Lost Engagement Ring

  • Please help. I'm completely devasted. Yesterday I took my engagement ring off to clean and when I went back to grab it out of my jewery box it was gone. I have searched my place high and low. There are no local phychics or hynotherapists in my area and I'm at a loss on where to look next. It is a 2.06 brilliant round cut diamond. It is surrounded my smaller diamonds and diamonds around the write gold band. I feel completely lost without it 😞

  • Did you check all pockets? Laundry?

  • Thank you for responding. Yes i have checked pockets and laundry.... and I will continue to check more pockets and laundry

  • Did it get stuck on your sleeve of what you were wearing after you put it down?

  • Maybe it caught on your sleeve and then dropped off as you were moving around. Did you vacuum? If you did I would go through the vacuum cleaner bag.....uggh, a dirty job I know!

  • I'm getting a few things that don't make sense on their own so maybe you can describe the room you where cleaning--describe the jewelry box. I see a person with red hair and I see a red rug--deep red. Has anything else turned up missing lately--or things being out of place? Have you ever misplaced the ring before?

  • No this is the first time I have ever misplaced this ring. I have been engaged since December 19th. I was cleaning the kitchen, and I remember thinking I need to take off the ring. When I take it off to clean I set it in my jewery box which is right next to my bed. The jewery box is a burgandy color and has all sorts of compartments for earings, bracelets, necklaces. There is alot of red around my apartment. In fact my walls are painted red. I have searched the jewerey box over and over and over. I hope this helps you come up with somthing else. I greatly appreciate your help. I just have not been the same since it has been gone 😞

  • Now that I know seeing so much red means a connection I will press on and try to get closer. I'm on my way out so will get back to you after I can meditae on this--I so know the feeling of losing something so important to you. I hope you find it on your own. I don't feel it in the Jewelry box. My first impression was someone else has it but that could be my fear or a vibe from others thoughts on this so I'm not ready yet to be convinced--my next impression was that you never made it to the jewelry box --you thought it but got so busy you put it in your pocket untill you got to the box--got distracted and thought you did. Was anyone else in the house? Do you have a floor heating grate?

  • Yes I have a feeling I never made it to the jewelry box. I was wearing pajama pants that didnt have pockets and a hooded sweatshirt, which to is deep burgandy. I have checked that over and over also. In the apartment that day was my roommate. Who was sick and never came out of her room that day. And my fiance's sister. They are both very trusting and I know they dont have anything to do with the disapearance. No we do not have floor heated grate. Let me know if you need anymore information.

  • The hooded burgandy jacket! Alright now I'm seeing better and understand the deep red head and then the floor--was the hooded jacket ever on the floor--were did you lay it down after changing? Is there anything in your place like a metal grating or something heater airconditioning related? Gotta run, maybe I'll get more while running errands.

  • I was wearing the sweatshirt all day while I was looking for it. We have electric heaters and they are small in the wall. I'm taking my dog to the vet in 15 to get him xrayed. We are trying everything.

  • I'm going to double back to first impressions before I tried to analize them--I should know better but it happens. I'm going to write them out exactly as they came first heard redhead--then saw a red head--then more red red red and thought alright I got it red. Then saw a rug those orientle looking things in deep red and saw the word burgandy and thought deep red. Then I saw the heating grate on a oak wooden floor. Since you do not have a grate on the floor it could represent something else heat and metal related so think about that--could include the stove--the toaster, other heaters, a clothes dryer, even a hair dryer. Check around the heaters not just near them but other places close by the heater. Does oak mean anything? I'll keep digging.

  • Ps --when I saw the grate it was more like looking through bars and the ring was inside. So this could mean trapped or hidden.

  • Your suggestions are helping me come up with more ideas on where to look. I would like to continue communicating with you cause I really feel like this is helping. I have checked the stove, fridge, and dishwasher. I will continue to check them again. I have attached 3 pictures of my apartment. One is when you first walk in. Its an open area, and you can see the kitchen, which has wood floors. The second is the hall way leading to my bedroom, and third is the bathroom. Again thank you for your time and help.

  • living room kitchen

  • livingroom kitchen....hopes this works Im having troubles uploading

  • bathroom

  • The only thing I feel attracted to is the kitchen and if that's were your looking hardest it could be why it's full of energy. The wood floor looks like the floor in my first impressions. Ithink you should slowly empty all surfaces in the kitchen first and place everything on dining table for a while--empty everything from all countertops--fridge top and floor including garbage cans or chairs. Once you do this try standing in the empty space and look around and just let your mind empty of thought and see what pops up. Try sitting on the floor for awhile as well and just look around noticing things--possibilities--maybe there is a little place something could become trapped in you never noticed. Sometimes the more frantic we become the harder it is to get connected with our subconciese half that knows exactly what you did with that ring. If you are positive no one would take it and it didn't go out with the trash then it has to be there. I'll look the pictures again and keep listening for more. If you are not successful with the kitchen I can help guide you through other rooms. I still get the laundry or clothes picture popping up. Is your laundry near the kitchen? A door?

  • I still havnt had any luck. We completely went through the couch. Destroyed it with a sledge hammer. Dont worry we didnt want it anymore anyways. It didnt end up in xrays in the dogs stomach. I cleared everything off my kitchen counter and plan on going through the ktichen more tonight. I just want to see if you came up with somthing more. Thank you!

  • Steph,

    A friend who saw your post asked me to tell you this........Please do me a favor and let the person on Tarot who is looking for a ring know that, according to what I see, it is on the floor, I THINK in a bedroom but I'm not sure. I see it on the floor between a piece of furniture and a wall. I believe its near a door (the piece of furniture) Its just there, on the floor, hard to see but like it fell and rolled there where no one would look and the piece of furniture is not a small one. Its in a dark, bit of a dusty spot, it looks like. If I had to guess, I'd say it was the dresser in the bedroom, but tell her NOT to just focus on that.

    I hope that helps.

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