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  • Hi Everyone,

    A new thread for prayers for our friends cousin. I will post a picture here of the boy we are all praying for, but I please ask everyone to NOT discuss any names or personal details here about the people in question. We all know who they are from the previous thread, but please be aware that our friend has had VERY SERIOUS issues in the past with a man stalking her who is in jail now but will be released soon. So please, bear this in mind, with the names of our friend and her cousin and personal bits here and there posted, it makes our friend nervous that 2 and 2 could easily be put together and things are too easily looked up online.

    NOW....for those that are new to the situation, we have a dear friend on this forum, Hisbablove, who's cousin was involved in a car accident recently and is in coma with head injuries, please can we continue to pray and send healing energy to this young man and his family.

    Thank you everyone and thank you for understanding the seriousness of the situation involving our friend and why she asks for no personal names and details to be discussed.

    Here is the young man we are praying for.....

  • Wenchie,

    What a wonderful idea posting his picture! It adds a beautiful face to our thoughts and prayers. Still holding all involved in my thoughts.

  • Hey Wenchie 🙂

    Well done to you for starting this thread. My thoughts and positive healing and prayers to all involved.

    Tal xx

  • Thanks Laie4 and Talisa72, it was our friends idea I cannot take credit. His photo is lovely isn't it, he has very striking eyes.

  • Adding my prayers for this young mans speedy recovery. Prayers to the family for strength of faith in these challenging times, this is when we are tested the most.

  • What beautiful eyes! It is good to put a face to the name. John continues to be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope hisbablove is doing ok. Sounds like she has a lot on her plate right now.

  • Oh, god. I'm so sorry. I wrote his name even after reading your post . Stupid. Wasn't thinking.

  • I just sent a message to admin to erase my previous post. Sorry again. That was really dumb of me. I was clearly having a mega blonde moment.

  • What a handsome young man. He has such beautiful eyes...very striking! I will continue to keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Hisbabelove, him and family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

    Thankyou Wenchie for posting Beautiful picture!

  • My prayers are always with you. My best wishes for ALL, for healing and for strength when you think you may have none to give, and for Love, as it is, as it was, always there. Hope does not fly away, as it may seem to do on challenging days. Try not to depair , you have done all that is humanly possible and then some. Remind yourself that you are doing your best, and that is all we can do or that God asks for. I pray for this young man, Please come back to us......


  • Thanks everyone. :-))

  • I'm praying for this beautiful young person.


    Lisa ((((((((((((((((XOXO))))))()))))))))))))))


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  • Hello my dear friends:)

    I want you to know that I am going to cut, copy, and paste all your wonderful thoughts and prayers into a book for this sweet child(he looks so small and innocent when I see him, (I have a hard time believing he's 17 or was ever able to drive!) that I can't think of him as anything more than a boy. His hands are especially dear and little boyish...sigh. Until then, I will give it to his family. His mother, who lives on hope and faith and pleadings for a miracle, will especially appreciate your love and help for her baby.

    I wish I could say that something has changed, but you are all up to speed on what his status is thus far. Tonight, for the first time since the accident, his mother was persuaded to go home, so I am also here with you. I have missed you ALL so VERY much!

    Blessings and Light

  • Stonyeye...DO NOT feel bad. His name is a part of who you have come to know and care for. Its who he IS. I may be hypersensitive these days anyway.

    Its really MY real name and details about me that make me nervous and some of that has been inadvertently been put out there while we are all so intent on banding together to make a miracle. I would even say the same to all of you in your own lives. Be careful and be safe. Its so easy when we're here, talking to each other, this widening and beautiful circle of friends, that we forget we aren't the only ones here or the only ones watching:) So don't panic or even worry about using his name.

  • Blessings to his life an spirit which LIVES in his Body...May all the family be comforted that his life is valued and well spent....The Divine plan unfolds as it must...and we trust that this young angel will be able to make his mark ont he lives of many in days and years to come... Comfort and Peace Profound

  • hisbablove, it's so good to see you here! Even your post sounds a bit more relaxed, and I'm glad to see that some of the stress from this past week has eased up a bit. I know this whole situation is hard on you and his family, but we're all here for you. Give his mom and dad a huge hug for me, because my son went through a yearlong fight with cancer, and so I have an idea of how hard it is for them right now. I am keeping all of them in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Thank you so much, Darkness Angel. I'm so glad I have the chance to personally say hello and THANK YOU to you now. It touched me very deeply that, not even knowing me, you cared so much and took so much time to express that care over the last few days. I am really amazed. I have always relayed to his mom, dad, and sisters all the heartfelt thoughts, prayers, messages and cyber hugs. It has ALWAYS meant so much to them and given them such comfort.

    I'm thrilled that your son fought, and won, his battle with cancer and know he will remain victorious. You must have gone through more than can be described. I admire your courage and strength. Your son will always have a tremendous support and example in you. How lucky he is to have you and how lucky we all are to know you.

    This has been, and still is, the very darkest and most devastating time I have ever lived through, on every level. To have the love and support of the great people here has literally kept me standing. I know we will all make it to brighter days and hope, when we look back on the road we traveled to surer footing and greater happiness, we can also be together then, in the good times, having gotten there together.

    You, along with everyone one this thread and the other one, are very dear to me. You have done and given SO much...know that it goes both ways and you have a friend in me, as well. If you would like, you can email me and let me know if there is anything I can do or just say hello:)

    Thank You again.

  • Hi hisbablove - were they able to play him any music or sing to him at all. I believe he would really like it.

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