Is my gemini man over or having a mood swing

  • the taurus! we are loyal but to a point. fool me once shame on you, fool me again and you are no longer relevant to my life!!!!!

    funny thing..the second time he came to my house to spend the night, he had brought a brand new toothbrush and body wash to leave at my house. he also had brought his whiskey bottle so that he would always have it there, he also had pack of cigarettes in my car. i looked at it that he was marking his territory so to speak. i have to admit that when he was an a$$hole to me the other week, i threw it all away. felt good!!!!! i do have 2 pairs of athletic shorts that he has left over here that he sleeps in and 2 shirts that i have worn home from his house. not sure what to do with that stuff?

  • See I would have went through with the lunch thing cause I would have thought it was to late to change it now. LOL

    Good for you, you inspire me!!!

  • one saturday night he had asked if i wanted to come over and watch the cowboy game with him. knowing he plays golf on sundays, i said sure just let me know if the morning what time. he called later that night but did not leave a mssg. early sunday morning, i texted him and said sorry i had missed his call. never heard back from him at all. so i figured if i cancelled lunch....what is good for the goose is good for the gander!! any bets on whether or not i will ever hear back from him????

  • well probably not, but give him a couple of months and he might surprise you. LOL

    I dumped my Gem Thursday night.It felt good.

  • Hi Minnie, don't really get the best of vibes regarding the gemini guy... I would say give him space, a lot of space... stop contacting him for now and focus on your other friendships. Actually if I were you, I would totally loose this guy... getting very strange vibes.

  • I am a gem female who's has dated (but never fallen for thank god) a gemini man...... Sorry to tell you this, but he is doing all those things that he use to do with you, with someone elese. Do NOT call, Do not ask why, do not act like you care..... as he said he is NOT good boyfriend material. Let him wonder if you have someone elese that is the only way to turn this around

  • funny..i did do that. started to act like i didnt really care. he asked me out twice and told him i was busy both times. well we got together to watch the superbowl. he said he had but distance betweem us because he felt his feelings were getting to serious and it scared him. said how much he missed me, etc. etc. when he left he said i'll see ya in a few days and i said a few days??? and he said ya no more of this 2 weeks or longer without seeing each other. in my head i was kinda like whatever. started a new job today so i will be able to really focus on that. thank you though everyone for the great advice.

  • oh and he said that he had not had sex with anyone since me nor was he seeing anyone. not sure if i believe him. just gonna keep things friendly with him. nothing serious.

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