Games people play

  • My friend age 49 cheated on me with a woman who end up pregnant. We tried to make plans but it didn't work out. The woman always needed something from him. Our plan were alway up in the air. She got put out with her son and he moved her in with him. She got him to marry her for the baby, even if he didn't love her or commit to her. She quit her job They can't even feed the kids. I gave him food to feed the kids. You never know how far a person will go to have a man or family.

    I don't want him to asked for anything after all the hurt I went threw. It too late to said afterward you made a mistake. I ask for pray for myself. I ask for the wealth, peace and harmony to enter into my life. I for the truth

  • He has to take responcability for what he has done. He chose to have s ex with a woman, and the fruit of such is sometimes a child. He does not have to love the woman to marry her. He just needs to take responcibility for what he has done. Such is life. I think he did the right think when he chose to move together with the mother and take care of his child with her.

  • mywealth - don't get caught up in the game; it is now their's to play out, for better or worse. it is awful to be left behind with unresolved feelings but what he does or doesn't do now, is up to him. You shouldn't accept any responsibility for his life, feelings or his family situation ( food). I have said a prayer for you to be wealthy in peace and harmony. Do the same, k?

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