Enne needs help!!! :-|

  • i'll start at the beginning...

    i met a guy named trey when we were in high school. i was a sr, and he was a jr. we had drama class together. we were friends, but such as life i graduated and we lost contact. i went out with some friends about 4 months ago and we ran into each other after 10 years. we exchanged stories (that he had a girlfriend & i was was just getting out of a relationship) and we exchanged phone numbers saying that we would hang out. i didnt hear from him for almost 4 months, and out of the blue he texts me. at first i was thinking in a "friendly" manner, but then he told me that his GF had left him & he wanted to get together. as the conversation went on he told me that he felt it was fate that we had seen eachother that day and that he feels like we are soul mates. i agreed to go out with him. now i'm wondering if it wasn't fate stepping in and leading us to each other, or if it was just chance that we crosse each others paths. please any one, HELP!!! 😉

  • Enne,

    Go out with him and see where it leads! I get a good feeling.

    I feel like he was very attracted and interested when you first met up again, but not in the position of following it through while still with his girlfriend. He always thought of you though.

    Good luck with it all! 🙂

  • thank you Wenchie! i get a good feeling too but i have had this feeling before, and they have all turned out to be drips! i'm not good at giving myself readings, because i always manulipulat it and twist it in my head! lol you have given me a great lead as to where i think this might lead. i'm not sure if he will ever want to to go back to either of his kiddos moms. (he has 2 kis w/ 2 different women) and that worries me to cuz if the reationship di go that far would he want to have another kid if i wanted to have one?

  • You're welcome! I'm new to reading, but get nagged by a good friend to keep practising, she has far more faith in my readings than I do. So I'm not so confident and don't do it so often because I would hate to give the wrong information. So please feel free to get other readers to confirm this for you.

    You know I feel he would have another child with the right woman, but don't get ahead of yourself, one thing at a time!!!!!! (Little message I get there!) But please, I'm not so confident, and happy for someone else to give you info.

  • thank you again! have confidence in yourself! no one is really 100% correct! but yes others have insite in other areas...

    but i don't think that trey will have anything to do with me now. he kept on with his "fate" talk, blah blah... then he sudddenly stopped texting me. i'm not really all that hurt over it. maybe i'm just looking to hard. i think i was just flattered over all that he was saying. and i'm not mad over it either.

    i was thinking about a guy named david that i met through work about 4 years ago. i really wish something would happen with him. do you see anything there?

  • Enne you feel like a lost soul for me, unsure of where to go or what to do with yourself. Even your search for love feels like something you are doing to fill in holes in your life. What's your life plan? Do you have one? I don't feel this David or Trey is right for you at the moment. I feel you need some meaningful work to occupy you and make you feel satisfied and at peace.

  • i did have a life plan, but just recently it fell through. i am a bit lost, but who isn't, right? i am trying to get back on track but i'm just trying to find a direction. i found tartot cards that have occupied a lot of my time.

  • So what are your goals and dreams and how are you attempting to achieve them?

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