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  • We all have cards that show up, for some reason, more often than others. Sometimes it's a challenge, but more often we tend to identify with that card, to see it as representing ourselves.

    Is there a particular card that comes up more often for you? Or is there simply a card, possibly in the Major Arcana, that you identify with strongly? Maybe there's a specific deck that resonates with you or that you think is particularly compelling or beautiful. Let us know!

  • I find myself drawn strongly to the Gummy Bear deck...

    My favorite card is the Ten of Swords in this deck: http://www.tarot.com/tarot/decks/index.php?deckID=74&cardID=59

    The picture is worth a thousand words.... 🙂

  • I seem to always get justice. (At least in my tarot readings.)

  • Well the Gummi Bear deck has it's, uh ... charm?, I'm all about the Archeon deck.


    Very cool and Dark Horse Comics-esque.

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  • I'm a fan of the Vanessa deck. At first blush, it looks like a makeup ad campaign, but there are a lot of levels to this one -- as with any good deck -- and it's... oh, I'd use the word "wry."


    *I am a Tarot.com employee. The views expressed in this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of Tarot.com.

  • Raven Grimassi & Stephanie Taylor's "A Traveler's Guide To The Well Worn Path" deck is incredible! Made especially for Wiccans, it leaves me profoundly enlightened each time I read the cards, & the combination of Grimassi's excellence as a writer & insight as a seasoned Wiccan, with the artist's - Mickie Mueller's - inspired vision is quite powerful. There are pictures-within-pictures in this deck: it seems alive! The beauty truly astounds me every time! Even better are the vivid words that speak such vast volumes. The accompanying guide book is priceless to me. I am very much looking forward to experiencing the "Hidden Path" deck/book that I feel sure will continue, expand upon, & extend the reach of my treasured 'well worn' deck. I'd love to know what others think of & feel about these decks & guide books. The sets are really extraordinary; life changing for me. It makes me wonder what a deck by my other favorite author, Scott Cunningham, would've looked like...does anyone know what deck he liked to use?

  • To indulge my rampant sense of humor I use the Gummy Bear deck for myself. I appreciate the symbolism in the old standard RiderWaite, tho, and occasionally use Motherpeace. Being part Gypsy, I also use Svetlana Touchkoff's Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards, which are amazingly accurate and can give Yes/No answers.

    The card that appears most for me is The Sun.



  • I generally prefer the Goddess Deck but on occasion I do like the Celestial deck.

    My favorite cards are usually the Ace of Cups and The Empress; their messages/meanings just hold the qualities I generally wish to incorporate into my life or the attitudes i wish I had.

  • I recently bought a Universal Waite deck, because the artwork spoke to me.

    As for cards that appear frequently, I've noticed that when certain cards (Justice, King of Swords, King of Cups, for example) show up in a reading, I know exactly which person in my life they symbolize.

  • I like Archeon for the art style and the sensual, mysterious figures depicted on the cards ... when I'm feeling more fanciful, the Fantastic Creatures deck appeals to the fantasy geek in me.

    The major arcana cards that seem to show up a lot are Emperor (apparently there are strong mentors I should be noticing, though it's not always obvious to me who I should be looking up to) and the Devil (scary at first, but then I realized that it can be all about passion and taking risks). As far as minor arcana goes, cups have been pretty strong as of late. I've always thought my self as more of a wands/swords kinda guy, so seeing lots of cups in my readings has caused me to look at different sides of myself.

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  • I love my Enchanted Tarot deck by Zerner Farber. Gorgeous and meaningful...The Empress card shows often for me...no surprise there.

  • That is awesome. I love most decks actually. I'm so far not set on a favorite because I am very indecisive. Of course I am a Libra naturally.

  • I got that deck when it first came out...the artwork spoke to me. They are So beautiful!

    But, for some reason, I connect with other decks better in readings...


  • FYI: Monte Farber's Karma Cards are the deck I use most, and connect with the best. They aren't Tarot, they're based on Astrology...Planets, Signs, and Houses. I would really like to see an online card reading develped from this deck, as I have found my readings to be amazingly accurate using them. Along with the 3 deck sections, each card is divided into outcome (blue) answers, and best action (red). And then further divided into spiritual, physical, and mental answers. They are VERY versatile and great for meditation, life situation, romance, career, and many other issues. They can also be used for yes/no answers. You can do a simple 3-card outcome or best action spread; or you can get more elaborate and do a past, present, future spread (my creation~either outcome or best action) using a 3-card spread for each category. You can also use extra cards for clarification when you feel you need it.

    The Tarot deck I use the most is the Cosmic Tarot. I really identify with the High Priestess (since I am a minister, that makes sense), but the Empress and The

    Chariot come up quite a bit in my readings, too.


  • I use the Thoth deck. It has all the aspects I need, planet, sign, kabbalah, element, etc. I know a lot of people frown on the deck because it can be very harsh and Crowley has a couple of cards different from traditional decks but I learned a lot from this deck. I also like the Dragon deck for it's art and Waite Rider deck is still a reliable standby.

  • My personal deck is the Celtic Dragon tarot.

    I've always had a deep admiration and respect for dragons. I also have always liked fantasy and magic, and the medieval times. My heritage isn't quite Celtic, but it is Scottish which is similar in many ways.

    On this site I use the Dragon deck.

    My favorite cards are the Magician and the Hermit. I have been drawing a lot of Hermit cards lately. I have also been drawing a lot of Wheel of Fortune cards as of late.

  • i love the tarrochi ancienti di lombardo. it's in italian, which is my second language, and it was bought at my favorite new age store, the only one i know of in my town (hamilton, ohio)

    my card is the queen of wands. i am energetic, and i get the feeling the queen of wands is balanced between two or more realities.

    my best friend is the star; my boyfriend is either the king of wands or of pentacles. my friends phyllis and marty are the empress and the magician, respectively. my friend stephanie is strength. i readily identify people with tarot cards, i guess. oh, yeah, my ex-girlfriend is the queen of swords. that break up, as you may have guessed, was a nightmare.

  • I really like using my Necronomicon deck, another that gets frowned upon, but the art is beautiful and explains the cards well, as well as the card descriptions being a little looser to let you make your own interpretations.

    My favorite card is the 2 of Cups, I love having it come up in my readings, and most common card is Justice.

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