Can someone please do a relationship reading for me?

  • Hi,

    I was hoping someone could help me with a relationship reading and in particular - one specific question?

    And that is when will my partner and i get engaged and married?

    My DOB is 13 july 1982, his is 19 Feb 1982. We had some problems but now have fully recovered from those and are back on track. I would like us to be engaged and married soon while he is telling me he wants us to buy a house first. He also is telling me he will not give me a timeline as he wants it to be a complete surprise. Is this surprise coming soon and he is trying to out me off the scent or is he just not in that place yet?

    Any help and insite is highly appreciaited!

    Many thanks

    Phoenix xx

  • relationship reading: this relationship creates playful energy loving the course of things without clinging.

    When will your partner and you get engaged and married? When you have withdrawn in yourself collecting energy and money.

    Is this surprise coming soon? Yes.

    You have an innate intuition that, if followed, will always lead you to success in all your dealings. Inherent in this intuition is a high set of values and often a "mission" in life, a mission that always involves partners and "others". There is a certain amount of ambition, usually for money, that keeps you motivated. This is good because you can get into ruts at times - especially in your closest relationships. If you tap into your inner guidance you will find a path awaiting you that is fascinating and rewarding. You do best by establishing yourself in one business and sticking with it. You should be careful that your social obligations do not tax your health and well being. You usually make large sums of money in real estate in your later years and maintain good health throughout your life. You love to mix and mingle and to do "deals" with others. Once you have discovered your special mission, you find more success.

    Love is the bridge between you and that which is, whatsoever it is.

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