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  • But the peace is wonderful.

  • You will be much more calm with your home back. And I hope it's soon.

  • It's good she's paying half still. I KNOW what you mean about the peace for sure. I can't park my car in the garage, his stuff is in there. He only wants to share costs on food for dinner, says he will take care of himself for breakfast and lunch......so that means he'll eat whatever he wants from the fridge and pantry but doesn't want to pay for it. He looked shocked when I suggested that he should give me some money each week towards or perhaps buy them himself sometimes things like toilet paper, washing power, soap, cleaning products, milk, coffee, sugar etc etc etc. Things he just takes for granted that I will supply and he can use but doesn't want to pay for. He earns more than me, pays less child support than me, is paid fortnightly and after 1 week has no money and needs to borrow from me, borrows my car, uses my laptop instead of setting up his own computer because then he would have to pay for his own internet. He sits at home all day every day, hardly ever goes out.

    The problem is he expects me to support him to and it's my own stupid fault because I've let him walk all over me. But after a few arguments recently and him wasting money on drugs for new years eve and then me having to pay to feed him after he ran out of money AGAIN....I've had enough. He needs to learn to stand on his own two feet and I need to look after myself and stop trying to please everyone else. It was hard, because he is family and I feel guilty but I told him I wanted him to move out. The financial help he thinks he is giving me by sharing costs is outweighed by me having to feed him and lend him money.

  • You are right, I WILL be calm when I have my home back to myself. I can't stand the energy at home any more, its horrible.

  • When will he be leaving?

  • He gets paid this week, so I'm hoping he moves out then. Cross fingers!

  • He got upset with me on new years day night because I was sighing too much! I was talking online to a friend and trying to get to the bottom of why she was upset and he cracked it about me "sighing too much". God....give me strength!

  • Oh that soon. I thought he might be going at the end of the month. Well that's even better.

  • I'm sure I've got extra grey hairs!!!

  • Well since we haven't actually spoken to each other in a few days, I can only assume! But if it's the end of the month, well so be it!

  • Well sounds like he has over stayed his welcome. So when are you going home to sleep tonight?

  • Soon!

  • Well I would hope so. You don't need to burn the candle at both ends now do ya? I had a funny experience about oh a little over a week ago. I was talking on the phone with Lily and I was in my recliner when I started getting a really bad cramp in my upper thigh. And I had to get out of the chair and I was trying to walk it off. And it wouldn't go away and it was really hurting. Now this cramp was higher than what I have been getting them and I take potassium, eat banana and other food high in it and I am still getting them. Well Lily says it's not physical. I said what? She said I am being told it's not physical. I said well he needs to stop doing it because it hurts. And it stopped. My guide she said is saying that the vail is right there and I need to come through so we can be together and I will be able to understand him more. And that I am trying to hard. What do you think of that?

  • You know some days I just want to slap these guides! We are trying hard to connect with them and hear them, why can't they just speak up!!!!! In a previous discussion with her I was saying how I get more feelings of knowing than hearing so much, only sometimes can I hear things (probably too stressed out just right now anyway) but she said they are talking to you all the time and looked around me and said out aloud...."well try harder to speak to me please and talk louder so I can you!" in a frustrated manner!!!!!! It's like we know what we want to do, but it's the HOW that gets me, yes I am trying to be receptive and listen and everything else. Another thing we were talking about messages and how they can be interpreted the wrong way by us or just not in the way the guides intended......well why can't they just be straight down the line instead being so cryptic for goodness sakes!!!!!!!!

  • Because they don't talk to us in sentances. It's a word or a picture they show or something like that and it takes energy so when ours is low it's hard even. But let me tell you she said I understand why you say you receive subtly cause he doesn't speak loud and he is that way.He said he had been with me before and she could see me with him as his daughter in one of my times with him. I was right about his name and I could see him in my minds eye when she described him. She also say another time I was with him but didn't know the relationship on that one. Weird but I have a hard time picturing him even still.

  • That's really great!!!!! I'm sure my guides probably think they've drawn the short straw with me! I can picture them standing there rolling their eyes!!!!

  • He said I need to make contact with him soon because I will need to help a friend with short hair who will loose someone. Not a child but someone close to them. And for the life of me I don't know who the woman with the short hair is.

  • I do sometimes get sentences, not long ones, but a few words and I understand what they are trying to say.

  • Maybe someone who's going to get their hair cut, or you how their time frame is nothing like ours, maybe this is someone you haven't yet met.

  • Don't you feel like saying well can I just have the friends name, lets not be so cryptic!!!!! 🙂

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