Loneliess,and,Hard times

  • I am so tiered of being alone and having everything placed at my door it seems like every time things start to go right there's something right around the corner i have 4 kids they all have ADHD always getting in to trouble and if a man would even look my way my kids scare them away i try to get ahead but i think im cursed trying to pay everything take care of the kids the worse thing is i have a problem saying no i help everyone no matter how much i hate it or don't want to more when it comes to helping with everyone else s kids my kids are bad enough i love my kids but there are times i wish i would go to sleep and never wake up.

  • Hi there, You've done great so far. What a great looking group. Can you go on a mini-vacation maybe. How abou sitting down w/them and just telling them that you need a break because you are a real person just like them. I see that they are close to you and need you. I'm not an expert but I see that you need to show them a more "direct" side. Get them in structure. But, your ok and a lot of the time, a man will only make it worse. Children are a blessing (may not seem like it now), but you are wonderful and doing better than you give yourself credit for. These years go by quickly. Love and Best Wishes.

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