Caps have it Rough

  • Do you all find that Caps have to work harder than any other sign to achieve things. Don't get me wrong I have been blessed with so many things, but my journey has been so hard. I look at some of my firends and they almost have it handed to me, but I have to work till the sweat falls until I can achieve what I want.

  • you know whats helped me get through hard times and being a capi indivividual living a life with a concurrent disorder (psychoses and drug addiction),picturing the worst case scenario,and i'll be honest getting out of bed is hard fuckin work some days but i've gotten myself out of the gutter and i realize and like that hard work and discipline is not only key to success but setting your vibrational tone to what you desire,will knock buildings down for you,.if you want to learn more about your vibrational tone check out abraham hicks on you tube,,,and a favorite musician of mine the artists eyedea and abilities smile video,and by nature the capi is a mountain climber,so your damn right we gotta bust are asses

  • You know bbnb, we Caps are born teachers but, although we may be born with the predisposition to teach, we aren't born with the experience and this is why we have to acquire it practically as well as theoretically. lt takes time but, having got to the top of the hill, mountain or tree your authority to instruct and show the way is virtually unarguable.

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