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  • Emergence

    Smooth Operator... Sade... Yea - Im telling you - Im going to marry that woman! lol It's just a simple dream of a very young man... lol But I completely agree with you - I feel as though music is the only form of expression that can speak directly to the soul - music is everything to me.

    That's amazing that your Grandaunt sang on National TV in the old days! And jam sessions in the home! I can completely relate to it! Those were some of my most found memories with my father - going to his sessions with him and just hanging in the back listening to all the music.

    The music I provide - I so so as a hobby - if it grows into something more than that - I'll accept the blessing ^_^

    "Trying to Sleep with a Broker Heart" is a good one! I try to limit the amount of love songs - esp. "break up" "heartbreak" songs I listen too - But I do enjoy my Sade - I dont care what song it is - any song by her will always put a smile on my face ^_^

    NowPlaying ->> Dirty Money - Angels

  • "If you love someone - let them go - if they come back - it was love - if they don]t come back - it was never meant to be...

    I do go by this quote BUT......

    YOU LOVE THEM, YOU LET THEM GO..... BUT...in the meantime, no one is asking your to lead a stagnant life. Go and get going. Shake that body and move on! Love yourself and pamper yourself. Feel the freedom that is given to you!

    IF THEY COME BACK, THEN IT WAS LOVE you've always wanted AND you've gained so much from the break up. You've taken the time to cherish yourself and worked on your Self Worth! You are a different person and the NEW you.

    (Talking from experience here...he came back and he didn't know what he was getting into.)

    "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger".

    "I had the song - Single ladies" on my mind when I was typing my previous message 🙂 It was in fact the next one played after Alicia's.

  • I completely agree! And I speak from experience myself... Well... You know - besides listening to Single Ladies lol - It's funny - and it's also the reason why it's my second love (God being the first) - the right songs always seem to play at the right times.

    For example... Im currently getting ready for the Suns v. Lakers game tonight with some frat brothers tonight - and TI started playing in the middle of my groove mix lol wow

    Gotta love it!

  • I just can't relate. I don't know any of the songe you are saying. I've only heard of half the people.You come uo with an '80s thread. I'm there! LOL

  • sylvannah

    I completely understand! There arent many 80s songs that I'm aware of - considering I was born in the late 80s - most "throwback" tracks to me weren't released until the 90s... Don't get me wrong - I know my "Old School" music - but it's limited to specific genres.

    But Im sure there is someone out there that can provide tht for you - never know - maybe you can start tht ^_^

    Love & Blessings

  • Thank you DJ, you are right, I do need to move forward and I also need to ensure I'm not in the same place as he is, as it's happened twice since we broke up and each time he comes out with the whole "i love you and I always will" which hits me hard. Excellent song choices I believe, have not heard the lil bow wow song yet, but the single ladies song i used to play quite a lot, will get back to listening to it. Thanks 🙂

  • been over a relationship for over a year and i am still in love with him,,my hear is aching,,will he come back or will a new love find me??? i feel so lost,, i need some guidence....DOB 4-24-69 ,,,,his is 8/8/80 ,,give me a song so that i can please relate to DjKameo

  • trinity1302

    Believe it or not - you hold the control... He keeps coming back because he knows that you will always take him back... Dear... This is no relationship - a man who truly loves a woman, will never leave - no matter the circumstance! Remember that - next time he says hello... I want you to say "goodbye" with a smile on your face.. Walk over to that good looking man on the side and start dancing with him and make sure that your ex is paying attention - Oh oh oh.. oh oh ohh oh oh ohohoh oh oh oh! lol

    Love & Blessings

  • lonelymandy

    Im not a psychic - so DOB really dont do much for me... How ever - in your situation - the first this i noticed was the age gap... I see that you've recently turned 41 and he is still rearing around the age of 29... Well - I pray that you do not take my bluntness the wrong way.... YOU NEED TO GET OVER HIM - and YOU ARE WASTING YOUR LIFE LIVING IN THE PAST... The thing it seems to me that we have here is a trade in "power"... Let me explain... Being that he was younger - I guessing - and please - respond and correct me if this is not the case... Im guessing he provided a sense of renewed youth for you while the two of you were together... OR... Maybe age didnt matter and the two of you just "Clicked"... regardless - the point Im trying to make is - if he hasn't been back in a year .... wow... repeat this with me - because it does wonders for awakening common sense... "IF HE HASN'T BEEN BACK IN A YEAR.... A YEAR.... 12 MONTHES... 52 WEEKS... 365DAYS.... 8760 HOURS... 525600 MINS... 31536000 SECS.... A YEAR!..... YOU NEED TO MOVE ON...."

    Im not saying these things like this to upset you - Im not saying these things in this manner to appear cruel - uite the opposite actually - I say these things inorder to help you... You asked... "Will a new love find me?".... How would you know if you're still stuck in the past??? You user name is "lonelymandy".... Here's some useful advice - MEN aren't attracted to depressing user names - it hints for depressing women - and the last thing a man who's available looks for - is a sad woman... Im sorry - there are just no more modern day prince "dr.phil" heal a broken heart chamings walking around...

    Once again - I dont say these things to hurt you - I truly care about you and your well being - I know what It's like to recieve a broken heart - I know what it's like to think of those what could be's... But Mandy... you can't allow yourself to live in the past... How do you expect to ever have a future if youre placing all your focus on a man who IS NOT COMING BACK...

    Im not saying not to believe in fairytales... By all means... Believe in whatever you wish... But don't allow your beliefs to hold you back from a fulfilled life - Im going to say to you what I said to another ... KNOW YOUR WORTH ... LOVE YOUR WORTH... LIVE YOUR WORTH.... if you dont believe your worth is high - no man is going to just stroll along and increase the price... Now if there is more to it than what you have displayed origionally - let me know - I want you to know- I AM HERE FOR YOU... And I will work hard for you to get you to realize your worth, how beautiful you are, and help you get a man that you deserve... But MOST IMPORTANTLY --- A MAN WHO DESERVES YOU...

    The Song that I want you to listen to...

    Had to take it back - Give me more info and I will pin-point your playlist

    Looks through records


    I Will Survive - Diana Ross

    Love & Blessings

    *Everything Will Be Alright - I Promise ^_^ *

  • there were actually quita a bit. My teenage years were in the '80s. Which is good cause I hated the '70s. I never knew alot of R&B and rap was just starting. Country was all whiny. I had alot of different genres I listened too. But then, we had ballads. I wasn't too particular on those either but everyone had at least one. I remember some of the '90s too.Not too much though. I know if it came from the 90s. But I can give a run for your money on the '80s LOL

  • thanks DJ, best advice I've had all year, friends and family have been pretty useless, the all knew him and 'loved' him, basically told me I was a fool for letting him go, but i needed to 🙂

  • sylvannah

    lol ^_^

    Well by all means sylvannah - keep me informed - I am not against listening to new music that I've never heard before - if that were the case - IM IN THE WRONG BUSINESS lol - Fill free to inlighten my musical palette with some of your 80s brand favorites ^_^

    Love & Blessings

  • trinity1302

    I glad to be of help to you! I know that family can sometimes give a biased opinion of an individual - esp if they like him - sometimes the best advice to seek is from grounded individuals outside of the "loop" - I want you to keep in touch trinity1302 - think of this as an actual radio show - and every now and then I want you to post in and let me know how things are going... Like I said to others - I am here to help - it would be a blessing and an honor to steer you back to a path of fulfilled happiness... But remember - "Happiness isn't a right - it's a choice"

    Love & Blessings

  • LOL I guess I had 2 different personalities in one, I liked Metallica, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Motley Crue etc... the other one, Duran Duran, the Cure, Pixies (3 actually) I liked Big Black, Circle Jerks, BP, Dead Kennedy's, M.O.D. etc... I still have all my records even Leif Garret and Shaun Cassidy LOL I have all of my 45's lots of one hit wonders in there like Final Countdown by Europe I was never into R&B or POP I hated Debbie Gibson, Katrina & the Waves etc...

  • sylvannah

    Any music is GOOD music - for te most part - you have a wonderful selection! And a wonderful taste in music ^_^

  • Dear Mystifying ol glorious DJKAMEO.........can I have a love song that describes my current relationship? lmao don't give me a song I already know foo! 🙂 ❤ don't throw up bahahaha


  • Well Mestiza, don't really know your situation ad have never been big on ballads or love songs but, I would say "Every Rose has it's Thorns' By Poison. That's the song that keeps popping up to me. Bet you never heard that LOL TTFN

  • lol Sylvannah, yes I have, I have broad music tastes I listen to lots of 80s. Bret Michaels 😉 haha but nah the relationship doesnt really have a thorn about it, its pretty smooth 😃 I asked him just playing I went to school with Mr Djkameo lol. hehe

  • Hello...I am confused about my love life and how I am perceived by others.

  • sweetpcdenise

    What seems to be the problem sweetpcdenise? What are you confused about dear. ^_^

    Love & Blessings

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