I Offer Advice - Tell Me What's On Your Mind (Mr. DJ PLAY ME A SONG)

  • I know two things - Music & Love - Post any delimas you may have in your past, current, or future relationships... I will provide solid advice - and a song to ease your pain, lift your spirits, and/or open your eyes.

    Trust me...

    I'm a DJ


    Love & Blessings


  • ah DJKAMEO....music & love!!!!! what wonderful things to know. WE CAN HEAL THE WORLD NO? sadly....my past current and furure relationships ARE my dilema!!!! lol....I need a miracle everyday...what song would you play for me? have I been too brief?

    sending hugs!

  • Penancing!

    Pleased to be acquainted! ^_^

    Being blessed with a miracle everyday - certainly isn't out of reach - the key is using and applying to your life the miracle you've been granted to prevent the delima from reoccurring.

    In order to give you the best song possible - I will need to know a few minor general details about you past/present/& future relationships.

    Love & Blessings

  • However,

    With out knowing your situation specifically - A song that will move you soul:

    India Arie - "Ready For Love"

    Apply it to your situation and reflect on what you're missing.

    Love & Blessings


  • what a beautiful affirmation that song is! Thanks for turning me on to a wonderful songstress!

  • Dear Djkameo,

    Hi. Let me take you up on your offer. My situation is this...my husband and best friend had suddenly passed in September 2009.

    My world came to a crashing hault and I longed to be with my husband. So the one way I found the way I could do this is by playing " our songs". At first I would listen to the songs from our wedding to remind me of him. ( " Here and Now' Luther Vandross, " Let's Stay Together " Al Green, " Save The Last Dance For Me " The Drifters and Put Me In Your Mix " Barry White.

    But around Christmas Rod Stewart came out with " Soulbook " and one of the songs named,

    It's The Same Old Song " just took me off my feet. I felt my husband was talking to me. It made me cry some more but I could feel him all around me.


  • yo...is Jackie as nasty as Im afraid she is?

  • Hi DJKameo,

    I love songs. I seek sanctuary in songs. Anything that I want to say, I can easily relate them in songs. So I am gonna take up your offer on this one.

    I met this guy last year and we both were not looking to be in a relationship at that time. He was single for 6 years and I was single for 7 years. Somehow we met online, in a webinar and we became friends. There was a strong connection there because we both were confused why we became so attracted towards each other so much. After a few months talking, we finally met in person and we had a great time. Unfortunately, not long after that, we broke up. His reason was that he is not ready and he don't know when he will be ready to be in a relationship again. He regret letting me go but it is for the best at that time. I was so hurt and wanted to cut off all ties with him but he didn't want to. He want to stay friends. I gave in because I know that there would be an empty space in my heart if I choose to walk away. We learned so much from one another in many ways and the way we got so connected to one another was strange. We both chose to live a single life for many years and that was never a problem for either both of us before. But when we both got to know each other, SINGLE is not what we wanted anymore as status quo. Both of us have many other admirers throughout our single life and we both chose to ignore them all but we couldn't ignore one another.

    I believe he is still living in fear from the past relationship, which hurt him terribly and make him stay away from love.....

    So where are we heading now? Forever friends, enemies etc?

    P/S - I heard a song for the first time from a movie when we were together and I cried instantly. I felt so connected with the song. I will let you know which song later, if you want to.

    Thanks DJ!!!

    x x x

  • Hey DJKAMEO, I absolutely love music, whenever I'm troubled I hole myself up for the night and play my favourite songs. I hope you can help me with my dilemma - I love my partner to bits but there is such a lack of passion in the relationship - any thoughts? and a song of course.

  • rooster5

    I apologize it took me a long time to reply - I've been trying to search for a better selection in my life's playlist - Songs built on memories of past love ones are very powerful - they do have the ability to call on and manifest the presence of the one being reflected upon.

    All though in your situation - You already have a playlist that renders up emotions of the past and brings them into the present - I would recommend a song that inspires...

    Checks Records


    "One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey and Boys to Men"

    Love & Blessings

  • Emergence

    I know all about connecting with individuals that you can't have - and I agree - it's very frustrating - especially when you know that you belong together. Im glad that you didnt cut off complete ties with him from the beginning - that's fantastic - cutting off communication with someone never solves ANYTHING. I just want you to make sure that you aren't giving anymore than you are receiving - IF you EVER want to talk about music - LET ME KNOW!

    Music is in my soul.

    For you - it wasn't hard. This may be a song that you can reflect upon in many ways. It's by one of my FAVORITE artists...

    Shifts through records


    Why Don't We Fall In Love - Amerie

    PS> I would love to know what that song that you heard was ^_^

    Love & Blessings

  • GorgeousGal

    Well... A lack of passion huh? Are there any clues as to why there is a lack? And if not - for how long has the passion been fading? If it has ALWAYS been this way - why is this posing a problem now? Just a few questions I need for a song that reflects and explains what you're going through...

    But for now... Im sure that I know of one track you may be able to relate to...

    Checking Records


    Wishing On A Star - Rose Royce

    But - If you would like to inspire passion in the home - esp. the bedroom - since this is the location where most passion in relationships are sustained. Allow me to give you a playlist that will turn any man on when applied with the right spark - that will ignite any bedroom (or any closed room period) on fire.

    Looking through records

    Sets aside

    Secret Garden - Barry White and an ALL STAR CAST

    fades in

    Promise - Jagged Edge

    fades in

    Anytime Any Place - Janet Jackson

    .... Or you could just play >>> Physical by Olivia Newton and be silly - but this is a good way to spark it off ^_^

    Love & Blessings

  • Thank you DJKAMEO, I love Wishing on a Star. In answer to your question I guess there has never been a big passion thing going on between us, apart from the odd occasion. This could possibly be because I don't think my man has totally got over a past hurt.

    Love & Blessings to you

  • Hi DJ!

    Thanks for the song! I love it!

    Amazing, the lyric says a lot about my situation.

    And I love Amerie and Ludacris!

    Hmmm....how do you know I love to talk about music? Did I mention that?

    I grew up with music, it is part of who I am..

    So DJ..anytime you want to talk about it...I am game!

    Well...the song that made me all teary eyed is by Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone 🙂

    Thanks again!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hi DJ,

    I was going with a guy for a while late last year, then early January I suspected that he'd gone back to his ex so I called it quits. I have been trying like crazy to let go/get over him but my instincts for some reason keep telling me he'll be back. Any advice and a song?


  • GorgeousGal

    A man who focuses on what's behind him - will never know what lies in front - he will also never be able to move forward - because he will always be looking back. I also noticed you refer to him as "your man" - the unfortunate thing here - is that he will never be able to truly be "your man" if his focus is still on what was, and not on what could be.

    Its just slightly odd to me that he would focus for so long on what's in the past and not take any notice of what's in the future...

    Sifting Through Records


    We Could Be - Keyshia Cole

    Love & Blessings

  • Emergence

    WOW! I love that song! "Already Gone" - I can see why it got you a little teary eyed 🙂 - I like Luda a lot too! He's very witty in all of his lyrics - and most importantly to me - He keep it consistant! And this is very important! lol - I grew up into music myself! My dad has been a musician all his life - traveled the world - and teaches now - My mother - ironically - was a DJ at some point in her life aswell and sang lol

    In what way did you grow up with music? 🙂

    Another one of my favorite artists is SADE - I swear - I would marry that woman if I could - All I would want is to be sung to sleep with a song - and awaken with a song - and I'd do everything else! lol

    A man can dream lol

    It's a good day tho!

    Now Playing

    Drake - Need Your Love

    Love & Blessings

  • "No place for beginners or sensitive hearts.........

    When sentiment is left to chance.........

    No place to be ending but somewhere to start ............ :)"

    Lyrics are very important to me, it should convey some meaningful messages.

    I connect with songs, I can appreciate songs much deeper than a love letter LOL

    It all started from my grandaunt, she was in national TV shows back in old days..

    But anyway I was still a baby back then...

    I guess I was influenced by my aunt and uncle since I was 4yrs old.

    My aunt was a lead singer in a band and my uncle is a bass and lead guitar player.

    Our house was filled with jammed sessions and I was taught to read lyrics by my aunt.

    LOL..I believe the first lyric I memorized was the song, Hello, from Lionel Ritchie 🙂

    In my teens, I went from one talent shows to another...fully encouraged by my aunt and uncle.

    I finished top 3 most of the time but I don't see singing as my career. It is my hobby, something that I love doing and I didn't want my hobby to turn into a full time job 🙂

    Had my DJ moments for 2 years..a part time job that supported me through college 😄

    Listening to Alicia Keys, Try sleeping with a broken heart

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • trinity1302

    I know how it feels to try and let go of someone you feel as though you connect well with - and I understand the pain that comes with it. But - If you know anything about our wants and desires - they are hardly ever realized if they require the participation of another person. Don't be fooled - its easy to let go of someone - what make's it seem hard, is that we lack what we feel is a sufficent reason to let go - and with that - we continue to hold on. Truly - deep down inside - even though you say you want to let go - you really don't.. You claim you think he's going to just pop up - when in reality - you want him to pop up because you were the one who called in quits in the first place - because of this - You feel guilty of what could have been, had you just held on a little longer.

    My mother always used to tell me... And I dont know why... Because, as a man, I can't benefit from this advice "The best way to get over one man, is to get under another" lol - and of course she didnt mean to just go out and be "loose" with it - no - it means that sometimes - in order to take our attention off of "what could have been" we have to place our focus on "what can be".. The whole idea of "moving on" and "letting go", is to move forward.. And waiting 4 almost 5 months for someone is far too long.

    "If you love someone - let them go - if they come back - it was love - if they dont come back - it was never meant to be"

    I hate this quote.

    And I'll tell you why...

    It doesnt tell you to live your life, it doesn't tell you to move on - this quote - although true - doesn't tell you how long it might take for that "loved one" to return - and because of this - people who recognize the truth in this statement - wait far too long... The key to this, it to let go - and live your life knowing that they will never return. IF you live your life in anticipation and you never receive what, "in you mind", you know is "true" - than you will destroy yourself. But if you live your life with no expectations to the actions of others - life will always bring you a present when YOU least expect it.

    For you...

    The song that describes your situation is...

    Sifts through records

    Outta My System - Lil Bow Wow



    Grabs Records


    Get Me Bodied - Beyonce

    Blends With

    Single Ladies - Beyonce

    Love & Blessings

  • Also Haunting me by Stabbing Westward.

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