• You know my current story with scorp and I just wanted to get another persons advice if this is usual or abnormal.. last time we talked scorp was ignoring me... right.. well heres what happened.. Im only asking you cause you gave me a good read on him with his horoscope.. if you cant answer its fine just need some advice : (

    So last thursday night I wrote my scorp and told him finally how much he meant to me and pointed out my faults and admited to them on what may of broke us up. Now I thought he would ignore me or write me another message on how he still needs his space but instead he wrote me a very long message on how much hes missed me and the old us and wants to work things out if I would like to. He said that having me gone has showed him how much i've balanced him. (Hes never opened up this much to me) He told me basically everytime hes out he hopes he runs into me to see me or when hes out he compares every girl to me and doesnt want to even talk to them cause **** get let down they are not me. He told me he didnt know why he broke up with me.. said he thought he needed space but realised he could work on him while having me around. 3 times he said he wanted to work on things sometime only if I wanted to. I didnt go over the top on replying him back but I told him I felt the same and I would work on things with him because I 2 miss us. He replied saying that makes him happy and hes smiling.

    So basically sat, sun, mon and TUESDAY i've always had to be the one to hit him up. He'll talk to me and ask a lot of questions and bring up old memories of us but hes being super friendly. Finally on tuesday I decided I wouldnt call or text him and wait for him to do it and I got nothing. So I text him asking what was up.. he replied saying sorry ive been busy and doesnt know what to tell me but hes sure things will get better. In his last miss u email he told me he wanted to see me.. since than he hasnt mentioned anything but I'll let you know. Hes real nice to me and friendly.. it seems like he does want to talk cause he'll continue writing back and asking questions about me and my current life. Last time we talked on the phone was the day he broke up with me and I was crying. He only texts me.. he hasnt tried calling.

    Am I being played? Did I miss something here? How can he say all this stuff about needing me and missing me to than act all distant and weird? We both had faults in our break up and we both agreeded to work on them TOGETHER.. that hasnt happened yet.. why not!? Im hurting because I feel stupid..

    a guy friend told me he may be taken back by his emotions for me so hes being distant to get them back in check.. I guess scorps do this? When they know they could really fall for someone???

    Do I just give him space and do my own thing till hes clear AGAIN?

    Or do I take the fact that I was played with and move on?

    any advice would help!

  • Is he testing me?

  • Can you still help me?

  • Anyway do your own thing 🙂

    He might come around, he might not. Stop the playing around game he did she did i did then if i do this ping pong game, unless you somehow enjoy the scorpio games, flow from our hearts what feels right and that is it..

    Not for strategic reasons, enough of that ignore me running hot and cold space nonsense, untless again you find it interesting and charming continue, ok you might be able to play him or outplay him with those things but well don't take the route if you don't like it yourself only to get him.

    Relationsships like chess invented by scorps should be playing their games alone.

  • xtine

    hmm this is way late LOL

    but I already replied to you in your other thread

    you posted the same question there, hope you find it helpful

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