You Know Who You Are!

  • Ragbag,

    Very well said! I have learned So much just by reading other threads and the replies given. Something I've been finding is that many feel they have No Gift to offer. Wrong -- LOL! The readers on here are amazing --- ditto, Fanofkmm, very well said --- , but common sense and helping others sort through problems is also a gift.

    Many times I've read a thread where people will say, I'm not a psychic but blah blah .... And in reading the post you can see just how they have helped that person. Simple kindness and decency .... You may not be aware of what you have done as a psychic gift per se, but it is. In helping others and offering whatever, you've tapped into Spirit --- For me, that is where all your gifts come from.

    I'm SO grateful that I found this site. It has helped me learn an enormous amount of stuff and as Fanofkmm pointed out it ripples outward. A Big Thank You to everyone who has ever read for me, chatted with me, and simply just posted! From every experience, I've learned. May you be as blessed as you've made me feel. Heartfelt Gratitude !!!

  • I obviously haven't learned to proof read all of my posts either. Geeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz I get in too big a hurry.

  • Garsh....its enough to make a person feel all warm & fuzzy inside!!!

    Intrigued, I am in no way offended by your remarks. Quite the opposite! And Thank you I might add. I am considered cuddly & kinda like Garfield the cat....FLUFFY! LOL :-))

    Laie4,I always enjoy reading you! All of the stories here are so compelling and I agree with you sometimes a person only wants to know there is someone there to share with when they feel so down. I dont have any gifts like so many have so freely share with me but I do have years of experience from lessons learned! Most of them kicking & screaming! I've always heard," When you learn a lesson the hard way, you will KNOW it." ! :-))

    Thanks again for brightening my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 🙂 Great tohear you feel all warm and fuzzy inside ragbag and that you're not offended and I was right!

    Lovely that people seem so warm, friendly and approachable on here. Have a good day people.

    Kindest regards


  • Taking a little trip down memory lane this afternoon and wondering where and how all these people are?

    Some of the recent postings got me thinking of my 'virgin voyage' here on the forum. I now understand that I drove some of these fine people nuts! But...they were so patient with me and I really hope they were blessed for it. There surely are some good, kind, wise and loving people out there!

    Hope life is treating everyone with respect and kindness and that we can/will pass it on.

    Heres to the newbies and us 'not so' newbies!

    Thanks 2 U ALL 🙂


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