Lost Engagement Ring

  • check closely


  • Hi Steph

    I'm going to add my 2 cents worth here and say that I feel it went down a drain. I also get that it was a drain in the laundry. Don't just check inside though: do you have a hose from your washing machine which pumps water out onto the lawn? Go check outside near the hose and further down from it - like where the water pools. Don't know if this will help you in your search, but funny enough, I also get somethign red like Blumoon has; although what I'm getting is more like a red PLANT (bush) rather than clothing. Can't be totally sure though!

    GOOD LUCK :))

  • First I want to thank everyone for their help. I cleared out ALL the cupboards in the kitchen tonight and came up with nothing.

    Chris 1962. I do not have a washer and dryer in my apartment and have not done laundry since this has happened. I continue and will continue to look through the laundry though. We did check all the drains as well as tear apart the pipes the day it went missing.. sunday 17th

    Red is such a common thing around my apartments, walls, purses, decorations, ect. ... which would explain maybe why everyone is seeing red and giving me hope that the ring is still in my apartment.

    The dishwasher to was tore apart and looked in and around.

    Wenchie, I feel like your on to somthing. Or maybe it is cause you are giving me some hope. I took my dresses out of my room today. And I'm in the process of removing my other belongings. My fiance is out of town on the weekdays so this process has been exhausting doing alone 😞 I will continue to search the carpets of the bedroom as well as around the house.

    If anything else comes to mind for anyone please help.

    Again thank you for everyones input

  • I mean dresser

  • Let us know how you go. Good luck!

  • maybe this might help some of you... at the time the ring went missing he had white yarn tied around the back of it.

  • Saint Anthony is Patron Saint for lost objects, ask him to please help youfind it, then say The Lords Prayer. When you find it don't forget to thank him and say another LordsPrayer

    best wishes

  • I'm still trying to help you--still getting the red hood as if it was in the hood at first--I know that doesn't make sense. I'm still getting laundry or clothes--and the floor specialy an area around a door and I still see metal involved. Where you putting things away in drawers? Here's the problem on my end--since others are helping as well and you and others are talking about it there and thinking hard on it I'm picking up a lot of that which is going on--I'm sure of that because I said to myself before reading the next post I think it's in the couch then thought no that's not right but kept seeing the insides of the couch--only to see your next post that said you tore up the couch! So it may help us if we get back to that day you lost it and focus on that--could you please just remember as much as possible about that day--in order of the day as much as you can remember so I can zero in on THAT day because that's where my focus can pick up your movements. No detail is too simple---- say I did this and then that--even the littlest detail would help me zero in. I'm afraid otherwise there's just too much energy abuzz right now.

  • I am feeling this ring is being moved about by a mischievous spirit - that of a child with red hair. Sit down and tell the child how much the ring means to you and ask him to leave the ring in an obvious place where you can find it. Maybe even ask him to put it back in the jwellery box. I think he just wants some attention.

  • Again thank you all for the ideas and help. I will continue to pray to st. anthony and ask this red headed child to give me my ring back 🙂

    blmoon. As you said before the more frazled we get the harder it is to try to retrace our steps. I manage an apartment community. My apartment is above the office I work in as well as the clubhouse. I woke up around 8:30 in the morning and was cleaning. In my head I took off my ring. I do not feel that the ring flew or fell off. I have a feeling I took it off set it somewhere in distraction and now it has been moved around. I did come downstairs to do some work. And unlock the club house doors. I'm missing pieces of my morning....and afternoon. I finally showered in the afternoon. After the shower is when I went to put the ring back on and it was not where I thought I set it.

    Tomorrow I have an appointment with a hynptherapist. Like I said I'm trying everything and hoping she can help me regain the pieces of the day I'm missing. Thank you for your continued help. Also my maintanance manager, whom I also work with has been the one checking the appliances for me. Taking them apart and puting them back together.

  • I also want you to know that I did check the downstairs clubhouse. As well and watch a full day of video footage on there and didnt see anyone pick up anything off the ground. I did this just in case the ring did fly out of my sweatshirt onto the ground when I was unlocking it. Also that day I did do some work in my downstairs office. That is where I am at right now.

  • Captain--your suggestion would explain my first reading exactly! I considered that but when she said she has not had things missing or moved around lately I dismissed it because usually when you got mischief around it's been doing other little attention seeking pranks. I'm going to to follow your lead as well and talk to this imp!

  • You are right! The redhead is real and the ring is hidden underguard. The child followed her in and wanders the complex. She has been following her for some time but she is always so busy she whines and is ignored. She will find the ring now that this has been acknowledged.

  • I actually have had a couple other things gone missing in the last few months, my tiffany's necklace when mysteriously missing, and so did my navigation system for our car.

  • Now I'm really confused the red head says they have been warning you--a thief is nearby. These are seperate issues I think. I don't see the navigation system with the child. Now I'm hearing that this child is protective of you but there is someone else involved--acknowledge the child and ask them to help you solve this and keep a very open mind. Something is not right downstairs they say. Before you go to sleep pray for a dream.

  • I know I asked you this already and you said everyone in your house is completely trustwoirthy but I'm picking up that someone nearby is a thief and you do know this person. I see the navigation system for sure in a pawnshop nearby. This person tells themselves that they are just borrowing and will put the things back but it just snowballs and they can't get it out. I see they pawn stuff a lot and are caught up in being forever trying to keep from losing the items so they pawn more and more. I feel like the ring is going to turn up. After it does be receptive to the thief idea and you will get a big hunch. You may want to check nearby pawn shops--sometimes they won't give out info without a police report but sometimes if a pretty girl smiles nice you'll get a helpful guy at the register.

  • The child moving things around would explain why everyone has seen a different hiding place. Yes the thief is a different entity - I am getting more a thief of emotions than physical things.

  • You know Captain I think when we put our heads together we come up with a much bigger picture!

  • it was definitely at the base of the dishwasher. ( dark, slots ) Just checking in - I was going to ask you to get a flashlight. I guess that the light should be directed somewhere else after reading above posts. All the best to you --- Congratulations on the engagement -- Long & Happy Life to you both !

  • You are right, Blmoon, it took me reading all the other posts before I got anything. It's what I dislike about reading. It's so unreliable. Sometimes I get something from nothing, sometimes I need a lot of background info, and sometimes I get nada! Annoying!

    Oh and when I saw the ring, the child was placing it in the bottom drawer of a set of drawers, on the left side underneath clothing or something soft.

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