What Psychic or Psychokinetic Ability Type Are You? (Interesting Quiz)

  • Wenchie,hey how have you been? well i see that you have been very busy posting info. thank-you,this is a great thread and you have put alot of work into it. did you take the empath quiz on that site? it was differant than the other empath quiz,the results that i got this time fits me alot better than the first empath quiz. i will post the results of that one if you would like me to.

    take care down under,xoxoxoxo

  • This post is deleted!

  • Wenchie I just sent Patricia your address. And thanks for all the information. I copied and pasted all of it and put it all in an file. I will set and read it all one of these days.

  • You Scored as Creativity/Intuition/Compassion Category Yellow

    Abilities: Clairvoyance, Precognition, Telepathy, Empathy, Telekinesis, Electrokinesis etc. To learn much more about Cat. Yellow 100% FREE, visit .

    Creativity/Intuition/Compassion Category Yellow


    Nurturing/ Philosophical/Emotional Category Blue


    Life/Health/Peaceful Category Green


    Disconnection/Humbleness/Simplicity Category White


    Passion/Excitement/Chaos Category Red


    Change/Transformation/Solitude Category Black


    Illusion/Deception/Introversion Category Grey


    Intuitive/Nobel/Adventurous Category Purple


  • Wenchie,

    thankyou for the information, just have to cut and paste it into my spirit and inspiration file, you must have very tired fingers now.As I said earlier I have used some of those abilities,on my score sheet, completely uncontrolled at the time of course, just doing stuff because I could, but once I hit my 20's I realised that certain things that I was doing were not right and didn't use them any more

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • MamaLibra,

    Thanks for that!


    You're welcome! Thank goodness for the mouse hey, saves the fingers!!!! Just wanted to make sure everyone had the info they were after. A matter of googling then cut and paste. Actually makes me wonder how we ever survived before Google!!!!!!

    I think every gift is a good gift if used in the right way with the right intent. It's interesting because as Chevelleman71 said (and Hi to you by the way 🙂 ) it's funny how certain things fall into place when you read and understand about these extra things that many of us have used or done at some time or just taken for granted that we can do.

    I can be a terrible stirrer, so I would love to learn telekinesis to cause trouble when I'm old and senile!!!! How fun!

  • Mmmmm

  • Well you might want to think that one over cause you would also know what others are thinking. I know a family of nine children and many of them have abilities. The oldest of the kids had a car he was working on come down on him and there was no one around. It scared him so bad that he raise the car off of himself and he got out from under it. And he couldn't use his arms. It shocked him so that he couldn't even tell anyone for a long time.

  • Ladies, ladies, I don't mean in a harmful way, please don't take it the wrong way. I just had visions of things flying around and moving that wouldn't hurt anyone and shifting something when someone goes to pick it up, just mischievous stuff. Sorry, my warped humour.

  • Did you take my cup of coffee too?

  • If I did, I'm better than I thought since I didn't know you were drinking one!

  • Well it's empty now.

  • Good, don't want it spilling on the floor!

  • What are you doing up so early?

  • Oh ya know. My back. I need some strong resistance training so the b*tch will stop rotating.

  • I shift it just turning over in bed at night. Have to be very careful even stepping on and off steps because it shifts that easy. I told the doctor on Friday I used to think being limber was a good thing but now I question it. And I haven't even be swinging from the chandeliers.

  • That's what you tell us!!!!!! 😉

  • And I've been neglecting you and Ahliyah and a few others and not doing any healings.

    I've asked my brother to move out because I can't stand it. I'll muddle through the financial stuff, I just want my peace, my home and sanctuary and my routine back. It's been hugely stressful since he moved in and I really can't deal with him anymore. It's nearly 11.30pm and I'm still at work, as I was last night and as I have spent many a night because I just don't want to go home.

    When he moves out I'm going to cleanse all the negativity out of my place and then get back to normal.

  • And start meditating and doing my healings again.

  • Yes I know what you mean my daughter has moved out of my place and it's a financial burden with her gone but it was worse with her here. Cause I paid for everything and she only paid half the rent and half on utilites. Nothing on soap, paper products, food or food for her animals. So while it's hard now it was worse then too. She hasn't cleaned her stuff out of the room so I can't get anyone else in to help so she is still paying half right now on everything.

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