Late husbands annversary of passing 5 years.

  • Hi I am having some difficulties with this annversary since His dog whom I had been taking care of was killed by a car. My friends say it was for the best, he wanted the dog with him I feel like I have been failing in my responsibilites since his death. Please help.

  • Hello,

    I must start by letting you know I dont mean to sound harsh in my words.I am just upfront and honest about my beliefs.I have seen way too much not to trust all that God,Christ and all the master teachers,spirit guides and angels,have shown me.I buried both of my childrens fathers ,last year after they died 6 months apart.Being married 1st for 20yrs. and 2cd for 10yrs.First ex died after a yr. long process ,at home.The 2cd was found hanging by our son and I.Last weekend was his 1yr. death anniversary.Very hard on all of us.Alot of us feel as if we are failing.It is hard picking up the pieces.As a teacher I thought I would get ALL this stuff done this summer-NOT.We know all the B.S. that has to be done,so it just seems fit that the list of to do things grows and grows.I have to learn to live in this house now without his help.It is a whole life challenging rearrangement.Give yourself TIME even if it means years.I do want to say It breaks my heart to hear of another death ,whether man or beast.Let go of fear and guilt,and begin with hope,faith and as always , keep dreamin' ... Theorosa also seen as Night Coyote

  • Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I miss it all. I am with you in your journey and believing in the faith that keeps us going.

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