Seeking any aquarian feedback

  • It seems that anytime I have fallen in love in my lifetime it always ends up being with an aloof, yet sweet beyond words, busy Aquarian. I never understand them but I have such a thing for them, They tend to like me, as well. I am a Taurus on the cusp of Aries. What emotional language should I speak when speaking to an Aquarian? I know they like their space and that they have thousands of people they communicate with on a daily basis. I want to be able to reach out and speak the Aquarian language, so to speak. I want to slowly build a real connection with an Aquarian...One special one in particular.... Any Aquarian advice for me?

  • Hi there, I am an aquarian female and what draws me or sparks my interest in another is matters of the heart. The stuff thats real. Matters of the mind. if that makes any sense. I definitely need my space, and I can't stand being told what to do. Another piece of advice would be first and foremost be their friend at all times. Hope this helps.

  • Be beautiful but different. Subtleties work best. Wear a small flower in your hair. Use Joy aromatherapy oil Keep yourself in an inspired state by listening and vibrating to a song that launches your spirit. Aquaurius has a sixth sense for all that inspired. Aquarians seek that which is close to the heart of source.

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