Hurt pregnat Leo dumped by the babys Gemini father

  • I need help figuring this one out. Ok so I am almost in my fifth month of pregnancy and my babys Gemini father decided to break up with me last week. So after he dumped me I did not talk to him or hear from him for 6 days, because I know that by giving him his space he would come around eventually. Then yesterday he txts my cell, then calls and I had to remind him that he told me it was over and yet he talked to me like he wanted things to be his way or no way and in all honesty I love him but this is driving me nuts. Alot of the times he acts like he doesn't care and then there are times where he says he does care he just shows it differently. What can I do to make this situation better before it gets worse?

  • Many Geminis just hate any sort of serious commitment and prefer a light, fun relationship, otherwise they feel trapped, I'm afraid.

    What are the exact birthdates of both of you?

  • Thanks Captain, My birthdate is August 15,1981 and his is June 8th 1984.

  • Luckyne, this relationship's indomitable facade conceals a bloody battle for supremacy. The overall attitude is "Take no prisoners!" The major problem here is your dominance and whether your friend can accept it - not an impossible task, as long as he feels his efforts are being appreciated and rewarded. He may acccuse you of inefficiency or incompetence. He has a way of bringing out your insecurities that may make it near impossible for you two to live together. Yet you do value his opinions or judgments and may even come to depend on them.

    You want to be the boss in this relationship but your friend has a charm, cleverness and seductiveness that enables him to get his way with you. Though tough, you have a definite weakness there. A cycle may recur in which you try to control your friend by spoiling him, showering him with gifts, and encouraging him to think he is in the superior position. Should you withdraw these favours however, he is likely to feel helpless and defeated - and may respond by redoubling his manipulative efforts or simply leaving. Honesty and depth of emotion will be difficult to achieve here, and the level of conflict is high, which is why a love affair or marriage is not recommended.

    You Luckyne need to get more in touch with your more emotional intuitive side to be really successful in love and life. You may be more interested in gaining people's respect rather than their love and, with a rather detached attitude to relationships, can end up alone.

    Your friend has a rebellious or defensive attitude that will bring him problems in life. Also he has authority issues which makes it difficult for him to deal with you, the bossy Leo. Anything that he sees as trying to infringe on his personal freedom will see him rebelling.

  • Thanks Captain. This is all very accurate and I'm very impresse. Thank you for your insight dear. He is exactly as you describe him and yes I can see where I went wrong. I'm going to apologize to him. When I get the chance. At least now I know where all this has come from and have a better understanding of the situation.

  • Good luck to you - I hope you find happiness for you and your baby!

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