Pregnat and wondering the babys gender

  • Hi I'm almost in my 5th month of pregnancy with my second child and the suspense of not knowing the babys gender is really making me want to know so badly can anyone tell me what baby will be Please?

  • I pick up a boy. How are you carrying? If the baby is higher and shaped rounded like a basket ball, that is usually a girl, and if lower and shaped like a football, a boy.

  • Thanks soapmaker. I'm not sure, lol this is my second pregnancy and with my daughter I carried higher or so it seems to me. I keep having dreams of myself holding a baby boy. My 2 year old told me that God is going to give me another baby before I even knew I was pregnat but had a wierd feeling about being pregnat and when I asked her the following oh is that so? well what is god going to give me? she said a boy. But now she's bugging me for a sister. The next day a friend phoned me and said congratulations your having another baby but she couldn't see what the baby is but I feel that baby is a boy. I can post a pic of my belly i that helps.

  • Old wives method/ instructions:

    Get a regular sewing needle and a piece of thread. Thread the needle.

    Dangle the needle over your belly until it comes to a halt keeping your hand as steady as possible. The needle will either start moving in a circular motion or straight line back and forth.

    Circles are girls and straight lines are boys.

    However, if this is not your first child or if you have had a miscarriage or abortion, the needle will show these genders first. Generally what happens is that the needle will show both signals for boy and girl if you have had a miscarriage or abortion in the first trimester. For example, if your first born was a girl, second was a boy and then you had a miscarriage, the needle will a follow this pattern: starts moving in circles then comes to a stop, then moves in straight lines then comes to a stop, then goes in circles then straight lines or vise verca with no stopping in between. The needle will come to a complete standstill for at least 30 sec. to 1 min. before starting the sequence again. The last signal will be the gender of your current pregnancy.

    HINT: This WORKS!! Tried and true!! Sonograms told me I was having a boy and the needle said different. The needle was right. You are far enough along at 5 months for your results to be accurate. This also works on ANYONE OR LIVING creature that has given birth. I've even done it with my dog after she had puppies to see if the sequence was correct. All nine were accounted for and in the exact sequence they were born. You don't have to be pregnant for this to work. You just have to had been pregnant at one time or another in your life.

    Have fun with it. I've actually challenged people telling them I can predict how many children they've had and what order they were born in. In 20 years, it hasn't failed me yet.

    Good Luck and Congratulations on your bundle of joy.



  • I just re-read your first post, so you should have circles first if you have not been pregnant before your daughter.

  • PS

    Please post what the needle says, now I'm dieing to know to. LOL!!

  • Opps!! Forgot to tell you something. Hold the needle over your belly approximately 1.5 to 2 inches above it. Sorry.

  • Peg the needle swings in 2 tiny circles then swings back and forth like a pendulum gone wild lol. With my daughter it had made huge circles and fast. So baby is a boy yahoo!! 🙂 Finally a second grandson in the family my dad and mom will be so happy!

  • It's kinda cool isn't it? Congratulations!! Glad I could help. Try it on somebody else. You don't have to hold it over the belly. It will also work on the wrist, leg, anywhere there is skin. They will be utterly surprised. If you try it on someone that has never been pregnant, it will not move at all.

    Take Care and Best Wishes for A Happy Family.


  • Yes cool indeed, Thanks so much! I told my sister to try it she's also pregnat and thinks she may be having another girl. Best wishes to you too and may you be richly blessed this year. 🙂

  • On the 14th of June I had my son. Thank you 😄

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