Is he worth waiting for? hope or no hope?

  • Me and my bf ended our relationship just over 2 weeks ago. He's a leo and im a sagittarius.

    We've still been in contact though after the first week, I told him I didnt think he should contact me anymore until he knows what he wants, as it was all giving me false hope.

    I brought up the idea of breaking up cos he admitted he wasnt over his ex of 3 years, she is a scorpio, but wanted to be. At first he was trying to persuade me not to end things but I thought we should so he could have some time to get over her.

    After a few days, I felt it was a mistake and he still contacted me. I felt that as long as he actually wanted to get over her and move on, it shouldnt be an issue. This was the only issue we had in our whole relationship. I told him I wanted us to get back together but he said he thinks maybe he should have some time to sort his head out cos he doesnt want to hurt me. I told him I understood.

    though still he contacted me, turned up to my house a week after breaking up saying he couldnt bear the thought of me meeting someone else. Then the next day, we just talked things through. I told him I wanted to be with him still and he said the same but 'doesnt know'. Thats when I said contact me when you do.

    Then a week went by with no contact.I went out again on friday. He texts me at 11pm asking if I was in the usual place I go to to cos him and his mates are going and he doesnt want to ruin my night. I replied saying 'I wasnt and dont be silly he would ruin my night, have fun;. He replied back jokingly that he would only embarrass me with his dance moves anyway.

    At 3am, he texts asking if I want to meet him cos he wants to see me but I didnt reply cos it was obvious what he wanted. He text again saying he justwants to see me and wants to talk. He text again half an hour later saying if I know that I want to see him then he'll be waiting for me. I didnt reply cos I assumed he was drunk and by this point I had gone home.

    I got another text saying 'Im drunk, can I come with you?' Then a few phone calls. I didnt answer them cos I got really upset and didnt want him to hear me crying. I felt a bit better and eventually answered about half an hour later, and he was saying how this week of no contact has been like hell for him and that he's depressed and confused. He asked if he could call back in ten mins, it sounded like he was about to cry.

    Ten mins later, I answered and his friend was on the phone. I asked if he was okay an his friend said he was and that he was gonna bring him to his. He put my ex back on the phone and he asked me to come to his friends in town to talk. I said no cos I was at home. I said thisprobably wasnt the best time to talk about his and last time we did, we went round in circles.

    He told me he tried to drop his phone in a puddle cos he didnt want to ring her. By her, he meant his ex. I asked if he had been talking to her and he said no but that she did this to us and he was angry at her. I told him its not her fault and that he just needs time.

    I heard his firend in the background so I said that I should go. I only answered cos I thought he was on his own and that his friend had gone to bed or smething. He told me he wanted me to stay on the phone but I said he'll be okay cos hes got his friend there. I felt like I was about to cry again too. He said he wants to talk and could we meet up and could he talk to me tomorrow. I said yes. I asked him one final time if he was okay and that he sounded better than before, and he said no Im still the same.

    The next day, I get a text from him saying 'sorry if I spoke to you a bit angrily last night, didnt mean to' I replied saying he didnt and that I was worried about him and asked if he was feeling a bit better today. He replied saying 'I dont know, and that he is at his friends safe and hungover'. I replied saying okay feel better soon. I havent heard from him since.

    I know its stalkerish but he hasnt even been on facebook/twitter or anything and he normally always is. Im a bit worried.

    What do you make of all this? And do you think Im over reacting by worrying?

    I want to get back with him but I know he'll need some time to figure things out. I know in the mean time I should move on and concentrate on myself and I started to last week but after this weekend, how am I supposed to?

    any advice would be great. Sorry for the mega essay

  • btw any readings would be so helpful.

    he's 07/08/1987

    i'm 01/12/1988

    Im so lost and confused, i need to know if he does actually want to get over heer.

    thank you

  • Forget about your ex's ex. She is too much in the picture. Break off all contact with him. If he really wants to be with you, he will get his act together and prove it to you. Calling at 3am is disrespectful to you. Focus on yourself and go and do fun things for yourself.

  • totallyrad,

    It's always sad when someone you love is caught in a struggle - especially when the only thing that we can do is wait. redgroundhog is right - go out and try to have some fun - It's not stalker-ish to be concerned - but you do need to be concerned about yourself when your sorrow is due to another's lack of consideration.

    For the pain:

    "Emotions" - Destiny's Child or (for an original old school feel) Bee Gees

    For the fun you should be having:

    "Jumpin'" - Destiny's Child

    Love & Blessings


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