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  • I have a problem really, I met this great guy and we have been talking a lot and we seem to click which is a great thing but i think I messed it up because he isn't talking to me anymore and nor do I blame him, he made me angry and I said some things, and plus I was really thinking quite a bit and it made me more angry, so I have done it, but before all that he stopped talking to me and he wouldn't take my calls or anything. I care but how can I fix it, nowing it is my fault.

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  • Can you clarify on the situation a bit more? What happened that made you angry and what did you say? You can sum that up if you like but a few more details are needed. What are your signs?

    Have you tried apologizing?

  • carebeargirl5177,

    Suppressing emotions when dealing with an inner struggle is never advised - but of course the first step to redemption when emotion is expressed in the wrong setting would be to take responsibility - which you have done.

    I agree with keldjoran - as soon as you apologize - it is up to him to forgive you...

    Try this song: "Adeaze - I Say Sorry"

    Love & Blessings


  • wELL here is what happened I told him I was going to call him on sunday night, so he knew and when I did he answered the phone but didn't say anything, I heard heavy breathing and I said hello, hello and not just heavy breathing, so I decided to call him the next day and he ignored my calls I tried calling twice, still nothing. So I left a voicemail ssaying I appologizing for bothering you. Well still have not heard from him, He is a gemini and I am a taurus. But his is also a taurus rizing or cusp.

  • And how he made me angry was on Saturday he told me that he is still talking to other women, that was not that bothered me, its the fact that he laughed about and asked if I was worried and that I should be. Aside from him ignoring me he sent me a txt messege telling me not to worry about it, and that was it. Still I have heard nothing. I wrote him an email telling him how sorry I am and i kind of opened up to him my feelings and that is something I don't do with anyone.

  • I know what is said about taurus and gemini, but really we click and i don't think that matters, I just think he hates me now and doesn't want anything to do with me. I have no hope at least I don't see any.

  • carebeargirl5177,

    Do not worry yourself about it - sometimes it's best not to show your emotions - especially to a man who you just met - who claims to have other women. Emotions typically make men like this nervous - especially when they're exposed this early.

    The best thing to do - since you've already apologized is to leave it alone. I know this isn't what you want to hear but sometimes we have to be missed in order to be appreciated. Yes - he might have been a nice guy - but there is no use crying over spilled milk - what's done is done.

    Go out and have fun tonight - call up some friends and enjoy yourself - there is no use moping around for a misunderstanding.

    I know it's old - but it's a good song for this: "1999" - Prince

    Have Fun Tonight

    You'll feel better in the morning

    Love & Blessings


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