Lost Engagement Ring

  • Ooh, and the child may need some appeasing for returning the ring - something to exchange like a little toy.

  • Laie4--thank you for the engagement wishes. That was very sweet. My fiance comes home tonight with tools-and magnets and we plan on pulling the dishwasher out.

    I have yet to come up with anything. I completely cleared out my bedroom and checked every inch of the carpets. I said all my prayers before I went to bed last night. Today I have been slowly placing all the furniture back into the bedroom. I see a hypnotist today at 4pm and I am hoping that can answer some more questions about my day. I just wanted to keep you all posted and see anyone came up with anything else.

    Again...Thank you!

  • StephBurger, I am interested in knowing how this all turns out, all I get was carpet

    and possible person who is jealous....Keep asking Saint Anthony, it works!!!

    Best wishes Steph...

  • Stephburger,

    How did you go? Did you find the ring?

  • No I still have not found the ring 😞

  • Stephburger, do you hav any sense of someone who may hav taken it????

  • Spirit says Feb13th the lid blows off. I see a girl with eys wide open--mouth open gasping Holy Sh it! This girl is wearing big red heart on front of her shirt--really big covers chest. Before this, for days she has crazy dreams--wakes up saying what does it mean, all these vivid dreams, so many emotions? A grandfather speaks up---a childhood friend not thought of in years and years visits dreams as well. Dreams of an unpleasant event from past she forgot about gives her an unsettling feeling--like dejavu.. Soon it all makes sense. The ring has a bigger story than just being lost. Vlantines day will say a lot.

  • Thank you everyone for trying to help me find my ring. It has still yet to turn up but my fiance and feel like it will on an odd day and time. Maybe not but we just still think its somewhere crazy in our apartment. The good news is I did have it insured 🙂

    Now that I have the new ring(no one can tell a difference) I have this anxiety that I'm going to do it again. I have reacurring dreams about it breaking, going missing, and crumbling. My fiance was VERY supportive when I lost it, when he could of been upset. We are 27 & 28 and have a healthy relationship.

    If anyone has the time for their input on what this could mean.... let me know 🙂

  • Stephburger, you are having subconscious anxieties over moving towards marriage that you need to sort out or you will indeed lose the ring again. Examine why you feel inadequate to the challenge of commiting to one person.

  • You nailed it with feeling "inadequate to the challenge"

    How do I sort this out?

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