a love spell on him but I really don't want him to be in love with me. I want him to love himself more.His little bar wench doesn't give 2 s h i t s about him.Or herself for that matter.She will not help him in the least little bit and she should go. She is likely to get physical with me but I always tell it like I see it and have a hard time just keeping my mouth shut. I am not physically attracted to my friend and if I am to sleep with him, then I am committing myself to him. I don't do it for just one night or one weak. My ex is lucky if he remembers it. Not to sound cocky, but after I have sex with someone, they like it and want to keep it going. I am a very sexual person when I want to be.I don't like empty sex. I wrote a note to my ex as soon as I came home. I wrote that at least they have something in common.He only has 2-3 true friends and he is losing them.With this girl, it's only going to get worse. I am not jealous, I know I am better than her. He is a good person and deserves so much better and I still care about him. I won't stand by and let her mae things worse. If it comes to her being physicl with me than so be it.If I care about something/someone, I will do whatever it takes. Even if it comes to me dying. I can prove that. I am 25 lbs. underweight. I gave up eating for months so I could feed my daughter and my dogs. I will probably get my butt beat as I am not as physically fit persay as I once was but I don't give up.Maybe he will decide good for himself on his own seeing that I am willing to go through whatever for him. I will either get rid of her or get her to stop drinking so much. More than likely, the earlier more than the latter but I will not roll over and play dead.I think he is worth it. Hopefully he will too after he sees what I am willing to do for him.I think he will be a hypocrite. I think if he sees me with another guy, it will make him upset. I do feel a little closer to my friend.I don't want him to feel I have no interest and just go away. It is kinda funny, we were never real close. We went out (for a whole day! lol) 22 years ago. He didn't seem too interested in me then but he seems interested in me now. lol Go figure! He has done more for me than anyone else and he seems to want to spend money on me. I am having some good feelings about this month. Can you see good things for me this month? I don't know what will happen tomorrow but I am not afraid. He l l, he might get mad at me. Thinking I am just being a jealous b i t c h! Who knows. But I do fight for the things I love. That is one thing that can be said about me. I sometimes will put my foot in my mouth despite the consequences. LOL Well I gotta cook a steak so I'm gonna go. TTFN

  • sylvannah,

    Can you see good things for me this month? No.

    Either get rid of this idea of marriage or get rid of the idea of purity of character. If you keep both ideas together you will be in trouble.

  • Well, I have NEVER had an idea of marriage. Is it possible you got it confused with something else? I believe in the saying that 98% of divorces are caused by marriage! Maybe the purity of character. I thought July was going to be a good month for me. I still do. I have to be positive. Sarah starts a new med this month. This is the last chance so I am very hopeful. And Eric moves in tomorrow so I already have a couple of good things happening this month. The only kind of bad trhing will be when I go to my exes and say trhat his new g-friend doesn't really care aboutr him If she did, she wouldn't be getting drunk with him dragging him down farther than he was. She will probably get physical (as that is her maturity level) I don't know how my ex will react! He might be mad at me or greatful that someone is willing to fight for him. (how will he react?) That's the only "iffy" thing I see for this month. But, I will speak up (and fight if necessary) for what I care about..

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