What Psychic or Psychokinetic Ability Type Are You? (Interesting Quiz)


    Postcognition, also called Retrocognition, is the ability to see or know something about a situation after its occurrence through psychic means. This ability can occur in the same way as precognition (as a vision or as knowledge of the past or both) and can even be activated at will, like precognition (if practiced enough) and can see within the same time intervals as precognition (except in the past, of course) at which time it becomes an ability called Selective Retrospect. Evan Moss is reported to possess this ability.


    Postcognition is the psychic ability that can help one to see what has happened in the past, or to see people who have passed on. Some postcognitives are able to see ghosts wandering the earth in search for retribution, or the chance to cross over and be at peace. Some also see spirits that have passed on and want recognition, or are just wandering about with a loved one they watch over. Some postcognitives can see demons and angels as well, although the base of their gift lies with the dead. Some postcognitives are able to touch an object and receive historical information from it. They can see past owners of the object, where it has been, and events that happened to it or around it. Those who work with the dead will tend to see, hear, feel and speak with them.


    What is Precognition?

    Precognition is the knowledge of the future, and is being able to see things that will happen through special ways. Believe it or not, precognition is the most reported case of extra sensory perception (ESP – seeing things without necessarily using your eyes), and most of it occurs in our dreams, when our subconscious mind comes into full working order. Precognitive knowledge can be reached by psychics useing: trance, channeling, divination and mediumship.

    Severe emotional trauma seems to happen when Psychic Precognition happens, as visions are seen 48 hours before it actually happens. This may be due to the person experiencing precognition to go in to a state of shock, because they are not used to the new psychic power they possess. Intimacy is one of the major elements that cause precognition, simply due to the fact that you possess some sort of relationship with the other person who it may happen to.

    Precognition and premonition are similar, but they do differ in one major area. Precognition encompasses knowing that something is definitely going to happen, while premonitions are merely the feeling that something might happen in the future.

    There is one theory that quantum physics does support, and that is Precognition is a glimpse of the future, merely because the person experiencing it is influenced by the events that are occurring at the present moment, and may be altered by the acts of a person.

    There is another controversial issue that surrounds Precognition, and that is the theory of psychokinetic energy. Psychic Theorists believe Precognition has the power to unleash powerful psychokinetic energies, which in turn brings forth the seen future to pass, with all the events happening the way they were envisioned.

    Intuition can be defined as a holistic filtering of information gathered by the other senses. In previous articles I have referred to the thought mechanisms of the primordial mind as it relates to the intuitive sensing process. Intuition is directly related to survival instinct. Beyond intuition's filtering of extraneous information there is a peculiar human ability to at times foresee future events. This ability is known as precognition.

    Precognition or the act of knowing beforehand that an event will occur is a phenomena experienced by many, yet little is known about this mysterious ability. The greatest hindrance to serious scientific study of precognitive abilities is their nature as a spontaneous and seemingly random event. It is difficult, if not impossible for scientists to research a human ability with such an unpredictable rate of occurrence. Much of the scientific data regarding precognitive skills comes to us in the form of statistical analysis and while this does little to shed any real light on the origin of and mechanisms behind precognitive abilities, these statistics do offer a starting point for future research.

    What is known about precognitive events is that they occur most often in dreams and are usually focused on intimate relationships. Research has shown that 80 to 85 percent of precognitive experiences involve a spouse, family member or friend with whom the individual has close emotional ties. The remaining incidences of precognition involve strangers or casual relationships, many of whom are the victims of some form of disaster. There is evidence to support the notion of increased psychic phenomena occurring among relatives and friends. Precognitive experiences are not limited however to close relationships.

    The exact cause of precognition is unknown. There are numerous theories ranging from outright skeptical dismissal to angelic intervention. My own view of precognitive ability places the experience within the same realm as intuitive and instinctual perception, an anthropological viewpoint, placing precognition within the context of the ancestral or primal mind. Just as intuitive sensing and instinctual knowledge are remnants of an ancestral need to remain intimately connected to the environment, I believe that precognition is a similarly ancient aspect of human perception. Intuition is responsible for filtering the information gathered by the other senses, instinctual knowledge is the result of that information being formed into coherent ideas and concepts. Precognition may be the next logical step in this progression. A collection of intuitive information gathered over time which forms eventually into premonitions, prophecy and other forms of precognitive events experienced in all parts of the world. Precognition in this context may be viewed as a communication method of the intuitive mind, one designed to convey concepts of potential futures based on information gathered by the intuitive senses.



    Pyrokinesis is the ability to control, ignite and extinguish fire, using the powers of one's mind.

    This is dangerous. One should be adept and very experienced in handling and directing energy, as inexperience can cause dangerous burns to yourself, even though you may have a powerful aura. An exceptionally powerful aura is necessary for pyrokinetic ability.

    1. Begin by lighting a candle.

    2. In order to do this safely, you should be adept at putting fires out before igniting them. Position both of your hands, palms facing inward about half an inch from each side of the candle flame and direct your energy into the flame, willing it to die out. This is extremely advanced and you must have a powerful aura. Try concentrating on black energy between your palms where the flame should be.

    3. To ignite a flame: perform the Heat Meditation, and direct the energy you produce to your palm chakras.

    4. Blow out the candle. Position both of your hands, palms facing inward about half an inch from each side of the candle wick, which should be an ember.

    5. Direct energy from your palm chakras and concentrate intense heat on the ember and will it to ignite. Try concentrating on white hot energy, between your palms. The ember, with practice will begin to glow brighter and eventually, will ignite.

    6. Put out the flame, concentrate the energy between your palms on the ember of the wick and direct it to ignite the flame again. With enough palm chakra energy and concentration, it will relight.

    7. As you advance, move your palms farther and farther apart.

    8. When you are proficient with your palms 2-3 feet apart, concentrate on lighting the wick of the candle without the ember. Ignite the cold wick.

    In addition to using the energy from your palm chakras, you are using the powers from your third eye. The third eye has a direct line of energy to the physical eyes where the energy projects. Once you are adept at the above exercise, try using less and less of your hands. Again, it is important to put fires out before learning to ignite them.

    Expand your aura to connect with the candle flame. The candle should be a foot or less in front of you. Connect your aura and put out the flame.

    Once you are adept, do the same and ignite the ember.

    When you are able to use only your aura to light the candle flame, expand your aura to connect with an object a foot or less in front of you and project the heat as you did with your palms. As you progress, keep moving the object farther and farther away.

    Instead of just doing void meditation, the above exercises can be substituted as they require intense, unwavering concentration.


    Psychokinesis / Psycho Kinesis

    Psychokinesis is a hybrid word derived from the Greek words representing mind and motion. Even more than telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition, psychokinesis strains credulity, for unlike extrasensory perception and its varied receptor states, psychokinesis is an outward expression of psychic power by allegedly unexplained and invisible means. And some researchers who may in certain cases accept the possibility of extrasensory perception seem to rebel at the idea that the mind alone may affect physical change.

    Nonetheless, intuitive belief in some form of psychokinesis is manifested in myriad ways by people everywhere. The golfer and bowler, for example, twist and contort their torsos after sending the ball on its way in an effort to guide it to the target; the gambler blows on his dice and implores them to fall in beneficial patterns; and the card player talks to his deck of cards. All are attempts, however whimsical, to influence the course of events through the power of the mind.

    Yet historically, reports of psychokinesis incidents have been much less frequent than tales of telepathic communication and precognition perception. Some cases of allegedly spontaneous psychokinesis have involved objects that inexplicably fell off a shelf at a moment of personal crisis or clock that, in words of a song stopped short, never to go again, when the old man died. More common occurrences have involved claims of consciously caused psychokinesis - rainmakers who asserted that they could control the moisture in the skies; the medium of the 19th century who claimed to be able to move tables and provoke matter-altering feats.

    PK power means ability to move matter at a distance. Interesting experiments have been carried out scientifically and the results are amazing.

    Nelya Mikhailova could command bread, matches, cigarettes or apples to jump off a table.

    Dr Vasiliev, a renowned Soviet Scientist did many experiments with Nelya Mikhailova. A new force, an energy connected with people, an energy known or unknown that can be directed by mind.

    In 1968, G.A.Sergeyey, a neurophysiologist and electroencephalographer in Leningrad, presented a film on Nina Kulagina before an international parapsychological meeting in Moscow. In addition, a Czech psychologist, Z. Rejdak (1970), has published an account of his observation of Kulagina’s performance made in 1968 under favorable conditions.

    Handbook of parapsychology narrates Kulagina’s PK power: “In a typical session, Kulagina sits in a straight chair before a table. At first she appears to be relaxed, though she may become nervous if she has come outside her own environment to meet strangers in an unfamiliar location. She takes sometime to prepare herself mentally and emotionally for the effort to demonstrate her ability, which may be as short as a fraction of a minute or as long as an hour or more. As part of her preparation, she sometimes breathes deeply several times.

    Then she holds one or both hands near (approximately 10-20 centimeters) some small object that has been placed on the table before her. Usually, the object one chosen by an observer and may be any object that he happened to have on his person. Sometimes two or more objects are placed on the table at the same time, and under informal conditions Kulagina may touch one of them briefly in order to separate it from the others or to put it in a position that she finds more comfortable for her effort to make it to move.

    It is by no means the case, however, that the subject always touches an object before she moves it. In many observations on record the experimenter has placed the objects on the table and immediately covered them with an inverted plexiglass cube, and Kulagina has moved some of the objects under the cube without touching the cover.”

    The objects that are moved vary widely as to material, shape, and weight. They are organic, inorganic, magnetic or nonmagnetic. Long objects, such as a cigarette, are moved easily when they are standing on end.

    The reported weights of the objects that were moved range from a fraction of a gram to 50 grams. Kulagina caused one pan of a scale that was in balance (with each pan holding weights of 30 grams) to be lowered, and she continued to cause that pan to stay down when an additional 10 grams were added to the higher pan.

    When an object moves, it generally advances approximately in the direction of the subject, traveling usually in short steps interrupted by longer pauses.

    There is no conceivable normal explanation for the movements that occurred during this event.

    PK remains as the only available explanation.

    Thus PK is proved scientifically by many eminent psychic personalities

  • That's pretty incredible some of the abilitles.


    Telekinetic Energy is Natural

    The ability of telekinesis is very natural occurrence and we all have the ability to perform telekinesis it's just a matter of learning the ability. It is primarily a Mind/Brain/Consciousness related phenomenon though certainly its roots are sub-atomic like all manifestations. Some research shows there is a lot of activity in the cortex of the brain in relationship to this. Most of what we term psychic phenomenon or mystical happenings happen in the "off" phases of consciousness.

    Consciousness is always in the on/off phasing, blinking off and on, as it were. Off/On phasing phenomenon is photon related manifestation of energy and light. The energy we are dealing with here is tiny pockets or "quanta" of energies. The ability to bend spoons, levitate is happening at the other levels being only manifested as a physical event upon the space/time shell frame which we interpret as our reality. There is also a good deal of illusion as well. One must be able to discern the reality of both. Sometimes there is a vast difference in what we THINK we see vs what IS actually happening.

    What is Telekinesis

    Telekinesis is essentially the ability to move an object on the physical plane using only psychic power. While some people think that it is an occult practice, this is not strictly so. I can only give my perspective, but I believe that we are all born with this skill. It is inherent, like walking, talking, breathing. We simply neglect it from day one.

    A common theory is that TK works by energy fields (magnetic or electric) or by "waves" of psychic energy which are actually dense enough to push/repel an object or draw it inward.

    Most people's only encounter with TK is accidental- something mysteriously falls over or objects fly around a room, a phenomena often mistaken for a poltergeist when it may actually be a person with spontaneous telekinetic powers.

    Anyone can harness their power and use it with the proper devotion.


    Telepathic Sensitivity - A Normal Unfoldment

    It is this aura which is in reality the reservoir of thought substance upon which he can spiritually rely. His point of focus is upon the mental plane.

    He is no longer controlled by the astral nature; he is successfully constructing the antahkarana along which the higher impressions can flow; he learns not to dissipate this inflow but to accumulate within the aura (with which he has surrounded himself) the knowledge and the wisdom which he realizes his service to his fellowmen requires.

    A disciple is a magnetic center of light and knowledge just in so far as the magnetic aura is held by him in a state of receptivity. It is then constantly invocative of the higher range of impressions; it can be evoked and set into "distributing activity" by that which is lower and which is demanding aid.

    The disciple therefore, in due time, becomes a tiny or minute correspondence of the Hierarchy - invocative as it is to Shamballa and easily evoked by human demand. These are points warranting careful consideration. They involve a primary recognition of points of tension and their consequent expansion into magnetic auras or areas, capable of invocation and evocation.

    These areas of sensitivity pass through three stages, upon which it is not my intention to enlarge:

    Sensitivity to impression from other human beings. This sensitivity becomes of use in service when the needed magnetic aura has been engendered and is brought under scientific control.

    Sensitivity to group impression - the passage of ideas from group to group. The disciple can become a receptive agent within any group of which he is a part, and this ability indicates progress in his part.


    Sensitivity to hierarchical impressions, reaching the disciple via the antahkarana and - later - from the Hierarchy as a whole, when he has attained some of the higher initiations. This indicates ability to register impression from Shamballa. It would be of value if we now considered three points which are concerned with sensitivity to impression, with the construction of the resultant reservoir of thought, and with responsiveness to subsequent invocative appeals. These three points are:

    • Processes of Registration.

    • Processes of Recording Interpretations.

    • Processes of Resultant Invocative Response.

    I would recall to your minds the knowledge that the aura which each of you has created around the central nucleus of your incarnated self or soul is a fragment of the over-shadowing soul which brought you into manifestation. This aura is (as you well know) composed of the emanations of the etheric body, and this in its turn embodies three types of energy for which you are individually responsible.

    These three types are (when added to the energy of prana which composes the etheric vehicles):

    The health aura. This is essentially physical. The astral aura, which is usually by far the most dominant factor, extensive and controlling.

    The mental aura, which is in most cases relatively small but which develops rapidly once the disciple takes his own development consciously in hand, or once the polarization of the personality is upon the mental plane. The time will eventually come when the mental aura will obliterate (if I may use such an inadequate term) the emotional or astral aura, and then the soul quality of love will create a substitute, so that the needed sensitivity does not entirely disappear but is of a higher and far more acute nature.

    In this threefold aura (or more correctly, fourfold, if you count the etheric vehicle) every individual lives and moves and has his being; it is this living, vital aura which is the recording agent of all impressions, both objective and subjective. It is this "agent of sensitive response" which the indwelling self has to control and use in order to register impression or to direct etheric or mental impression out into the world of men.

    Astral impression is purely selfish and individual and, though it may affect a man's surroundings, is not directed as are the other energies registered. It is the aura which predominantly creates the effects which a person has upon his associates; it is not primarily his words which produce reactions even though they are supposed to embody his reactions and his thinking but which are, in reality, usually expressions of his emotional desires.

    Telepathy is the ability to communicate via our mind with another person via their mind. And this exercise is design to help you get started. The exercise is called the telepathic opening exercise and it is the start in our telepathic journey.

    Mental Telepathy

    We all have heard about - or even experienced - the process of sending or receiving thoughts from one person to another. In the past, and even in today's science fiction, a "telepathy" is seen as a rare breed of their species, called upon for special tasks which require their ability to constantly "pick up" the thoughts of other individuals or forces. However, ALL human beings actually have the ability to communicate by the process which has come to be known as mental telepathy.

    As with any other ability - such as swimming, playing tennis, memory, and so on - some individuals are born with more natural talent than others. Yet even those born today with a high degree of natural telepathic ability will rarely show any consistent ability. The reason for this is due to the fact that most cultures do not accept telepathy as a common ability - so rather than creating programs to develop telepathic ability - society still debates amongst itself whether this talent exists or not.

    Therefore, most known recorded cases of telepathic ability did not occur by one's will, but rather surfaced by "accident", or was forced out due to "special circumstances". In analyzing a collection of documented cases of telepathic ability, several common factors were found which not only illustrate the energy behind mental telepathy, but also how this ability works.

    The Third Eye

    The main reason our mental telepathic powers of communication are not known to us (or used) basically lies in the fact that we are not taught about them. There has been many accounts describing the occurrence of mental telepathy throughout history, and it was originally described as the power of the "third eye" - which humanity later altered to describe seeing elements in the spiritual world. Modern studies and tests have verified that telepathy exists not only in the human, but also in the animal, and plant kingdoms!. These examples of telepathy in other kingdoms we will look at later in the series, but first let us cover the historical data and evidence concerning telepathy.

    As far back as 4,000 BC in Egypt and in Mesopotamia there have been descriptions of mental telepathy -some real, and many faked. The questionable accounts are easy to disregard, since these appeared as many of the "mind reading" acts one can see at a circus or carnival today. The "reader" did not actually see the thought of an individual at a particular moment, but usually claimed to "read" something ABOUT the individual by "looking" into their mind (which of course, only revealed a fact about the individual that could be easily found out by earlier questioning)

    Many of the legitimate historical accounts sound like the one you hear about today. One case, a hysterical Greek woman around 340 BC, claims she "saw" the death of her brother in a "daydream". Months later the town find out he did indeed die on that day - in battle in a far off land. Many of these accounts had witnesses, or we can see from the technology of the time that these individuals had no other means to learn such news so quickly, so therefore would be difficult to fake.

    Nearly all documented accounts of mental telepathy involved relatives, and communication between those of similar ages seem significant. Telepathy happened most often among identical twins (68%), followed by brothers/sisters less than 5 years apart (13%), then with brothers/sisters more than 5 years apart (9%), then other relatives (mother/daughter, grandfather/grandchild, etc.) (6%), then finally married couples and close friends (and with higher occurrence of friends the same age) (3%). Less than 1% of experiences were with distant friends, strangers, and - yes - even aliens.

    Global Telepathy

    Mental telepathy seems to occur in two distinct patterns, depending on whether the sender and receiver are within sight of each other. The first type of mental telepathy, and that which seems to occur most often, is called 'global telepathy'. In this pattern, the subjects are not within sight of each other, and usually a picture, impression, or feeling is received by one party. The distance in this pattern does not seem to be a factor. Data shows global telepathy has occurred from those who were several streets apart, to those who were half way around the world.

    Global telepathy appears to transfer thoughts on the spiritual plane, for the feelings one had while picking up the thoughts were often described as being similar to a 'religious experience'. Since the communication appears to travel the speed of light, we can assume light is the medium on which these impulses travel. Also, since these experiences were also accompanied by an accurate "pictures" of the circumstance the sender was going through, light then would be a necessary factor to transfer and see, these "visual images".

    Besides the image of the circumstance being "seen", many of the "messages" received also gave one strong impressions, or feelings. Quite often these were described as a 'religious experience', or of having a "dream" while being awake. This would indicate the spiritual body uses the same processes to deliver telepathic experience as it does to communicate the dreams we have at night.

    One interesting example of this "spiritual" type message in global telepathy was that of two brothers who were merchant ship captains in the Pacific ocean just prior to World War 1. One brother described he was overcome by a strange, unexplained feeling to go into his cabin. He arrived just in time to see a ghost like hand write the name of his brother's ship in the air, just above his bed. So moved by the experience, he took his map and calculated where his brother's ship should be on it's route, and changed course to that location. Two days later he found his brother, in a life boat with what crew remained. The ship had been carrying munitions, and a small fire ignited the cargo, the resulting explosion sinking his ship in minutes.

    Sight Telepathy

    In sight telepathy, both subjects can actually see each other, and communicate sensible, logical thoughts and instructions, without verbal words. This also seems to be a pattern using light, since the eyes play a big function in sight telepathy (in these cases, the subjects report a strange "warmth" in their eyes when this occurs). While this is the rarest type of telepathy, oddly enough this form is the most common perception by the general public as to what telepathy is all about.

    The diagram, by Rene Descartes (1596 - 1650), shows how the eyes were thought to work with the brain several centuries ago. (While this diagram is not fully correct compared to today's knowledge, I personally like it since suggests more than any other picture, that the eyes are an EXTENSION of the brain). Descartes learned an image entered the eyes and was inverted (which is correct). Then he believed the image was sent along the optic nerve to the brain (partially correct), where inside the brain, the soul viewed the image from the optic nerve endings (while I believe one's soul views all images, it probably does not happen as pictured here, a tiny man viewing the optic nerve as one would a television set!).

    In reality, when an image enters the eye (which is actually LIGHT that has been reflected off of the image), it is converted to electrical impulses BEFORE it is sent to the brain. This is done by the ganglion cells that link the eye with the optic nerve. It is in these cells that we will later focus our attention for obtaining descriptions concerning mental telepathy, and an how this form of communication actually works.


    Umbrakinesis is the metaphysical manipulation of shadow, which is very much an actuality. Since in our reality shadow exists only within some consistency of light, this ability is a brother to lumokinesis. Umbrakinesis is the manipulation of shadow by a means of a transmission creating a repulsive field, and manipulation of obverse polarities causing the repulsion of photons from each other or from, or seemingly from, an individual. Umbrakinetics use this field and polarity to push photons away from each other, not away from their own physical body. Umbrakinetics start a field at a focal point of their choosing and repel the photons from that point. In the case of photons seemingly being repelled from the physical body of the umbrakinetic, they are most likely in theory creating a focal point near the core of their body. When this repulsion is induced, the dispersal of light dims an area to shadow starting at the focal point. Because of this the area directly around the focal point will always contain less photons, be darker, then the areas further from the focal point. Umbrakinesis can be linked in correlation to shadow travel, which is theoretically explained here as shadow plus movement equals a transference of energy or matter. Shadow travel in history and myth is linked primarily to shamanic gifts, abilities of a Shaman. Though this is not a law, many external to any form of shamanic path may not be limited from obtaining this ability.

    Umbrakinesis is the ability to control all forms of darkness. Most known Umbrakinetics can create darkness out of nowhere, possibly by manipulating photons (the particles that make up light) until only darkness remains. However, other theories have stated that the darkness used by umbrakinetics are actually solid in nature, so the origins of umbrakinetic darkness is unknown. Umbrakinetics have also been known to blend in with shadows, teleport through shadows, and create weapons and constructs from darkness. There is a chance that umbrakinetic darkness is made out of dark matter.

  • Wow wenchie! Thanks for putting all that here info here. I have precognitive things happen all the time and I have always tossed it out there as happening about 2 days before. I'd never come across a time period anywhere. (72hrs.) Nice to know its Not individualistic. The biokineses one came up for me, Cool! I majored in science and played around a lot with DNA & junk, plus, I heal amazingly quickly --- especially when cut/bleeding badly. Definitely believe in our abilities to just visualize cellular changes within our bodies. (not sure about it on a telemere/aging level tho, just know broad scale worked for me. : ) )

    Mine: Abilities: Healing, Empathy, Clairvoyant, Precognition, Hydrokinesis, Biokinesis

    Nurturing/ Philosophical/Emotional Category Blue


    Creativity/Intuition/Compassion Category Yellow


    Passion/Excitement/Chaos Category Red


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  • Just a thought I had, somehow I feel like by knowing about our extra abilities, accepting them, understanding them, and trusting that is what we can do.........we will actually be able to develop them more. Interesting.........

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  • You Scored as Change/Transformation/Solitude Category Black

    Abilities: Energy Absorption, Aerokinesis, Levitation, Astral Projection, OBEs, Empathy etc. To learn much more about Cat. Black 100% FREE, visit http://qpsychics.com/resource/profiling/black.html.

    Passion/Excitement/Chaos Category Red


    Change/Transformation/Solitude Category Black


    Nurturing/ Philosophical/Emotional Category Blue


    Intuitive/Nobel/Adventurous Category Purple


    Life/Health/Peaceful Category Green


    Creativity/Intuition/Compassion Category Yellow


    Disconnection/Humbleness/Simplicity Category White


    Illusion/Deception/Introversion Category Grey


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  • intrigued it only means that you scored the highest in Change/Transformation/Solitude and black is the color for that particular one. But we don't know what the colors are for.

  • Wow Wenchie,Thanks for putting all this up! Incredible stuff on this forum!

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    You Scored as Creativity/Intuition/Compassion Category Yellow

    Abilities: Clairvoyance, Precognition, Telepathy, Empathy, Telekinesis, Electrokinesis etc. To learn much more about Cat. Yellow 100% FREE, visit http://qpsychics.com/resource/profiling/yellow.html.

    Creativity/Intuition/Compassion Category Yellow


    Nurturing/ Philosophical/Emotional Category Blue


    Change/Transformation/Solitude Category Black


    Passion/Excitement/Chaos Category Red


    Disconnection/Humbleness/Simplicity Category White


    Life/Health/Peaceful Category Green


    Intuitive/Nobel/Adventurous Category Purple


    Illusion/Deception/Introversion Category Grey


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