I Offer Advice - Tell Me What's On Your Mind (Mr. DJ PLAY ME A SONG)

  • lol, hi everyone....saw this thread and just had to say...

    "Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on, I wanna dance with my baby"

    lol 🙂

  • I think I found a song (so you're off the hook lol) Save Yourself by Stabbing Westward. I know it's from the '90s but the'90s were still a decade ago! lol Now I feel really old! I think about how much technology has advanced since I was a child. When I was a kid, we had only 4-5 mchannels on a tv with a dial (cause there were no such things as remotes) We had a Pong for video games but we also had lawn darts lol Things are so different now than just 35 years ago. Kids don't get held accountable for anything! They wouldn't even play tampon commercials on tv. My mom was allowed to beat the c r a p out of me and now, we just wipe their a s e s . We didn't have a Columbine and we had alot more freedom. I could go anywhere in the neighborhood for however long as long as I could hear my mom. Which luckily for me was quite a distance due to my mom having a very loud mouth. lol Anyways, TTFN

  • Mr DJ.....

    I read your comments to my previous posts and what you said to me and they haunt me. I am not a blog hag or a forum person per say but there is something about you and I want more. Do you remember me? I have been preoccupied with taking care of business but mama needs attention and since I work so hard and do not go out to seek attention how do I know I can attract someone? I am deeply spiritual and sensual and I hesitate going into any one "thought form" such as church or organized situation. How can I attract the right man that can go deep without attracting a nut job? Curious?

  • sweetpcdenise

    I have been busy. Very very very very (continues on and on) very busy ^^ - but I saw that you've replied so I figured I take a look ^^.

    To answer your first question - yes - of course I remeber you from our previous discussion.

    To answer you next question - attraction is merely a state of mind - there isn't really anything else that an individual can do to ensure attraction... It is ultimately and completely a state of mind. The newest term for this is "swag". "Swag" is what draws an individual towards another. Their aura so to speak. It is a presence that shines as a beacon of light in a dark night to ships at sea. Because of this - you have no control of who decides to venture towards your shores. However - you can impliment specific guidelines and rules that must be followed in order for that ship to set ancor and dock...

    lol ^_^ you know... upon finishing this metaphor - I fear that I havent made it clear enough - if this is the case - please let me know - lol - sometimes I ellaborate on a thought that shouldn't have been stretched lol

    But Denise - do you mind if I call you Denise? ^_^ - There really isnt anything that I can tell you to do to properly attract the right man... I feel as though I am a good man - I have flaws - I struggle - and I am no where near perfect - but I know where my heart is - and because of this - no matter the situation I find myself in - I know that God will never give me more than I can handle - and I also know - that when the time is right - a woman that can satisfy me intellectually, Spiritually, Emotionally, physically, and all those other wonderful things that just so happen to end with "ally" will be sent in my direction. These periods of lonliness are necessary - they are there to help us regain our love for ourselves and what we have. We will never find happiness with another individual - until we find it within ourselves first... Until then - the only people we will attract are those whom have a similar disposition.

    I understand and know that this time of sadness and lonliness is hard for you - and I cant tell you when it will end - I cant promise the future... But what I can promise - what I can guarantee - is that the moment you learn to live alone - truly - without desire for any other source of affection outside of what you already possess now with family, friends, or God... Only then - and ONLY THEN - will you find exactly what you are looking for...

    Life is governed between wants and desires... Needs will always be fulfilled if you "want" them to be... hince why life is ONLY governed between wants and desires. Wants are granted in short periods of time - desires are long term but are ever lasting.

    Everything will be alright Denise... I promise you ^_^

    Btw - I've wondered - if you dont mind answering - what do you do for a living?

    Just curious ^_^

    I apologize for the long wait - I will try to check daily again just to make sure I answer your questions ^_^

    Love & Blessings

  • Hi DJ Kameo,

    I'm in need of advice!

    I've been seeing this man for a year and a half on and off. Because he's with someone else we can't see eachother very often and Im always missing him. This situation is driving me crazy, I wish I could forget about him... Can you help me?

  • Ah thank you so much for your gentle and thoughtful response. I do understand what you are saying. Part of what brings me to this period of solitude is that I am a very outgoing and for many years successful and boisterous redhead (doing mortgages). So I am sure this period is for some self reflection and correction. I have not always been the most sensitive individual and probably have broken many hearts without a second glance. This period of loneliness is marinating in my soul to become more tender and have more aforethought in my dealings with men. I have always resisted submission while craving a strong man and those forces work against each other. I usually attracted weak more feminine men and I could never understand why! lol. I guess in my heart I know what is going on but the driving loneliness creeps me out especially since my life has always been so full of fun and people I start thinking something is seriously wrong with me.

  • Hi. I have been thinking about tis song Better Than Me by Hinder. I think about it everytime I think about my ex.And I found the perfect song that I dedicate to the Lord every time I go to church, I play it. It's Lay Your Hands by the Thompson Twins. You can always find a song (in your genre) that relates to how you feel which should let most people know, that they are not alone in their issues. And, the only way some people can share it with others, is to play the song or dedicate it. Everyone should realize that we are all connected and we all go through the same crap.There are alot of talented people on here that put their feelings into poems. They should share them on a much wider scale! They can write a song or a part of a song and send it to differant singers because alot of other people can relate and that will help them as much as the countless others that are also going through the same exact thing.I still love my ex. But, I will never be with him again. He is an alcoholic and he is a vry good person. I want him to snap out of it before it gets too bad. He won't even talk to me because I am an ex. (which is stupid cause I never did anything wrong to him) I am one of the only two true freinds he has. I was wondering if there was a song I could send to him to at least, make him think. But he listens to country and I don't! Actually, if anyone could help, I would appreciate it!

  • How bout a song for someone who's left hanging by the one she loves? Like she doesn't know where she's standing in this person's life? She's so in love with him but she doesn't know if he still is?

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