Experienced readers: World and the Fool Card - How do you interpret them?

  • I've been seeing a lot of the World and the Fool in readings regarding a relationship lately. While it might seem like the obvious interpretation of the cards is the completion of a cycle and the start of something new, it almost seems too obvious. I'm wondering how others might interpret both of these cards appearing in a reading. I use the Celtic Cross most, and the Fool is most apt to turn up as the foundation or final outcome of the matter. The World more often a "crossing" card, or near future. I'd appreciate hearing how others view these two cards to give me some new insight on their interpretation. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

  • Perhaps it could refer to coming to a place where you are secure enough in your relationship that you can be carefree and not worried about how things will turn out, you can just be, throw caution to the wind and see what happens, whatever happens will happen. That's what I see sometimes with the Fool card, but as always, getting to an internal state like that requires that you want to be that way. As usual, if you do not feel like that would be an ideal state for you, then do not try to go that path. But for some, a security of this nature is something they feel as an improvement, perhaps over worrying a lot and being insecure, so they choose to improve. I think I might be getting off-topic here though. As for the World, I sometimes see it involving travel or culture. Being more in tune with things around you.

  • Hmmm....could be that your relationship has reached the point where you both feel secure enough with each other to take the next step. OR, you have learned a lot from the past and feel strong enough to go back out in the world of dating with a light heart and and positive attitude toward finding someone who will be a good match for you.

  • Thanks Amnion, some good thoughts there.

    Stonyeye, I guess I've had that same thought, it's either taking the relationship to a new level or releasing it and moving on to something else. One or the other. Perhaps I was looking for some shades of gray in there, but I don't suppose either card lends itself to that. Cycles in life begin and end, end and begin....

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