What will the future hold....

  • Hi!

    First, thank you for taking the time to read and answer my question.... looking for a gut untainted (with details) reading...

    is it hopeless? is it too late? can we reunite? or at the very least have the opportunity to talk about what happened?

    Me: May 25, 1982 Him: September 19, 1981

    we both live in Montreal, Quebec

    Again, thank you 🙂

  • Hi eightgems

    No, it's not too late, it's not hopeless and you will get the chance to talk. Reuniting may take a bit longer though. I think you both scared yourselves and each other and have backed off due to the intensity of things between you. I get a sense of him running off looking back over his shoulder, but not wanting to keep going. Both of you need to get down to the basics of things here: don't let your ego's run the show. There is a future for you, but one of you needs to let their guard down and the other needs to stop feeling like there's no hope. I think the one with the guard up is him and of course, that leaves the other who feels it's hopeless being you. One of you has to make the step forward and that'll more than likely be you. Take it slow, don't force anything here and above all TRUST that all will be well. Don't influence this with negative thoughts if you can help it, otherwise the process will slow down as you've already seen.

    Good luck and hope this helps :))

  • Hey cris1962,

    thank you so much for your insight... very insightful. No, I havent given up hope (completely), but sometimes, I think that maybe too much time has passed by... If you dont mind, may I ask what method you used to answer the way you did... btw, could you tell (sense) his feelings, thoughts?? and when do you think 'THE BIG' moment will be?? I mean, how far away is our chance at talking things out... days? weeks? months?


  • Chris1962 do you think there is a chance for me and my husband to get back together??? my BD 10/23/1961 my husband 09/17/1976 is it hopeless????please let me know...

  • Dearest Cris1962,

    Was wondering if you could give insight to what the future holds for me and my ex,I love him dearly and he has told me to take care of something in my life and we would talk more.Will we ever be together again? What does the future look like. My dob is 10/22/69 and his is 11/02/71.We were together for a little over a year and haven't been together for the last 2 months.Don't know if you need place but it is Arkansas.Would really appreciate your input on this matter.When he left, he said it was nothing that I had done,that time was needed. We still talk almost every day and see each other at least once if not twice a week. Would really like some insight if you could take the time. Thank you so much.

  • Hey cris1962, Do you much about the phoenix rising and all that. my bday is jan 20 1990 . Thanks .

  • Ladies, I can most certainly appreciate your burning love questions - confusion, as Iam going thru the same thing... but pls read the original post.

    chris1962 did a wonderful thing by answering my question, and maybe she will be kind enough to answer yours on this thread... but I urge you to please create your own individual post.

    Please please please do not take it personally... I truly do not mean anything by it... I just hope you can understand on how I feel seeing my post being 'hi-jacked' by others and my question being carelessly ignored and cast aside...

    I wish you ladies (and gents) much luck on finding the answers you seek and much much love and happiness in 2010.



  • I fully concur with eightgems here, and am voicing my "agreement" with as much love and peace 🙂 This is a thread begun by eightgems, and I have a silent policy now where I don't answer requests posted in someone else's thread. As eight says, please post up a separate thread of your own either to me or just a general one - remember I might not be able to get as much insight as someone else might and often it's best to leave your request open to whoever "gets" messages for you. Apart from that, sometimes we all get a bit overloaded with requests and can't keep up with 'em!

    As eight also said, I hope you all have much luck finding the answers you seek. I hope I haven't offended anyone here either :))

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