Is this breakup really for gud

  • please please all readers this is a very burning issue in my life i need help ppl i broke up with my girl friend on 5th of september 2009 because of her selfish friends and their systematic brainwash on her we had a very serious n intimate relationship for a year and a half(might not seem long) i am very seriously involved in this on concernicg a astrologer n a visonary he was like that girl is not right for you she will return to your life once again but for wrong reason and you wont b happy if she becomes your life partner , i dont really know what the truth is but i am still seriously involved in this girl , i m nt a narrow minded person but i expect my partner to b fithful with me coz i was n still m involved in that girl only and dont e1 look at other girls in that sense n dont feel bad about it coz if i have one soulmate i dont need any other girl in my life

    i realy want to know that how our relationship will be if we reunite and how much chance is there this year , or will there b any other girl in my life

    well her name is 'disha' and her birth date is 04/03/1992

  • i am an aries and my birthdate is 17/04/1991

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