Can someone please help me with a specific question?

  • Hi,

    I was hoping someone could help me with a reading in regards to my relationship and in particular - one specific question?

    And that is when will my partner and i get engaged and married?

    My DOB is 13 july 1982, his is 19 Feb 1982. We had some problems but now have fully recovered from those and are back on track. I would like us to be engaged and married soon while he is telling me he wants us to buy a house first. He also is telling me he will not give me a timeline as he wants it to be a complete surprise. Is this surprise coming soon and he is trying to out me off the scent or is he just not in that place yet?

    Any help and insite is highly appreciaited!

    Many thanks

    Phoenix xx

  • Why don't you just confront him and tell him to stop being so secretive and just name a date? It is him you should be asking, not the psychics here. If you feel you cannot talk straight with him, then it is not an equal partnership and will founder eventually. Are you afraid of hearing the truth if you ask him about this? The 'complete surprise' line sounds like a delaying tactic to me.

  • I have spoken to him about it, many times. But yet all he says is he wants us to buy a house first. Which we are saying for. That he doesnt want to give me a timeline as he wants me to be surprised.

    Im sorry, i thought this was a place of insite. I have come here to see if anyone has a sense and they maybe able to help me. That is all..

  • When do you think you guys will be ready to buy a house?

  • From what I have seen, TheCaptain is very gifted and has helped many people here. I have asked questions too hoping for a direct answer but sometimes direct answers are not what will be most helpful. I'm sorry this is also not a direct answer telling you yes or no but I would not pour my money into buying a house with someone I wanted to marry unless I knew for sure that he wanted to marry me too. That's a pretty major move. Before getting finacially involved with someone, I'd want to make certain that we had the same future goals of marriage in mind. If he can't give you a straight answer now, then it might be wise to hold off on the house buying.

  • Our aim is to buy a house at the end of the year. There is a savings plan in motion and that is when we will hopefully have enough of a deposit.

    We have spoken about marraige before and he does want to get married.

    I guess i am here because i am inpatient and i just wanted to see if anyone could help me with any insite.

    I am sorry, i didnt mean to come across bad.

    Many thanks


  • Well it sounds as if you guys are heading in the right direction, and maybe he really does want it to be a surprise for you.

    Maybe you could remind yourself of everything you two have together and be content that you're moving towards a place you both want to be in.....?

    Good luck with it, hope it all works out! : )

  • Phoenixaust, by the number of times you have asked in this forum about you and your partner, it seems to me you have many concerns about this relationship. You have been given many answers and reassurances from several different posters but still you keep asking. Which is why the only person who can satisfy your mind is your partner. I told you in your compatibiility reading that he likes to be boss and you like to have power over people so this is obviously a place where you will clash. The more you try your way, the more he will try his way. There's only one way to work this out - with calm, but determined, debate. You both have a tendency to stay away from confronting problems but this must be sorted. If there are problems like this before marriage, it may just get worse afterwards.

    Tell him you hate surprises.

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