You Know Who You Are!

  • This is to thank all the gifted, talented, kind, just plain all out special people who give so much of their abilities, time & talent to each of us here in the forum. I honestly dont know how you do it, but it has helped me in so many ways! If I tried to mention names I would surely miss someone. Thus the title for the thread. A HUGE THANKS! :-))

    N E X T ............

  • Well said Ragbag, I agree....thank you to those who are so giving of their time and energy. It IS appreciated.

  • Ragbag, Great post. I agree and would also like to give thanks for all the support and for sharing their gifts with us.

  • yes i have to say thanks to alot of people on here also, but anyone that posts on here you also need to take a look at yourself and thank yourself too! even if you were to only make a little response to someones problem, every bit of it helps when people need it most, people have helped me so freely on here without asking for anything in return i cant help but continue to stick around this website surrounded by wonderful people, i think i have helped people on here and that makes me feel good but whenever i need help also, i can count on this website forum full of great people to help me. thanks everyone!

  • Ragbag Thank you as well for posting the super thanks to all. This is a phenomenal site. I have learned so much and I am in awe of everyone who gives of themselves so freely. Highly remarkable.

  • I agree! Well said!

  • Ditto from this Aussie Chick 🙂 You guys and gals are absolutely amazing! Pat yourselves on the back

  • Well said much thanks for you all.

  • ragbag, great topic! I'd also love to thank everyone who has taken the time to help me through my rough times, and to thank everyone for the wonderful friendship and caring that they have shown! I wish I could hug everyone, but I'll just send out wishes for many blessings to all for 2010! 🙂

  • I too, would love to express my gratitude to everyone (some who have special gifts, and some just regular folk) who have been so welcoming, generous, supportive, kind and thoughtful.

    So many here are extremely giving of their time and energy and I think it's great that Ragbag started this thread so that all of us that you have helped could have an opportunity to let you know that it hasn't gone unnoticed, but is so greatly appreciated! Thank you Ragbag and all of you... you DO KNOW who you are!

    May you all receive the blessings you deserve!


  • Here! Here! Well said RagBag! I love these forums and all you wonderful people. Is it sad that I check these forums now before I even check my e-mail??? lol! You are all kind of a cyber family to me. Hugs!

  • lol....I do the same thing stoneye. Catch up on this news before I catch up on emails 🙂

  • Glad I'm not the only one! I'm here with heavy eyes as I told LibrasLair earlier, but just had to check on everyone once more! LOL

  • This is especially for Wenchie this morning,(where I am anyway).......

    You Go Girl!!! Thanks for always being blunt! 🙂 RB

  • And at the risk of being a nusiance (hope I spelled that right!) Good morning LibrasLair! You sure came to my rescue with the copy, paste stuff yesterday...I remembered I had done that before but YEARS ago. My skills, like the rest of me a little rusty! lol :-))

  • Thanks Ragbag! I do worry about overstepping my mark but then get so annoyed that I say what I think (I suffer from foot in mouth often). Funny enough, in my own goings on, I do tend to avoid confrontation and keep the peace, but I will stand up for anyone else.

  • The time and energy that is offering willingly, freely by people ready to offer guidance does not go unnoticed. You will never know how many lives you have touched, or the ripple effects that you have caused, by offering your gift to others so unselfishly,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Great thread Ragbag! Love your name by the way, makes you sound very lovable and cuddly!! Chuckle, hope you're not offended. I would also like to add my thanks to the great people who have helped me on this site. So appreciated, it's a marvel they find the time, such is the demand for their skill and insight.

    love, peace and happiness to you all on this site and thank you too, to Ragbag.

    Kindest regards


  • Your welcome ragbag. My skills aren't that good but I don't know how to copy and paste my @zz off. I have to ask for help on other things when I get frustrated like trying to post a picture on here when you don't have one small enough. I had to ask Wenchie to do it for me cause I wasn't having any luck. So ask cause someone can help. It's not a big deal.

  • And Wenchie sometimes you have to be blunt cause some people don't pay attention. They have their heads so far up their own @zz's to read and others are so broke that they can't pay attention so they don't. It's a slap to get their attention. Blunt works and they can't say they didn't get it.

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