Cleansing Gemstones and other Questions

  • I was curious to know if anyone uses/collects gemstones and if they have any suggestions on how to cleanse them?

    Also, curious to know if anyone has had any success with a gemstone "working" for them??

    I am looking for a stone that will help with singing/performing. Any ideas?

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  • Yes had luck several times. I have given them to many and they were healed.

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  • What is your problem with performing? I something wrong with your throat? Is it over used? Is you self esteem or confidence the problem with performing? Give me something more. There isn't a stone in my book for singing and performing.

  • Maybe I should create with a gemstone cluster...something that will address confidence, helping ward of sickness like sore throat, sinus stuff... maybe a stone for listening?

    I know confidence is a big one, some days you just feel off your game and you want a boost...

    Thank you for your initial post...I meant to save that link....

    Is there a stone that you found to be beneficial for motivation? or weight loss?

    Still learning whats all out there...

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  • I cleanse my gemstones by placing them in a bowl full of salt overnight. The salt cleanses them and neutralizes negative energy.

  • That's good but not all stone should be put in salt water.

  • In fact some should even be in water.

  • No, not in salt water. Just plain dry salt in a bowl.

  • Stones have always been my friends. When I was a child I just loved them so much that when we went camping for vacation I had to bring a cardboard box full with us because I was so attached to them Plus I added more from our travels. I love all rocks not just gemstones. Friends bring me stones from all their travels so I have stones from all over the world. I have had stones that I give as gifts with energy attached. My grandchildren love playing with my stones--picking them up in my garden. They call them grandma's treasures. My most favorite stone my father gave me more than twenty years ago. It is small in the hand brown with white patches--one side is a perfect outline of a wolf howling and when you turn it over there is a perfect paw! The detail is just amazing! Yet it is all nature made, I also have a stone shaped exactly like a small fang with top part made of emerald but below that a white area just like tooth. Again the detail is remarkable--it looks exactly like a fang. I could go on and on about stones. Sometimes I take the inside stones outside for awhile if they start feeling dull. Stones that I feel need a cleaning--I let them soak in salt water outside in sunny spot. There are soft stones like opal that are supposed to be too delicate for cleaning but I've never been attracted to opal so wouldn't know that outcome. My favorite stone is citrine. I also love rutilated quartz. Jade has a nice feel. Lapis has a strong energy I'm attracted to as well.

  • You can cleanse stones by running them under the shower, however a few stones are water soluble, so do your research!

    Leaving them under the sun for a day can also cleanse your stone. Be wary that some stones fade (amethyst, emerald, jade).

    Some people burn sage bundles & cleanse their stones with the smoke.

    I've also heard that you can bury them in the salt for a day or cleanse them in the ocean.

    Citrine is potent enough that it does not need to be cleansed.

    There is a lot of information out there on the web on cleansing crystals. 🙂

    Good luck!

  • Yes this is true but I was also told that you shouldn't use tap water unless it has sat long enough for the chemicals to settle in the bottom of the container. Put them in the dirt also to regenerate and cleanse. That's why I use dirt in a pot so as not to loose them. Stones that don't absorb negative energy can cleanse other stones. Citrine, tourmaline, Calcite, Amethyst, Carnelian.

  • I agree about the water--prefer a spring water or rain water and it's true about citrine--never felt the need to clean probably why it's a favorite! Very good stone for psychic people. For the person looking for a helping stone for singing--assume she means something to give her confidence it is usually best to just trust the attraction. In the past I've been aware of certain stones usefulness--like adventurine for money--amethyst for addiction--pink quartz for love but in the end we usually are attracted to the stone that we need. Outside in nature is the best remedy for new life to stones and rocks that maybe been hanging around indoors too long. If you are in tune with subtle energies you will just know what the stone needs.

  • Thanks to everyone for all the comments! Very interesting indeed 🙂 Thanks for the warnings as well. I initially liked the idea of using the sun and moon to cleanse, but I have a few gemstones that could fade (emerald and amethyst)...I think the best option for me will be using the earth. I think I will try digging up some of the dirt in my backyard (away from the chemical-filled fertilizers) and use a clay pot to store the stones in the soil (thanks for the great idea LibrasLair!).

    What about charging?? Does anyone have a sure-fire, fool proof way to charge or "set" your stones? (Im probably using the wrong word here, but I was told that you have to "tell" your stone what it is that you want it to do. So if you have a moonstone and moonstones are great for several things, you have to charge it if you want it to do something in particular.)

    I am curious, if a stone list several qualities, of which you would like all those qualities to be presented in that stone, can you charge a stone to do them all or do you have to have a stone for each quality?

    I hope this isnt too confusing, Ive just been told random things and have been trying to figure it out on my own.

  • Ah the correct word is 'Program' ... not charge. My bad.

  • I'm thinking you are going to get many views and methods. I think loving something is a source of energy. Long before I read about energy and stones I was a child who loved them. As an artist I find them so beautifuly created and I'm in awe of the process that nature creates them. So when I'm in a quiet place holding, feeling and observing all the little amazing looking things that make that stone beautiful it is absorbing those true feelings of energy. I have given stones as gifts and prayed while admiring them my loving thoughts and wishes for that person. I think in this way stones are an amplifiar of energy. In my case it's about intent. The feelings are real. At different times in my life I was attracted to different stones for certain properties and like I said you tend to just know which ones. There were years that snowflake obsidian was very grounding for me and I wore them a lot. I used to have a fat necklace of malachite that helped me sleep well at night. It changes.

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