What Psychic or Psychokinetic Ability Type Are You? (Interesting Quiz)

  • I was purple, Fun quiz wench! does anyone knoe what lumokinesis is? Telepathic means that you can read minds right?

  • Sounds like something to do with light. Lumo who knows. But we need a dictionary for some of this and even then it may not be in there.

  • Libraslair,

    omg i just died laughing when i saw what you wrote LMAO, man i love this forum! but comming from you libraslair, why do i feel like i got put in time out after your comment? maybe cause (i think) you kinda got the mother role on these forums and people need to listen to what you say lol

  • I am yellow, this is very cool fun! Thank you very much!

    You Scored as Creativity/Intuition/Compassion Category Yellow

    Abilities: Clairvoyance, Precognition, Telepathy, Empathy, Telekinesis, Electrokinesis etc. To learn much more about Cat. Yellow 100% FREE, visit http://qpsychics.com/resource/profiling/yellow.html.

    Creativity/Intuition/Compassion Category Yellow 68%

    Intuitive/Nobel/Adventurous Category Purple 63%

    Passion/Excitement/Chaos Category Red 63%

    Disconnection/Humbleness/Simplicity Category White 57%

    Change/Transformation/Solitude Category Black 52%

    Nurturing/ Philosophical/Emotional Category Blue 49%

    Life/Health/Peaceful Category Green 43%

    Illusion/Deception/Introversion Category Grey 38%

  • stonyeye, I was getting worried there, thank god theres another blue, my score is

    Nurturing/ Philosophical/Emotional Category Blue

    Abilities: Healing, Empathy, Clairvoyant, Precognition, Hydro kinesis, Bio kinesis etc. To learn much more about Cat. Blue Psychics,

    100% FREE, visit http://qpsychics.com/resource/profiling/blue.html.

    Creativity/Intuition/Compassion Category Yellow 70%

    Nurturing/ Philosophical/Emotional Category Blue 70%

    Passion/Excitement/Chaos Category Red 68%

    Change/Transformation/Solitude Category Black 68%

    Life/Health/Peaceful Category Green 68%

    Illusion/Deception/Introversion Category Grey 68%

    Disconnection/Humbleness/Simplicity Category White 67%

    Intuitive/Nobel/Adventurous Category Purple

    Looks like I lost a bit when I pasted it, so I might have to do it again, unfortunately , but I suspect I only lost the lowest scoreLOL, have a faint idea of what it means but not much, I suppose a trip to the library may be called for later on

  • that is very strange I went back to retrieve my score, had to do the quiz again, I clarified some of the sometimes or maybes, and it changed to red, when I looked it up on the profiling section some of the abilities were much more me.the scary thing is that Iknow I used at least one of them in my youth, frightened myself, and never used it again

    You Scored as Passion/Excitement/Chaos Category Red

    Abilities: Hypnotic Telepathy, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Empathy, Electro kinesis etc.

    To learn much more about Cat. Red Psychics, 100% FREE, visit http://qpsychics.com/resource/profiling/red.html.

    Passion/Excitement/Chaos Category Red 77%

    Nurturing/ Philosophical/Emotional Category Blue 68%

    Creativity/Intuition/Compassion Category Yellow 68%

    Life/Health/Peaceful Category Green 67%

    Disconnection/Humbleness/Simplicity Category White 63%

    Intuitive/Nobel/Adventurous Category Purple 62%

    Illusion/Deception/Introversion Category Grey 47%

    Change/Transformation/Solitude Category Black 38%

    at least all my numbers are here, hte quiz doesn't lend itself to ambigous answers though obviouslythough some of the questions relate to how others see you rather than your own opinions and my social life is .....well....confined to here at the moment, as most of my friends are as broke as I am, and can't afford to meet up with me anywhere as they aren't local to me, and thanks to ma-in-law my place is out of bounds

    Love and Light

    Blessed be

  • Interesting!

    You Scored as Creativity/Intuition/Compassion Category Yellow

    Abilities: Clairvoyance, Precognition, Telepathy, Empathy, Telekinesis, Electrokinesis etc. To learn much more about Cat. Yellow 100% FREE, visit http://qpsychics.com/resource/profiling/yellow.html.

    Creativity/Intuition/Compassion Category Yellow


    Nurturing/ Philosophical/Emotional Category Blue


    Passion/Excitement/Chaos Category Red


    Life/Health/Peaceful Category Green


    Disconnection/Humbleness/Simplicity Category White


    Change/Transformation/Solitude Category Black


    Intuitive/Nobel/Adventurous Category Purple


    Illusion/Deception/Introversion Category Grey


  • wow i am blown away and also came a huge awareness. I do not know how to recieve love properly any ideas? Oh yeah I am yellow....How beatutiful is that .....thank you for making my morning blissful....juls....

  • Glad you are enjoying quiz!

    I'm going to look up what the more unknown abilities are and try to find an explanation so we all know what they mean, here goes.........


    Aerokinesis Tech 1

    Aerokinesis is the control of air. By using aerokinesis, you can create a small breeze, or a whole lot of wind. So, you go outside (preferably in a quiet place like your yard, or the roof of a school where you won't be disturbed) and concentrate for a couple seconds. Try to get a feel for the air. Feel how cold or warm it is, how strong or weak the wind is, stuff like that. So don't go out there and meditate for an hour (unless you think it's necessary), this only takes a small amount of concentration. Now, think how that wind would feel hitting you from a direction of your choice. Then, once you feel the wind start to kick up, try to make it as strong as you can.

    Aerokinesis Tech 2

    Focus your mind, but don't go into a full meditation. You should be standing in the general area you want the wind to come to. Raise your hands a comfortable height in the air. Imagine cords connecting to a huge "sheet" of wind. Pinch those imaginary cords between your thumb and forefinger. Now snap your wrists back(you should be standing with raised palms towards the wind). Imagine, as you jerk the cords, the "sheet" rippling, and coming toward you, picking up speed. If you're outside, picture the tops of the trees swaying and rustling their leaves as the wind pushes past them. Keep doing these two things until the trees actually start to move. Once this happens, snap your wrist and arms down and back, and visualise the "sheet" becoming almost a wave, crashing down towards where you're standing and blowing past you. As long as you keep concentrating the wind should keep coming, sometimes in gusts, and sometimes in a long steady wind. If you practice enough, you can become very good at this and the winds will be stronger. WARNING High winds can be extremely dangerous. Always practice aerokinesis with caution.



    From Activating Evolution

    Atmokinesis, also called Meteokinesis/Meteorokinesis or Atmosphere/Weather Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate the flux of the atmosphere at will, resulting in a change of weather patterns and formation of freak weather conditions. This ability allows generation of any natural weather condition, from fog and rain to thunderstorms, lightning, hailstorms, blizzards and hurricanes (and the calming or heightening of such conditions). At the higher bands, the user can even cause climate shifts (although sometimes one can only cause weather native to the area they are in). This ability is often linked to the users emotions (making lightning or hail unintentionally when the user is angry, high-velocity winds when he/she is scared etc.) and is often accompanied by Temperature-Extreme Resistance and high resistance to extreme weather conditions.

    [edit] Variations:

    Cloud Seeding

    • Cloud Seeding is the mental ability to “seed” clouds with one’s own psychic energy, causing fluxes in the atmosphere, and changing of the weather. One with this ability, however, can only induce atmospheric phenomena pertaining to moisture (rain, sleet, hail, snow, snowstorms or blizzards, flood, etc.). This is because the user’s psychic energy causes the atmosphere to flux similar to normal Atmokinesis, but only to cause the clouds to release moisture in various forms. The user may also have normal Atmokinesis or Storm Generation.

    Mist Generation

    • Mist Generation or Fog Generation is the psychic ability to cause moisture in the air to coalesce into clouds of mist, or to psychically lower the clouds in the sky (either means will induce heavy fog and mist). The user of this ability can sometimes change the flux of the mist (so mist is generated in one area, but not another), but only rarely can this ability clear fog (or alter its temperature). That is normally only possible if the user also has Atmidokinesis (which is only somewhat common).

    Storm Generation

    • Storm Generation is the psychic ability to induce fluxes in the atmosphere, but only to induce storms. One with this ability can only cause the sky to bring forth strong wind, rain, lightning and thunder. However, sometimes the user can only cause high winds to blow, to whip up heavy sand and dust deposits, capable of blinding foes and flaying skin (called Sandstorm Generation or Sandstorm Inducing). Although, either way, the user cannot reverse the effects; the storm must pass on its own, unless the user has the faculty Storm Calming, also called Storm Negation. This ability often occurs as a replacement for normal Atmokinesis.

  • Atmokinesis

    The ability to manipulate the weather. It operates by making subtle changes to wind, air pressure, temperature, and the earth’s electromagnetic field. These changes eventually bring out a change in the weather.

    Changing Weather - Find something you can use to channel your energy. If you practice magic, a simple wand or athame will do. Close your eyes and visualise the kind off weather that you want to bring about. Be as specific as possible. Try to hear the wind, smell the rain, feel the change in temperature, what ever. Then, imagine sunlight ( the most influential force in weather) pouring into you. Let it build up in your solar plexus and when you're ready, release it into the sky through the tool you've chosen. It might also help if you literally tell the energy what to do as you release it. -Changing Weather 2- For this one you might first want take time to meditate. Think about what kind of weather you wish to bring about and channel the appropriate elemental energy. When you're ready, stand in the grounded position, and cup your hands together to make a ki ball. Visualize the ball's energy in the form of the element you need {wind, rain, lighting, or again, just simple sunlight.} Tell your ki ball what it needs to do and when you feel it's ready, release it and visualize it zooming into air and exploding its energy throughout the sky.


    Autokinesis - The Metaphysical Manipulation of Energy

    Autokinesis is the metaphysical manipulation of energy including kinetic, potential, thermal, gravitational, sound, light, elastic, and electromagnetic energy; particularly energy absorption. Absorption performance is typically identifiable by experients of autokinetic phenomena prior to emission performance. The metaphysical influence of energy has been prominent in alternative healing practices in many cultures throughout history. Experients of autokinetic phenomena exhibit innate skillfulness in healing, as well as the absorption of, illness and injury. Experients are also characteristic of absorbing bioelectrical energy and in regards to popular culture; autokinetic phenomena is commonly comparable to “psychic vampirism.” All experients of psychical phenomena use electromagnetic waves as a means of performance. Information and commands, or protocols, are sent along these waves to direct an object in which the experient is attempting to manipulate. Because experients of autokinetic phenomena can manipulate various types of objects through the influence of several forms of energy, many experients misidentify other forms of macro and micro-psychokinetic phenomena for autokinesis and vice versa. The most common erroneous beliefs are that of electrokinetic [limited to electrical energy] and telekinetic [limited to electromagnetic fields] phenomena. Through the analysis of performance and objects influenced, experients can identify the method of their performance....



    Biokinesis is the ability to manipulate the activity and growth of cells. Though mostly biokinetics 'upgrade' themselfs,they have yet to understand their full potential. Biokinesis can be used on other people,or plants,or animals.Their are infinite possiabliites with biokinesis,but this is the same with any psi power. If your planning on learning this I recommed take a great deal of time to understand biology.

    The most common and basic biokinesis technique I have heard of is to create a psi ball in your brain and have it programm you mind to do as you want,this needs to be repeated many times over days.

    Iv also read that people would imagine a needle of psi 'sow' their DNA to program whatever they want to happen. Then the DNA slowly spread it the rest of the DNA and so forth. Again you need to repeat this however long until the changes occur. These changes tend to take about a month or two,atleast for beginners. The first time I tried it I had a strong head ache.

    If you became good enough,you would be able to program your nerves to be numb to pain,you could have your bones extra calcified,even be like the guy off of Naruto who could have his bones come out of his body and use them ass swords. You could even programm your cell to reproduce themselfs exactly. For those of you who dont konw, your cells naturaly regenerate,but each time their slightly weaker. So over time you grow older and finaly die. If they reproduced exactly,you would never age.

    A slightly more advanced way of testing biokinetic abilities is to change your eye color,while meditating focus on your eyes slowly turning into the color you want. Imagine yourself in the mirror with the color you have chosen.

    Now for affecting plants. Plants have DNA just as we do. In fact all living things do. (Oh eM Gee!!1!)So you can program your energy to tell the plants DNA to grow and move to your will. And again for anyone who doesnt know,Cleve Baxter did an experimen whear he hooked a plant up to a sonograph machine and discovered plants will react to human thoughts. So plants are telepathic and conscious. So when affecting plants,you should treat them as fellows and be friendly.

    Not only can you affect living plants,you can also affect dead ones,or even affect a plain old peice of wooden 2x4. This would be done in the same mannor as affecting living plants,though you wouldnt need to be so nice to them.

    A common traits in natural biokinetics is having an abnormaly high imune systems,being numb to pain,or being extraordiany fast healers. Biokinetic rarly get sick,and if they do they can over come it fast. Biokinetics need almost perfect with their calculations,if they over look on interval they could have a serious or fatal side effect to their evolutionary changes.

    A master of this art could even transform into anything that does or doesnt exsist. Or they could transform other things. This means biokinetics could take a tea leaf (for example) and turn it into the cure for a patients ailment. Or if they wanted to take the chance,they could just try to heal the patient on their own. Though as I said,transforming yourself is dangerous,so transforming another person is dangerous as well. This is only the start,biokinesis could oneday turn the entire world into super humans.

    Biokinesis is the metaphysical manipulation of the bioelectrical energy flow of organic and biological matter such as people, animals, plantation, bacteria etc. Biokinesis includes biological, chemical, and genetic alteration and enhancement manipulation from pigmentation to forcing cell division. In addition, potentials would be optical enhancement, manipulation of the pain threshold, and sectional enhancement in eyes, muscles, reflexes, nervous systems, epidermal sections, and vulnerable spots on the body (pressure points). On advanced levels, there can be an accomplished alteration of DNA and chromosomes. Through this psychokinetic phenomena, one can change the way that their bodies and other bodies look and behave. This can be accomplished through the application of one or several applications of energy medicine healing types in conjunction with suggestive bioelectrical signaling. Unlike traditional energy medicine practitioners, an experient of biokinetic phenomena is capable of selectively targeting illness and ailments through will while typically lacking the necessity for technique and physical contact to treat....

  • This post is deleted!


    Cryokinesis is the metaphysical manipulation of molecules to decrease temperatures and or freeze objects. With this as a controlled ability one can decrease their internal temperature and or the external temperature of the surrounding area. One is also capable of freezing over liquid to create ice. A common mistake with Cryokinesis is that one can direct ice, this is not possible they can only create it, however they can direct the creation of ice with enough precision. Cryokinesis can be confused with Thermokinesis which is the manipulation of body and external temperatures not limited to just decreasing temperatures or freezing things, Cryokinesis can be considered a more specific concentrated form of Thermokinesis. Manipulation of temperature to decrease or freeze objects.


    Electrokinesis is the ability to control and produce electricity.

    How To Do Electrokinesis

    Put one finger out, like you are pointing at someone. Move Ki to your finger and fill it. Now visualize electricity crackling around your finger. Hear it going 'snap'. After a few week's practice you might start to feel the electricity jumping from place to place. And if you get good enough you will be able to shock people, literally!

    Electrokinesis : Tech 1

    Alright, this takes a couple of weeks to learn, so don't get frustrated if you can't do it in the first couple of days. To learn electrokinesis, start out but just closing your eyes, and visualizing electricity flowing inside and out of your body, like sparks of energy. See them shocking, actually hear them crackling and popping. Do this for like 10-15 minutes a day. If you can project it out of your hands, you can try to shoot it at your TV or radio, and see if it makes the reception a little messed up, or you could try to shock someone. Do this for a while, then if you want, try to make an Electro-ball.

    Electrokinesis Tech 2:

    The easiest time to do it is when you're laying in bed before you go to sleep. Close your eyes and visualize the electricity running through the body part of choice. Try to do all these things one after another or mix them. Visualize it running up say, your hand, in waves of electricity like the kind of waves old TV's get sometimes that go up the screen. Then after that, visualize it sparking and even arcing out of your finger tips and hands. Try to feel the sparks the best you can, sometimes your fingers will just go sort of numb and they will feel wierd if you try to move them. Then open your eyes and do the same thing for a while...eventually you should start seeing very faint pencil thin lines of electricity or round dot size sparks or both.


    This is basically a psi ball with electricity from electrokinesis added into it. To start, visualize the electricity flowing through your body. Then, make a normal psi ball, then picture the electricity bolts coming out of your hands and your fingertips, and merging with the psi ball, making little sparks and shocks around and inside the psi ball. Do this for about 5 minutes a day, along with just picturing the electricity flowing inside of you. Just keep practicing, and when you get the electro-ball, you will be able to shock people with it. But be warned, don't use a lot of power with this technique on someone if you know that their power is less than yours and they won't be able to handle it, this technique can really injure someone when used with enough power.

    Electro Blast

    This technique was made up by my friend Joe. Okay, you need to know Electrokinesis first, and also how to perform a Bikku Bang blast. Now here's the First Part: First, make a Ball of Electricity. Then add some Ki into it. Just practice that for a few days or at least a week until you get good at it. Then after you get good at that, start to compact Electricity and Ki into your arm. After you feel that your arm is compacted with enough Electricity and Ki, blast it out of your hand. Now the object is to try and control the blast if you can. Remember to only use a little bit of Ki and Electricity if your opponent is too week to handle your level of power

    Lightning Ball

    To start out, just make a normal ki or mana ball and charge it up. Next, start visualizing lightning striking down all around you. Actually hear the crack and sizzle of the lightning bolts. Then, visualize all little lightning bolts striking around your hands and striking into your ki ball and causing electric shocks inside and outside it. It would make it even better if you know how to perform some electrokinesis. You will know by the feeling you get in your hands if you have made this correctly. When it's made, blast away.

  • Wenchie I can do that!! if I ask it not to rain sometimes it doesn't, but if I sing a certain song it always rains, sometimes too much for my liking, also my eyecolours do change, from a hazel through emerald green to a greenish turquoise depending on my mood my dad'd change from grey to blue so it must be hereditary I always thought..now, maybe not and I have done the hypnotic telepathy, that's the one I scared myself with as certain of my male friends seemed very susceptable to this, I used to make them phone me when I was bored thing was they never quite knew what to say when they did, and eventually it caused trouble at home

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be


    Geokinesis or Terrakinesis is the ability to mentally manipulate earth. With this ability, one could hurl rock, dirt or minerals at foes with only the power of their minds, create fissures, sinkholes, mudslides or form said rock, mud and soil into constructs, like walls or projectiles. One could even absorb any rock debris or necessary minerals out of desired subjects to use them for oneself.


    -Tochi Tate- Earth Shield. This is a lot like the other elemental shield techniques. Get into a ready stance, and summon ki around your body in a power up. Now start gathering earth energy, make it swirl around inside your ki flame. Keep loading up your ki flame with earth energy until you feel it is fairly strong. Now, send all that energy that is swirling around you to the front of you, and use your mind to make it form something such as a brick wall-type shield. Keep adding earth energy to it, and program it to whatever you want...Just remember that you CANNOT shield from phsyical objects.

    -Earth Fuse- Fuse your ki with the energy of the earth, so that you are more adapted to the energy and can understand it better. To start, get into a comfortable position, like for grounding. Close your eyes, and picture the energy from the earth floating all around you and glowing beneath the surface under you. Now, send some of your ki, in the form of string-type streams down into the earth, connecting the earth with your Dan Tien. Now picture your ki fusing with the earth's energy, and absorbing some of it into your Dan Tien. When it seems to be fairly full, (this part is optional.) perfom a ki flame-type power up, picturing the two energies fusing together all inside of you.

    -Earth Punch- Warning: Can be dangerous. This is kind of like a Ki Flame punch, although this is designed to feel much harder than a normal punch. You may want to perform an Earth Fuse before doing this, so that you will already be in contact with the Earth's energy. Now, power up as you normally would, but take in earth energy with it. Swirl the earth energy with your own ki. Now, bring you hand back, make a tight fist, and use the earth energy to surround your hand, and picture it making a big rock around your fist, or turning your fist to stone. Send the last of that earth energy into your fist, and take a big step forward and smash your foe with all your might, and picture the stone braking on them.

    -Earth blades- make a fist and then put your fist so you knuckles are faceing the ground.Then put earth engery 1 inch above your knuckels and then slowly visulize a green blade coming out filled with the earths engery.



    Hydrokinesis is the ability to control or create movements in water at will.If you chose to learn how to use such a powerful ability you will with no doubt begin to learn and think you are going nowher.But everyone must begin somewhere.You will go form making small and hardly noticeable ripples in the water to making large waves. Hydrokinesis,much like other kinetic abilities,once mastered can be used for protection or to save a life. All it takes is, time, pratice, patience, and an open mind.

    Whirlpool Once it has settled, close your eyes. Sense the water in front of you, feel its energy and merge it with yours. See in your mind's eye the link between you and the liquid. Feel its smoothness - its cool healing properties. Now try to mimic those feelings within your own energies. You and water are one and the same. just as you have control over your own energies, so too do you have control over water. Open your eyes. look at the the substance within the bow. You are a part of it, and it is a part of you. keeping in mind your connection with it, will the water to move, just as you would with your own energy. make it start to swirl in the bowl, always getting stronger, always gaining speed. It is you. Remember, the secret here is thinking that the water is nothing but an extension of your body. Focus a lot. Sink Meditate for half an hour. Get comfortable and breathe deeply. Look at the toothpick.Imagine your's "hand" coming out and pushing on the object, and imagine it glinding across the water to the other side of the dish.Feel the energy pushing on it.You can use your hands to direct your energy,but don't touch or blow on the toothpick.Here another tech.Imagine that you are pushing down on the object,forcing it to go under the surface of the water. Wave Gaze in to the clear liquid and imagine yourself becoming one with the water.Feel it's energy,molecules...let your mind sink into it and fuse with it's surroundings.Once you feel as though there is nothing seperating you from the water,and that it will do as you wish make some sort of small movement in the water. creating water out of thin air Imagine water molecules forming with air molecules and see the water appearing in your mind as cleary as possible see it coming out of the air and,once you see the water you may shape it on to whatever you want.In time you may be able to generate enogh water to the point were you may use it as a shield.

    *Note-this is extremly hard to accomplish but if you are an experiend hydrokinetic then this shouldnt be a problem for you.Not something Id reccomend for begginers.




    is or Photokinesis the ability to control light.If you want to learn this, you must be first on a good mood and much better if your after meditation or yuga or tai chi that propmotes or cleanses your energy level. And please if you can try to reach the age of 21 before practicing all types of kinesis and you must be relax and yet concentrating.

    Learning Lumokinesis

    Step One : Relax and be comfortable while you are in the dark place.

    Step Two : Imagine The flow of energy in your body that flows to the hand and fills it.

    Step Three :Imagine that your energy Jumps,Sparks or mke your hand glow.

    Remember: kinesis is not an instant thing , take time and space because everything isnot instant. It takes Time.

    Ligth Ball

    Step One : Just do the steps above.

    Step Two: Move your hands near each other, palm-to-palm or face-to-face.

    Step Three: Imagine that the energy hurls around and feel it.


    This one is my very own Photo-Reigies(Rey-Jes) or Light energy strings that glows a little in the dark or light.

    Step One: Imagine the energy in your hands.

    Step Two: Move your hands and imagine that it has after you move it.

    Step Three: stick your hand together and move it apart and you imagine the light and energy of it. You can stick in the air for aerokinesis if like.

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