Tarot reading requested

  • Could anyone give me a reading please? I am a Virgo sign, DOB 11th September 1954 at aprox 23:50.

    My husband was killed in an accident a few months ago and I am having difficulty adjusting to my new status as a widow. I miss my husband very much. When I am alone I talk to him (possibly going mad). Does he hear me? Does he know when I am just thinking of him (which is all the time) ? Is his personality still the same? Does he still love me? Is there any message for me?

  • hi,

    would love a reading. my birthday is 8/26/71. Wondering when i'm going to find a boyfriend. also planning to move colorado, how is that going to work out.

  • Hello Angiestar,

    I am afraid that I'm not a psychic and cannot help you in that way, but I read your post and just wanted to say that I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. I have had many loved one's pass, though not a husband, but I know how devastated you must be and how much pain you must be going through.

    There are many very gifted and caring people on this forum and I would imagine that someone who can help will see this and reply. In the meantime, I will say a prayer for your healing and wish many blessings to come your way.

    In love and light,


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