Sagitarrius/Leo relationships - can they work?

  • Hi,

    was just wondering can sagittarius/leo relationships work.

    Me (sagittarius) and my bf (leo) has having a few problems, (we're on kind of a break), he still has feelings for his ex (scorpio). Are we doomed to be in trouble or can we get through this? What I really would love to know is are we really that compatable sign wise? I feel we are personality wise and how we think etc etc.

    I just need some kind of direction. I dont know whether to wait or let him go.

    Me: 01/12/1988

    Him: 07/08/1987

    Thank you, any info would be appreciated.


  • This sagittarius/leo relationship does not work.

    You are doomed to be in trouble.

    You are not really that compatible signwise.

    some kind of direction: do not be totally worried. Make yourself not immobile. Do not be afraid of losing everything.

    Do neither wait nor let him go.

    You are always confronted with how attached you are to your money and given an opportunity to experience the real prosperity that comes with an attitude of gratitude.

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  • I love you Hans! : - )

  • I am thankful for that, KarmaComa.

    Through love existence can be communicated, you can have a dialogue.

  • Hey totallyrad i am a leo female i have been in a relationship with my sag for 8 years can you tell me how long you and yours have been together and what problems you are having i just looked up sag and leo compatibally they are a very good match.

  • astrology is fun but you can't rely on it 100%

    people change, life experiences and upbringing are among many things causing it

    on top of that, sun sign is not the only thing that determines personality

    you have to consider all kinds of planetary position and relationships to narrow it down

    I am married to a Cap, 9 yrs now and if I had to do it again in the next life time, I would

    most astrology sites said we are not compatible

    but I love him and back then I had this dangerous motto "if I don't try it, I wont know"

    even my Aries parents freaked out at my actions sometimes 🙂

    But this time I got it right LOL

    It's give and take, and we both understand what we need to give and what we can take

    there is no relationship free of problems

    there are 2 in the relationship, both have to contribute so that both can benefit

    because the two are equal

    how do you view your relationship? does he treat you as his equal?

    if he still dwells in the past with his ex, then most likely he doesn't give as much as you do to the relationship

    It's your call, huntress!

  • Totallyrad, the enthusiasm of this upbeat relationship is all fire. Extroverted and flamboyant, it lends verve to any gathering and also inspires you yourselves. Youthful and child-like qualities are usually apparent here, energy is abundant, and positive thoughts prevail, at least when things are on between you. During down periods, however, you both may lack the inner resources to deal with problems, especially emotional and psychological ones. Problems can also arise over who is getting the most attention. You both should be more aware of your own needs and learn how to deal with them without making demands on each other. This combination can be extremely romantic. When you two are in love, all other aspects of life tend to pale in comparison with the bright flame between you. Too often however, falling in love is an illusion for both of you and has the hidden purpose of taking your minds off your own problems. The relief of apparently not having to deal with unhappiness anymore or at finally having found the right person (even though you both might have felt this similarly before with other people, and ultimately been disappointed) never fails to raise spirits and renew self-confidence. Unfortunately, the opposite can also be the case. Should one of you suffer rejection or frustration, disillusion and depression can be severe. Falling in love rarely solves all your problems in the long run. Take time to face the truth. A friendship between you needs a strong physical outlet to keep you both interested, like sport or fitness training.

    Between your Leo friend and his old Scorpion flame, feelings can run very deep and there can be a strong connection that is hard to break.

  • Thank you so much for all your responses.

    Smallbit: Not to get too into it, but I've only been with him for 7 months, which is nothing compared to your 8 years. It was a really random, unexpected meeting and he has made the past 7 months one of the most happiest times of my life.

    He had just split with his ex gf, long distance relationship of 3 and a bit years, a few months earlier and was open and honest about it all with me. She had ended things badly with him (finished things by text and refused to speak to him). I had just split with my ex a few months earlier too. But he told me he wanted to see how things go and so did I.

    We just get on so well, we could literally speak for forever and we'd still never run out of things to say. We are the same type of person and I just felt very comfortable with him straight away, which is strange because I am quite a reserved, shy person, but with him I can be myself, he was as much of a friend as he was a boyfriend.

    Towards the end, I realised we had settled a bit and maybe the novelty was wearing off or something, but the lyrics he was writing suggested he was feeling down and missing someone, (he's in a band). Whenever I asked him about it, or if he was okay, he would say he is happy and would then question my happiness.

    After a few weeks of this, I asked him again and pleaded with him to be honest, cos Ive been through it and know its hard. He finally admitted he didnt think he was over his ex. I told him I understand and said maybe he should have some space. He agreed. We have officially broken up, but Ive told him that I still care about him and would like to try again when he is ready.

    Lately he has been acting strange though. The first friday after the break up, I was about to go out with my friends and he just turned up at my door saying how I am right for him and how we are the same and I make him happy. I told him that he shouldnt be with someone if he isnt over someone else but he said I was helping him get over her and that he wanted to. I assumed we were back on, (obviously knew we needed to talk more the next day), but then the next day came, and he seemed confused and said he wants to be with me but 'doesnt know'.

    I told him that all this contact is giving me false hope and he shouldnt contact me until he does. I did this hoping that he would realise that he misses me and maybe he would sort out his issues quicker.

    No contact for a week and then last friday, he texts asking if I am at the usual place I go out to cos he'll be there and he doesnt want to ruin my night. I wasnt, so replied saying have fun. Then at 3am, he texts and calls saying how confused and depressed he is, and how this week has been hell for him. He sounded like he was almost crying and how 'she' has done this. Earlier his friend had told me that he had tried to throw his phone in a puddle so he couldnt phone her.(meaning his ex I presume). I got upset too, and after calming each other down, he asked if he could talk to me the next day and I said yes.

    The next day he texts apologising for how he spoke to me, I replied saying I was worried and hope he is feeling a bit better now but he just replied that he doesnt know and that he is at his friends safe and hungover. I havent heard from him since.

    So all in all, its such a frustrating and confusing situation to be in. I dont know whether to wait for him or just move on. Im trying to move on because I know there's isnt much I can do for him at this point, he has to do it himself. Its just painful being this helpless and powerless. I know that there wont be anyone like that in my life for a while and Im trying to focus on the positives that I can be selfish and concentrate on myself now, but its hard to forget all the stuff he has said to me about us. I just hope in time we'll find each other again and be as happy as we were at the beginning.

    I apologise for the massive essay. Any help/advice would be appreciated greatly. Thanks.


  • "I know that there wont be anyone like that in my life for a while" Be careful - if that's what you believe, then that is what will happen. You will not attract any other good person into your life if you think negatively.

  • totallyrad

    he just needs to sort things out with his ex

    the fact the she doesn't speak to him anymore, is not giving him the chance for closure

    he is definitely heartbroken by her but I can see he does feel for you

    if you can find it in your heart, to be his close friend, then do so

    you can be his close friend, without getting too involved with his attempts to get over his ex

    go out together as you used to, but when he talks about his ex

    just give him short response, he will get the idea

    I can see he feels for you and once he gets over his ex, he will come to you

    try to do as I suggested, he will get used to your short response

    therefore get used to not talking about his ex anymore

    then he will talk more about you and your relationship together

    finally, of course, he will get over his ex completely

    it's a process so I can't guarantee how long it will take

    I will leave it to you to decide

    the thing with love is that we tend to jump into it with all our hearts and give it all too soon

    with the right person, this is wonderful. but with the wrong person, this is like suicide

    I've been there before and you guess it, it was Scorp guy too LOL

    fortunately it wasn't the first time my heart was broken,

    so it only took me at least one month to move on to a Cap friend and married him 8 mths later

    as the saying goes, First cut is the deepest

    but after so many cuts, it becomes bearable, only 'another cut among many'

    he will find this out sooner or later

    whether you want to be there for him or not, I will have to leave it to you

  • Thanks for your reply leoscorpion,

    you've really helped. Everyone around me are telling me that they can see he cares for me and has feelings for me but that I should forget him. But how can I when I have those feelings for him too and it seems he does too? I feel stupid (some of my friends say I am), for hanging on but part of me feels like Id regret it if I dont.

    I know all he needs is time, and Im willing to give him that. The weird thing is that I just want the best for him, which is so strange cos Ive never had that feeling for a person before, and that makes me think we have something even more. I know its not love cos its only been 7 months

    but I really feel it could be and I dont want to look back in a few years and question what if?

    I can completely understand how difficult it is for him. I have never felt this way after breaking up with someone in my previous relationships, not that there has been that many. I have accepted things and moved on, mainly cos I think I always knew they werent really right. But this feels right. And I know it must be so hard for him right now, cos I feel like this after a few months, but he's dealing with someone he was with for 3 years.

    He's contacted me last night after not speaking for a few days (since last weekend) and said how he has his first driving lesson booked for next week. Ive noticed for the last 2 weeks, it is him who has initiated contact with me so I think, at least hope, he knows Im here for him. Its just killing me cos everytime I hear from him, I get this little bit of hope and I know I should just be patient. Im just trying to hold back for a while. Ive found comfort in the fact that he seems to be able to talk to me about things so that means he must trust me right?

    I suppose I shall have to just wait and see for the time being. Thanks for all your advice.


  • I feel this guy is keeping you hanging just in case nothing else works out for him in love matters. You're his back-up plan. You deserve someone who will be there for you all the time - not just when it suits him to be.

    Letting go is not a complicated process, if you really want to do it. It's the same process as falling in love - just in reverse. You stop thinking about him every minute, focus on other interests and activities, get busy with friends, go out and look for someone who will treat you better. Not obsessing over this lame guy is the key. Turn your focus elsewhere. It will be hard at first but then, the busier you are, the easier it will get.

  • Hey totallyrad, i hope you are still hanging in there with your leo friend yes ive been with my sag guy for 8 years believe me its been hard he wont come out and say the L word so he gives me false hope also sometimes i think he loves me and other times he pisses me off like your situation with your friend i can go a week sometimes longer and not hear from him one day he tells me hes committed to me the next week he just wants to be friends so after 8 years im still confused by men go figure what do they really want. And too me and my sag guy have a strong connection sometimes so overwhelming i cry.Anyways i think if you really connect with your leo friend and you believe that you can be in a happy relationship with him and by what you have said it sounds to me that you can i would hang in there with him and see what happens if he cares about you he will be back. just have faith and hope think postive thats what my friends tell me. Good luck. i hope i have helped.

  • Totallyrad

    I will see more into your dobs. I am going for my ritual now but I will be back.

  • Totallyrad,

    From what I can see, he is rather doubtful personality. He tends to miss love opportunities because of this. He needs someone who can support him and share the same interests, someone he can trust. You are radiant and have a big heart, always available to help others. You are confident, possess strength of character and well liked. You seek for a partner you can be proud of.

    He has the flair for financial success, with practicality and perseverance to help him climb to the top. He tend to be impatient towards weaknesses and incapabilities, including his own. But like you, he is willing to give of himself to help others.

    You can or will be proud of him, in terms of financial and social success. But when it comes to emotional life, his doubtful nature may come in between you and him. He views his broken heart experience, as failure, therefore he despises himself. He does feel for you, but because he views himself as a failure in love, he can not see that you are there for him. He may even feel he doesn't deserve you. This is why he called you first because he 'doesn't want to ruin your day'. among many other things you will notice the pattern as time goes by.

    Give him time to recover. Always be firm but affectionate. Give him short responses if he starts talking about his ex again. This will give him the clue that you that his ex does not matter anymore. He will get used to it, and then he will stop talking about her. He needs to snap out of his self defeating attitude, this is where your firmness will help.

    How long can you do this? Only you can answer that. You have the gift to help others weaker than you. Stay with him, for as long as you can. Go for 3 months and then see if there is a change, no matter how slight. Make your decision then, stay or leave.

    This is just my suggestion, what I feel is fair for both of you. Follow it, if you feel it's the right thing to do. One thing for sure, he does have feelings for you, or else he wouldn't bother about 'ruining your day'.

  • Thank you everyone for your advice!

    Since he contacted me on Thursday, he's texted a lot. He played a gig on friday night, (the first one without me there), and he text me loads, literallly telling me everything that was going on. In his last text that night he asked if was doing anything the next day (sat) and if not, we could meet up because 'he needed to talk about things'. I wasnt sure what to make of this but we met up anyway.

    At first he was being normal with me, just chatting away. I tried to be a bit distant and not so chatty cos he said he wanted to talk but its so hard not to with him. He told me he had been invited to two places, one; to see a friends band with his best mate and two; drinks with his workmates. He didnt seem to be saying anything about us so I just told him I'd let him get on with his plans but he said they werent plans and that he couldnt really be bothered doing either. Again things were going around in circles, so I just said I dont know why youve even invited me to come out and he said it was because he wanted to see me, and that he had missed me. He asked if I wanted to go to see the band but I said I didnt know, because I didnt know what his intentions were. He said lets go cinema, we got there but I told him, I thought he wanted to talk and I dont want to leave things up in the air again. I need a yes or a no answer from him, instead of just assuming.

    He told me its a yes, that he enjoys spending time with me, and that when he thinks about me, he can never think of any negatives, he says we get along really well and he really likes me but doesnt want to hurt me again because of his problems.

    He said he wants to take things slowly and 'see how things develop'. At first I wasnt happy and told him that thats been said to me before and I never really saw the guy again, but he said he wants to see me again. In the end, I went home and he went out with his workmates.

    About an hour later, he text me saying he was going home cos he wasnt in the mood. I rang him to see if he wanted to come round to mine (I live closer to town than him), but he said he was already on his way home. I apologised for acting awkward earlier and that it was cos I dodnt know what to make of everything. But I told him that I am willing to take things slow if he still wants that cos I want things to work and I enjoy spending time with him. He replied back saying he understands and feels the same.

    So my question is: is this really work doing?

    I feel like its a step back from where we were, so I know it'll be hard. We moved quite fast last time, and we literally spoke every day since the day we met up until about two weeks ago.

    Im willing to give it a try cos I know I'll regret it if I dont.

    So has anyone got any do's and don't's for taking it slow in a relationship (especially with an ex)?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    And thanks again for putting up with me on here, your replies have helped me lots.


  • Also, I meant to add that he hasnt text me at all today. Im not sure how much or how little I should contact him, considering that we text and talked a lot last time.

  • "Also, I meant to add that he hasnt text me at all today. Im not sure how much or how little I should contact him, considering that we text and talked a lot last time"

    You two did agree to take it slow. But I don't think this includes texting and calls. It's more about going out together and being more than friends.

    I don't think it will bug him if you call and text as often as you used to. He may not call or text because he is into something else or he is wondering the same thing you are wondering 🙂

  • what do mean 'into something else'?

    Do you think by agreeing to take it slow, that leaves the door open to see other people?

    He isn't really that sort of guy, and Ive told him I just dont want to get hurt and he has said the same, that he doesnt want to hurt me, so surely that means no?

    I think I may just leave it all up to him. I was quite vocal about my feelings and what I think, I have been all along, so its not like he doesnt know. He has told me now how he feels and I don't want to overstep the mark with him. I am usually a reserved, shy person and he knows this, he kind of is too, so I suppose maybe he could be wonering the same thing. I'll give it a few more days.

    Im sorry I feel like Im beginning to pester now, but all your advice is truly appreciated.


  • "into something else"

    could be anything but relationship with you. maybe family, career, money etc

    if he is hurting and still aching for his ex I don't think he will look into another relationship.

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