Conducting Self Tarot Reading Questions??

  • I have some questions I would liked answered please.

    1-Where should the reading take place? Should it be on a wooden table? On a cloth!

    2- I am confused should I use the reverse card interpretation in my readings??

    I once had loads of concerns and while shuffling the card couple fell and i SWEAR it was as if it answered my feelings!! I feel that I am relaying on shuffle more then asking the actual question...I feel that it expresses my inner most feelings in that given moment.

    Can anyone explain what I experience please. I just bought Tarot cards recently Dec, 2009. They are Simply Tarot by Amanda Hall

  • 1. The reading shoud take place on a silk scarf.

    2. Yes, as long as you need to read the meaning of the cards. Afterwards, if you have internalized the cards and their meaning, you can drop it. The original Tarot has no reverse interpretation, that´s why in earlier times cards were printed that had two opposite images, so that there could be no reverse position.

    What you experience: an awkward experience, but you should relax into it, then clarity and understanding will follow.

    Watch and observe. Let the head function as reason, let the heart function as feeling, let the sex center function as sex. Let everything function in its own way. Don’t allow mechanisms to mix into each other, otherwise you will have corrupted instincts

  • Thanks,

    I was enlightened by your response to PiscesDani.

    Hans, can you please do a reading for my husband and I

    I'm Rabha Sagittarius/Snake and my husband is a Capricorn/Dragon

    I was born 4th Dec 1977 and Mohammed 1st January 1965.

    We got married in 14th Aug 2009

  • Mohammed is master of anything he decides to do. He has a high regard for wisdom, a love of learning, and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success and recognition. He is capable of managing the largest organizations. He has indecision about love and close relationships and often he foregoes marriage for a single life. He is always enterprising and ambitious, rarely lazy or of a lower persuasion. Even though he does not reach a high place, he has the wisdom and rarely does he sink down to lowly acts. With all his abilities, he is often discontent. This can be channeled as progressiveness or dissatisfaction. When he goes within, to the spiritual realms, he is able to penetrate the deepest secrets with ease.

    If you have certain ideas, then whatsoever I write has to fit with those ideas. If it doesn´t fit then there comes conflict and confusion.

  • Hans your the best, spot-on. Question: what can he do for him to reach a high place?

  • Another question, i did a self tarot reading on Jan 14th (Thursday)

    Okay, I tried the Daily Inspiration Spread and got the following,

    1- Temperance

    2- Queen of Cups

    3- King of Wands

    4- 2 of Wands

    5- Knight of Pentacles

    6- 3 of Swords

    7- The Hangmen

    8- The Sun

    9- The Devil

    Hear to you soon!

  • what can he do for him to reach a high place? He can shape his arguments in such a way, that he can outdo others. He can keep himself constantly in tension.

    Discover yourself. Just drop all knowledge. Drop all that nonsense.

  • You have to explain the Daily Inspiration Spread to me, what each position is meant for, only then could I write something about it.

  • The Daily Inspiration Spread - Using the Major & Minor Arcana. Amanda Hall explains using Raider-Waiter Cards that it's a quick spread that will provide a reading for the next couple of days or weeks.




    1 Shuffle the cards

    2 Take 9 cards from the top of the deck

    3 Read the first row, from left to right (1-2-3 cards)

    4 Read the second row, from left to right (4-5-6 cards)

    5 Then read the third row, from left to right (7-8-9- cards)

    6 Read each row vertically (1-4-7 cards, 2-5-8 cards, 3-6-9 cards).

    7 Read in the diagonal line, from top left to bottom right (1-5-9 cards).

    8 Then read in the diagonal line, from top right to bottom left (3-5-7 cards)

    9 The most important card in no. 5, in the middle of the spread. This becomes the now card.

    Hope you find my explanation elaborated enough.

  • This Daily Inspiration Spread is only useful for seeing meditatively all the pictures, left, right, vertically and so on, something may come up, may arise, but that is all. There is no concept in this spread, no definition, no clear picture, no clear question, just cards, cards, cards, like a slideshow. For me it is much ado about nothing. I will not go in any interpretation, that would be utterly useless and would be pure speculation. Whoever has developed this spread, he may have been fascinated about his crazy ideas, but he has not given any real help for realistic, pragmatic reading. One can only see pictures. Maybe contemplation, but no reading, not at all. Maybe good for someone, who cannot read the cards: with all these pictures up and down, at least one or two will be there, where he can think to have a meaning for it.

    And your now card says just this: Seeing all the possibilities without knowing where to ride.

    Now that you are contemplating, those emotions will bubble up. So you will have to pass through a period in your childhood that you missed. But there is nothing to be worried about. It is natural, because all that is repressed and inhibited will start being expressed. So you will lose communication.

  • Thanks Hans for your insites...What types of spread would you recommend me to learn when I do tarot

  • I recommend you the Celtic Cross. It has proved for me as the most useful spread, if you want a bigger picture.

    The cause is not so big, but the effect can be very big; it depends on you.

  • Thanks Hans

  • Remember yourself! Do it with a mirror and you will come to a deep realization. Do it with a mirror: gaze constantly into the mirror, continously, for thirty minutes, forty minutes, the best duration would be 48 minutes. Go on staring, and constantly go on remembering, "I am real. This is a reflection. This which is mirrored is reflection. I am real, not this reflection." Go on remembering inside, "I am, I am, I am," and go on staring into the eyes of the reflected figure -- your own figure. Suddenly -- any moment this can happen -- the reflection will disappear. Suddenly the mirror will be vacant. It is a strange experience when suddenly you are in front of the mirror, and the face has disappeared and the mirror is vacant. Why does it happen? If you go on remembering "I am, I am", and this remembering becomes authentic, then the borrowed reality comes back to you and the mirror becomes vacant.

  • I have loads to learn thanks will practice this tonight

  • Ahh, here lays the mystery

  • Knowledge is nothing but categorization:

    Once upon a time there was a handsome young lion. He was captured in the African jungle

    and brought to America, where he was put on display in a zoo. This made the lion very

    unhappy because he preferred the freedom of his wild native land and the companionship of

    other jungle beasts. But after a time he became resigned to his fate and made up his mind that

    if he had to live behind bars he would be the best zoo lion around.

    In an adjoining cage there was another lion, an old and lazy one with a negative

    responsibility and no signs of ambition or capability of any kind. He lay all day in the sun,

    aroused no interest from visitors. In sharp contrast, the young lion paced for hours back and

    forth in his cage. He acted the true King of Beasts, rolling his maned head, snarling, and

    baring his teeth. The crowds loved him; they paid no attention to the indolent old lion asleep

    in the next cage.

    The young lion appreciated the attention he was getting, but he was annoyed by his failure

    to win adequate reward. Each afternoon the zoo keeper came through the cages to feed the

    animals. The lazy old lion who made no effort to please the spectators was given a big bowl of

    horsemeat. The young lion, now a star attraction, was given a bowl of chopped-up oranges,

    bananas and nuts. This made him very unhappy.

    "Perhaps," he mused, "I am not trying hard enough. I will improve the act." So he strutted

    longer and more spectacularly. To the snarls and gnashing of teeth he added frequent roars

    that shook the bars of his cage. The crowds got bigger. Thousands of citizens came to see his

    performance, and he was pictured on page one in the local newspaper.

    But the diet did not change. Still the lazy lion got the red meat and the young lion stayed

    on a vegetarian diet. Finally he could endure it no longer. He stopped the keeper with a

    challenge. "I am getting sick and tired of this," he complained. "Each day you give that

    no-good lazy type next door a big bowl of red meat and you feed me oranges, bananas and

    nuts. It is grossly unfair. Why do you think all these people come to the zoo? They come to

    see me! I am the star attraction, the lion that is doing all the work and the one that gets the

    results. Why am I not entitled to meat for dinner?"

    The keeper replied, "Young man, you don't know how lucky you are. The Table of

    Organization in this zoo calls for one lion. You are being carried as a monkey!

  • This post is deleted!

  • HANS, I had a similar question, is it even possible to conduct a successful self reading?? I purchased a rare deck in mexico 2 summers ago. It has a reversed side as well. Do I read the reverse, is it significant? It's hard to explain the card deck, it's called El Libro de Thot, in order words it's a egyptian inspired tarot deck but in spanish. WEIRD I know. (Think I'm gonna buy a english deck so It can be more versatile hah)

    2 more questions

    1. Would a celtic cross reading work for any card deck?

    2. How is it possible to read for someone who isn't in front of you? What do you focus on and what exactly do you do with their birthdate etc? Is their zodiac and birthdate and time truly needed?

    Muchas Gracias!!!!!!!



  • Mestiza

    is it even possible to conduct a successful self reading?? No, not yet for you.

    Do you read the reverse, is it significant? Yes, with these cards. But with Rider-Waite-Tarot, where the cards speak for themselves, no.

    1. Would a celtic cross reading work for any card deck? No.

    2. How is it possible to read for someone who isn't in front of you? By just reading the cards.

    What do you focus on and what exactly do you do with their birthdate etc? I just focus on the cards and let the cards speak to me. With their birthdate I give an astrological reading, that has nothing to do with my cards.

    Is their zodiac and birthdate and time truly needed? No, only for astrological diagnosis.

    Often it is better to read for someone who is not in front of you, because if you are not very experienced, his presence will influence your reading according to his hopes or fears.

    I am not very much in favor of the old strategy. I have used it because that was the only strategy that was available. But slowly, slowly I saw its drawbacks, its flaws. It may help a few, but it has harmed many more. Since then I have been trying to find more subtle, more human, more invisible ways.

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