Can someone do a reading for me regarding an ex lover?

  • I am looking for closure that I couldn't seem to get talking to my ex about it, because everything still seems so vague and wishy washy. I'm a pisces and hes an aries, and we complimented each other perfectly. It was a very symbiotic relationship in which we loved and appreciated each other for the things we did and didn't like. But now lifes problems seem to have pulled him away from me, and he's trying to go out with someone else. We planned on getting married and having children once but I think he became afraid and things just went downhill from there. I would like to know what the cards say in relation to the two of us, and if my intuition was serving me well or if I'm just lonely. I can't ever seem to get a clear reading.

  • oh and my birthday is feb. 20, 1988 and his is april 5,1988

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