Leos - Are you true to your calling? Was there a detour?

  • Happy New Year to Lions and All.

    I'm a Leo, July 28th. Looks like almost all my planets are in Leo except Venus- it's in Virgo-guess that means I'm picky lol. I'm at the crossroads for a career change. I've worked off and on in administrative jobs and seemed to have always experienced disasters with them. Jobs, I've had working with people - I do well (cruise lines) and enjoy it.

    Drop by - what is your present occupation? do you enjoy it? Have you taken a job not true to your nature (a detour) and experienced disaster or found a calling?

  • Hey there, Sunlyoness!

    Wow, how interesting to have almost all your planets in Leo! I too, am a Leo, with Sun, Moon, Rising and Mars in Leo. ..and ironically, Venus in Virgo, like yourself..lol.

    You've posed an interesting question and my answer to that is that I have not found my true calling and have, in my 39yrs, had an embarrassing amount of jobs in all different types of fields. For whatever reason, I never manage to keep a job for long... maybe two years was the longest. I have always fallen back on waitressing in between "professional" type jobs, as it's a great source of cash, and I happen to love the social aspect of it, but due to certain health issues, it's not something I can do any longer. I have always felt down on myself about that fact that I can't seem to stay at one job for any significant amount of time and that has had a major impact on my life and the way I feel about myself. Usually the reason I end up leaving a job is boredom or monotony. I never felt like I found something that I LOVED to do, or something I was driven or compelled to do. I've always thought that would make a difference for me. If I had a job that I looked forward to going to everyday because it was fulfilling and satisfying to go to, maybe it would stick..lol. People usually say Leo's have so much drive and ambition, but unfortunately, I wasn't graced with those qualities. Must have something to do with the other planets, houses and aspects of my chart, overshadowing them. So, I guess to answer your other question, NO, I have not found my calling, and my career path has been a total disaster..lol!

    Best regards,


  • Very Interesting! For us leos anyway! I have to say no and maybe yes. When I was still in school I got really good grades and wanted to pursue teaching or psycology. But then the change...at 14 I got pregnant and was a mom at 15. Married living with my parents. That lasted till my daughter was 2. I say my daughter because the sperm donor (just cant call him a dad) decided it was time to move on! Now this was in the mid 70's so THANK GOD some things are different now for girls who get pregnant, BUT I sure as h**l dont reccommend it. I never got that career I wanted and have spent the rest of my life (50 now) working in factories pretty much because of the pay and the benefits. And I dont mean front office, I mean assembly line, as hard as you can work dirty, long hours night shift work. Now, I am out of work. Things started to take a toll on me about 6 years ago and I became severly depressed & began to suffer panic attacks. Sure wish I'd had the forum then! But I have it now and it is great!!!

    Wow I really went on, didnt I? So that is the no, but the yes is that all along my journey I have taught and I have also been there for many people who just wanted someone to listen to their story. So I counseled! Thanks for the chance to express myself!! Go Leos! :-))

  • Ragbag just a thought, have you thought about going back to school and becoming a nurse? It might be right up your alley. When I went to school there were people from ALL walks of life -- women in their 50's looking for a change, young single mothers, people right out of the service, kids straight out of high school. We all helped each other get through it. It's a fantastic job in that the money is good, it's well-respected, you can go ANYWHERE, and there is no shortage of "change" if you're the kind of person who gets bored easily. Heck, you can even do travel nursing, where the assignments are only a few months long. Also, the job array is vast -- you can work everywhere from surgery to an insurance office.

  • Yes Goosemama, I have considered it. Maybe in the not so distant future! Right now I am responsible for my mama (85) as well as still trying to work through some issues with my health as well. I am a firm believer in never giving up on your dreams! 🙂

  • Felt like I had to add: My daughter (pisces) is the beautiful outcome of an ugly situation. Love her with all my heart!

  • yeah I have taken many detours I suppose, in my search for my true paths

    I have found my path and working on walking on this path fully

    means leaving the material path completely

    it will not happen until all my debts are paid off so for now I'm staying on the detour path

    there are many horrible things in the past I can share with you

    but they belong to the past and I have closed the door, no need to open it anymore

    I've been on many jobs I'm not picky

    Janitorial, mailroom, office clerk, factory labor, part inspector, lab clerk, cashier, receptionist, data entry == whatever as long as it brings money

    I did wish for a career for I have a degree for it but was never given a chance to

    now I have my own home business and helping hubby with his own business

    so I'm not concerned with career path anymore

    plus I'm aiming to walk on spiritual path completely so I'll take any job to be debt free

    and then I'll take the training necessary to walk on this path

    it's pretty clear to me what I should do and how my future is

    There is time for everything, even to find the path meant for us

    There is no need to rush, when the time comes, it comes

    I am 34 but among my mentors, one is in his 28s and he is a spiritual master already

    I wish everyone, Leos or not : clarity to see your life direction, courage to take the steps necessary to get there and may the universe supports you all the way

    bye now take care

  • I've taken many Detours so many you would not believe, but its not always because of bad decision making. Just many different oppertunities and my path keeps changing continuously. once I get comfortable and in a good routine things suddenly change again while change can be good it can also be very disruptive for me at times. I've gotten used to it over the years though and learned how to just let what will be happen and accept the lessons learned.

  • Thank you all for your comments. Looks like we've all taken a detour somewhere along the road. I think it's never too late to pursue your interests. I've started with a career counselor and I may be going back to school - I'm 51yrs.

    Sacogirl, I started school at 39yrs, graduated and may be going back again. I like working with people and this time I hope to work in a area that allows me to connect with people. Give it some thought when things settle some (they never settle completely). Thanks again for your input.

  • GooseMama is right. I am looking at going back to school and I'm 51.

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